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Pending Report: 76561197965918968 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by Skretak007 [Czech], May 10, 2015.

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561197965918968

    Victim profile: 76561198041178809

    What happened? Description:
    I have added this man regarding his trade on outpost for a knife. http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24304674
    He was denying to go first, also a middleman (said it takes too much time). At the end, we decided to do half-first and half-after. 80$ being the full amount, I sent him 40$ as "for goods and services" as we agreed on and was waiting for his response.
    After confirming that he received the payment ("38$?" - He paid the fees), he had removed me and blocked me.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    10. května 2015
    20:24 - nabe: hey dude
    20:24 - Sir 'R': Hiya
    20:25 - Sir 'R': I have found you on OP, selling that M9 FT Night
    20:25 - nabe is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
    20:25 - Sir 'R': Do you still have it?
    20:25 - nabe: yes
    20:25 - nabe: selling it for paypal
    20:26 - Sir 'R': Yep, that should be it
    20:26 - Sir 'R': Are you willing to do a little below 90 for it?
    20:26 - nabe: i'd do $85 or so
    20:27 - Sir 'R': Paypal is confirmed, I have been on steam for more than 3 years, had backpack of more than 5k$, have 3+ pages of reputation (in case you don't want to go first, we can do a middleman trade)
    20:27 - Sir 'R': also 2500+ hours played in all games, mostly TF2
    20:27 - nabe: no middlemans
    20:27 - Sir 'R': why so?
    20:27 - nabe: u go first or no deal
    20:27 - nabe: because it's too much of a hassle
    20:27 - nabe: and i've been scammed using a middleman before
    20:27 - nabe: so
    20:27 - Sir 'R': it'd be a direct Steamrep middleman
    20:28 - nabe: dont care if they're "StEAmRepSurTiFied" either
    20:29 - Sir 'R': Well, is there really no chance you'd go first then?
    20:29 - nabe: no
    20:29 - Sir 'R': I know I can chargeback you just in case I don't receive the item, but it's too much of a hassle too
    20:30 - Sir 'R': I can link you to my reputation
    20:30 - Sir 'R': I would not care for me going first, but considering this is the only and the last worth-something item, I don't know.
    20:30 - nabe: well, your choice
    20:31 - nabe: I guess if it makes you feel better you can send it as a non gift
    20:32 - nabe: like you said
    20:32 - Sir 'R': that means nothing for me haha
    20:32 - Sir 'R': But why not a middleman? safe for both, I'd get one
    20:32 - Sir 'R': so you don't have to waste time looking for one.
    20:32 - nabe: because it's too much work
    20:33 - Sir 'R': you wouldn't have to do anything, just trade the item like you would do anyway, send me your paypal email and that's it
    20:34 - nabe is now Online.
    20:35 - nabe: still
    20:35 - nabe: anyone can impersonate a middleman
    20:35 - nabe: and like i said it's too much work
    20:37 - nabe: well?
    20:37 - Sir 'R': I wouldn't do 85$
    20:38 - Sir 'R': make it 80$ and for goods and services and okay.
    20:39 - nabe: alright
    20:39 - nabe: paypal email is [email protected]
    20:41 - nabe is now Online.
    20:42 - nabe: well
    20:42 - nabe: ?
    20:44 - nabe: u there
    20:44 - Sir 'R': Yes, I'm thinking
    20:45 - Sir 'R': it'd be much easier if you went first
    20:45 - Sir 'R': or used a middleman
    20:45 - nabe: not getting scammed
    20:45 - nabe: if u look at it like this
    20:45 - nabe: u can get ur money back
    20:45 - nabe: if u steal my knife
    20:45 - nabe: i cant get my knife back
    20:45 - Sir 'R': I don't get it
    20:45 - Sir 'R': haha
    20:46 - Sir 'R': I mean, I get you, but not the point why you don't use a middleman or go first since I do have reputation
    20:46 - Sir 'R': and it is my reputation
    20:46 - nabe: because it's just the way i like to do things
    20:46 - nabe: buyer usually goes first anyways
    20:47 - Sir 'R': yeah, but there's always some site that is protecting him
    20:47 - Sir 'R': for example ebay
    20:47 - Sir 'R': police when it comes to store-purchases
    20:47 - nabe: i guess
    20:47 - nabe: but still
    20:47 - nabe: i'd rather you go first
    20:48 - Sir 'R': same here haha
    20:48 - Sir 'R': how 'bout half first, half later
    20:49 - nabe: nah
    20:49 - Sir 'R': lel
    20:51 - nabe: well?
    20:53 - Sir 'R': if you can't do either, I am sorry
    20:53 - Sir 'R': middleman, half first - half after, you go first
    20:54 - nabe: $50 first, knife, then $30
    20:54 - nabe: that way im not losing out that much
    20:54 - Sir 'R': you will still be getting everything - full 80
    20:54 - Sir 'R': so what's the point of doing more frist
    20:54 - Sir 'R': *first
    20:55 - nabe: just incase anything happens
    20:55 - Sir 'R': anything that can happen is you not giving the knife and me refunding the payment later..
    20:55 - Sir 'R': so it's just on you
    20:55 - Sir 'R': we can either do half and half, you first or use a middleman
    20:56 - Sir 'R': otherwise, nothing
    20:56 - nabe: alright, half then half i guess
    20:56 - Sir 'R': email?
    20:56 - nabe: [email protected]
    20:57 - Sir 'R': FT Night M9 bayo for 80$, 40$ now, then knife, then 40$, both sent as "for goods and services"
    20:57 - Sir 'R': agreed?
    20:57 - nabe: yes
    20:58 - nabe: actually 1min
    20:58 - nabe: nvm ur good
    20:58 - Sir 'R': huh?
    20:58 - nabe: nevermind
    21:00 - Sir 'R': Sent
    21:00 - nabe: k sec
    21:01 - nabe: $38?
    21:01 - Sir 'R': I sent 40$, as "for goods and services"
    21:01 - nabe: alright
    21:03 - Sir 'R': got it?
    21:03 - nabe is now Offline.
    21:03 - nabe is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
    21:04 - Sir 'R': As you wish.
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  2. Skretak007 [Czech]

    Skretak007 [Czech] New User

    I'd also like to ask you, what is the best way to send a request to refund the payment to paypal? Should I describe it and give them all the proof or would they just laugh at me if I did that and tell me it's my fault - because they do not count Steam in the Buyer protection?
  3. Skretak007 [Czech]

    Skretak007 [Czech] New User

    I claimed it as buying "virtual items burned on CD disc" and - since the seller never responded when paypal asked for explanation - I was given the funds back after 20 days of waiting for the seller.
  4. Skretak007 [Czech]

    Skretak007 [Czech] New User