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Under Investigation Report: 76561197969245764 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Previously Banned Reports' started by Carneiro, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Carneiro

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Item Fraud] Fake items or item duplication
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561197969245764

    Victim profile: 76561198000102706

    What happened? Description:
    So, this guy added me to trade my Flip Kniife Tiger Tooth - Factory New, and he had is inventory private, and he said that hes inventory was this (Impersonating this guy) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043784084
    Next he told me that i needed to verify if my items were good to trade, so he talked about some "Steam Ticket Verification" that i needed to do to verify my itens. To do that he made me add this guy --> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135957147 for us to "verify the items"
    With all the talking he said to make a tradeoffer with his link, redirecting to this profile --> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198253083535

    It's a bit confusing, i think i explained it well, if you don't understand it, just reply, i will try to explain again in other way​

    Provide Evidence:
    Full Scammer Chat:

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    13:28 - Watermelonnnn: hey hi
    13:28 - Watermelonnnn: can i offer for ur flip tt?
    13:29 - Carneiro: Sure you can offer
    13:30 - Watermelonnnn: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/7123731088/?l=english&o_url=iate40pizzasimdeadinsidez

    13:30 - Watermelonnnn: kara night ft?
    13:32 - Carneiro: No thanks
    13:33 - Watermelonnnn: anything u'd like for it?
    13:33 - Watermelonnnn: just the same or ~>20 price
    18:29 - Watermelonnnn: picked anything yet?
    18:29 - Carneiro: why do you have your inventory private?
    18:30 - Watermelonnnn: it's stated on my comments
    18:31 - Carneiro: that night + m4a1s golden coil
    18:31 - Carneiro: fn
    18:32 - Watermelonnnn: i dont have any m4 golden lmao
    18:33 - Carneiro: what do you have thats 20 buck equivelent
    18:33 - Carneiro: ?
    18:34 - Watermelonnnn: cheapest one yet is $30
    18:34 - Watermelonnnn: the gut scorchedft
    18:34 - Carneiro: or you can give me night mw
    18:34 - Carneiro: and i throw in the asiimov + fontside misty
    18:34 - Carneiro: :p
    18:35 - Watermelonnnn: hmmm let me think
    18:35 - Watermelonnnn: oh wait u got a m9 uv
    18:35 - Watermelonnnn: u trading that also?
    18:36 - Carneiro: no
    18:36 - Watermelonnnn: well can go for the flip tt + misty + asiimov + m4 dragon king
    18:36 - Watermelonnnn: for the night mw
    18:36 - Carneiro: fine by me
    18:36 - Watermelonnnn: oke so give me ur trade offer link
    18:37 - Carneiro: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=39836978&token=jybZXSFn
    18:37 - Watermelonnnn: oke sec
    18:40 - Watermelonnnn is now Online.
    18:40 - Watermelonnnn: ok so before i send u the trade offer
    18:40 - Watermelonnnn: how do i make sure that ur item is safe to trade?
    18:41 - Carneiro: yes they are
    18:41 - Carneiro: why you ask?
    18:41 - Watermelonnnn: got any proof that it is?
    18:41 - Carneiro: got any proof that they are not?
    18:41 - Watermelonnnn: well my previous account was banned bcos i traded with an item i didn't know were reported
    18:41 - Watermelonnnn: soooo
    18:41 - Watermelonnnn: yes i'd have to make sure this time
    18:42 - Carneiro: go ahead
    18:42 - Watermelonnnn: so yeah
    18:42 - Watermelonnnn: got steam ticket?
    18:42 - Carneiro: what?
    18:42 - Watermelonnnn: was asking if u have a steam ticket
    18:42 - Carneiro: what's that?
    18:43 - Watermelonnnn: its a special pass used by donators to contact steam staff that can check if items are safe to trade
    18:43 - Watermelonnnn: and its used to report ppl xd
    18:43 - Carneiro: how do i do that?
    18:43 - Watermelonnnn: well u have to donate at least $300 on the forums to have that
    18:43 - Carneiro: lol
    18:44 - Carneiro: no thank you
    18:44 - Watermelonnnn: hahaha well ya its fine
    18:44 - Watermelonnnn: i have one
    18:44 - Watermelonnnn: sec
    18:45 - Watermelonnnn: u here?
    18:45 - Watermelonnnn: cant connect lmao
    18:45 - Carneiro: ...
    18:45 - Carneiro: just make the trade
    18:45 - Watermelonnnn: ohey connected
    18:45 - Watermelonnnn: sec
    18:46 - Watermelonnnn: here i found 1 http://steamcommunity.com/id/FIawedVision/
    18:46 - Watermelonnnn: can u help me add him
    18:46 - Carneiro: why would i add him?
    18:47 - Watermelonnnn: ya he can check if items are safe to trade
    18:47 - Watermelonnnn: we dont have to trade him so dont worry
    18:47 - Carneiro: added
    18:47 - Watermelonnnn: ya lets wait for a moment
    18:47 - Watermelonnnn: usually takes 1min for him to accept
    18:47 - Watermelonnnn: ohey he accepted me
    18:47 - Watermelonnnn: sec talking to him
    18:49 - Watermelonnnn: he told me ur not responding
    18:49 - Watermelonnnn: u there?
    18:49 - Carneiro: i am, you told me to wait
    18:49 - Watermelonnnn: oh sry
    18:49 - Watermelonnnn: lmao
    18:50 - Watermelonnnn: he says u have to respond to him so we can proceed
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn: heloooo
    18:51 - Carneiro: already did
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn: oh ok
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn: he say he will invite us
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn: what he told u?
    18:51 - Carneiro: he will make a chat with 3 people
    18:51 - Carneiro: me you and him
    18:55 - Watermelonnnn: ok
    18:55 - Watermelonnnn: hey btw where u from?
    18:55 - Carneiro: Portugal
    18:55 - Watermelonnnn: oh ok
    18:55 - Carneiro: and you?
    18:55 - Watermelonnnn: washington
    18:55 - Watermelonnnn: dc
    19:02 - Watermelonnnn is now Offline.

    Full Group Chat:

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    18:47 - FlawedVision: Hello trader, I am the Official FlawedVision of Valve's Steam Network and I am here to help and supervise you and will be providing assistance in the field of trading and verification services.
    How may I help you?
    18:50 - FlawedVision: Hello, Mr. Carneiro. Mr. Watermelonnnn has contacted me via Steam Ticket Network earlier and has told me regarding your issues on trading and is rooting for an Item Verification Service. Shall I invite both of you to a group chat to discuss this matter then?
    18:50 - Carneiro: sure
    13 de setembro de 2016
    18:51 - Your chat with FlawedVision is now a multi-user chat.
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn entered chat.
    18:51 - FlawedVision: Hello traders, I am the official FlawedVision of Valve's Steam Network and I am here to help and supervise you and will be providing assistance in the field of trading and verification services. How may I help the both of you?
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn: oh ok
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn: hi sir can u pls verify our items if its safe to trade
    18:51 - Watermelonnnn: thanks for helping again, hope u remember me xd
    18:52 - Watermelonnnn: hello?
    18:52 - FlawedVision: Yes, Mr. Watermelon, I can help you with that. And as to what I have said earlier, there is a legal process of verification. I am only repeating questions as this conversation is now being recorded and will be submitted to the forums for the records of possible misconducts. I just want the full participation of both of the traders to follow the procedures and instructions carefully because my time is as precious as yours, and I still have many pending transactions to handle. Understood?
    18:52 - FlawedVision: Please wait for a moment as I am typing, Mr. Watermelon.
    18:52 - Watermelonnnn: ok understood
    18:52 - Watermelonnnn: oh ok sorry
    18:53 - Carneiro: okay
    18:53 - Watermelonnnn: yep
    18:53 - FlawedVision: Good. To start, may I request both of you to kindly tell me what items are involved in this transaction for me to note it down?
    18:53 - Carneiro: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/7301780742/?l=english&o_url=TCarneiro

    18:53 - Watermelonnnn: trading my karambit night mw sir
    18:53 - Carneiro: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/7301780680/?l=english&o_url=TCarneiro

    18:53 - Carneiro: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/7301780649/?l=english&o_url=TCarneiro

    18:53 - Carneiro: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/7301780591/?l=english&o_url=TCarneiro

    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: to his fk tt, awp asiimov, ak frontside
    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: yes that is
    18:54 - Carneiro: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/7123731298/?l=english&o_url=iate40pizzasimdeadinsidez

    18:54 - FlawedVision: Noted. Do both of you, by any chance, know how the Item Verification is being processed?
    18:54 - Carneiro: this knife is from him
    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: yes thats mine
    18:54 - Carneiro: no
    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: yes i know sir
    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: but can u pls explain
    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: since my friend here doesnt know
    18:54 - FlawedVision: Okay then, please give me a moment as I duly explain the process for you, Mr. Carneiro.
    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: yep that will help
    18:54 - Watermelonnnn: thanks sir
    18:55 - Carneiro: okay, i will wait
    18:56 - FlawedVision: Here is how the Item Verification is being processed: Your items will only be on a pending trade offer on our Item Verification Database for me to get the full transcript of the data of your items, and start on the process of verification. Both of you have the full assurance that your items will stay on your inventories at all costs as we do not have any access to the said database, and your inventories are systematically locked by valve against it. So to say, you are not going to trade me in the process. Is that clear?
    18:56 - Watermelonnnn: yes i know that sir
    18:56 - Watermelonnnn: thank u for explaining
    18:56 - FlawedVision: Good. How about you, Mr. Carneiro?
    18:57 - Carneiro: it's clear thanks
    18:57 - Watermelonnnn: yep he understand now sir
    18:57 - FlawedVision: Alright. Do both of you trust me as your admin for verification then? Because it would be very senseless to proceed if both of you do not.
    18:57 - Watermelonnnn: yes i trust u
    18:57 - Carneiro: sure
    18:57 - Watermelonnnn: u helped me 3x already xd thank u sir
    18:58 - FlawedVision: It is always my pleasure to serve people, Mr. Watermelon. Happy trading!
    18:58 - FlawedVision: So to say, shall we proceed?
    18:58 - Watermelonnnn: yep thanks
    18:58 - Watermelonnnn: yes pls
    18:58 - Carneiro: yes thank you
    18:58 - FlawedVision: Alright. If both parties have agreed on the exchange, I now request both of you to please proceed on to sending a pending trade offer on our Item Verification Database for me to start on he process of verification:
    18:58 - Watermelonnnn: ok wait
    18:58 - Watermelonnnn: on mobile
    18:59 - FlawedVision: Please then notify me whenever both of the traders have already complied to the necessary steps for verification. Also, please be reminded to confirm it on your respective mobile apps for me to get the full transcript of the data to then start on the verification process.
    18:59 - Watermelonnnn: yep sent sir
    18:59 - Watermelonnnn: can u pls check
    18:59 - Carneiro: so, i have to send a trade offer with my items?
    18:59 - FlawedVision: Okay, I now have received the pending trade offer of Mr. Watermelon. I will now proceed on to verifying the said items that are on a pending trade offer.
    18:59 - FlawedVision: Yes, Mr. Carneiro. You will only have to send a pending trade offer of your items to the database for me to verify it.
    18:59 - Watermelonnnn: ok sir thanks
    18:59 - Watermelonnnn: pls verify it
    19:00 - Carneiro: and what do you give me in return?
    19:00 - FlawedVision: Steam Item Authenticity Verification Ticket Number: HF-24VY-UB63VX
    User: Watermelonnnn
    Items: Karambit | Night (Minimal Wear)
    Item Status: Clean ✓
    Trading Status: Verified ✓
    Validation: Authenticated ✓
    19:00 - Carneiro: i have to corfirm my offer with steam guard
    19:00 - Watermelonnnn: thanks sir
    19:00 - Watermelonnnn: can i cancel now?
    19:00 - FlawedVision: You will not get anything in return as you are not trading anything from me, Mr. Carneiro.
    19:00 - Carneiro: no thank you
    19:00 - FlawedVision: And, to say, you are not allowed to trade with me in the process.
    19:00 - FlawedVision: You may now cancel the said pending trade offer now, Mr. Watermelon.
    19:01 - Watermelonnnn: ok thanks
    19:01 - Watermelonnnn: wait
    19:01 - Carneiro: say hello to steamrep.com
    19:01 - Watermelonnnn: cancelled
    19:01 - FlawedVision: To continue, I now request Mr. Carneiro to please proceed on to sending a pending trade offer for me to start the process of verification of his aforementioned items. Here is the Item Verification Database link, Mr. Carneiro: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=292817807&token=_M2DC200
    19:01 - Carneiro: http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/...-counter-strike-global-offensive-items.140932
    19:01 - Carneiro: you will get reported to
    19:01 - Carneiro: ;)
    19:02 - You have been kicked from the chat by FlawedVision.​

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