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Archived Report: 76561198004301967 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Spywar, Jun 26, 2015.

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  1. Spywar

    Spywar New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198004301967

    Victim profile: 76561198059685054

    What happened? Description:
    Basiaclly i looked him up and saw him on lounge, he added my and we talked for a very long time on how to do it. I was being really careful and he had many + reps and option to do the trade. Didnt see any scam reports anywhere. So i thought he was legit, tho i went first and we did paypal, i gave all info etc and when i sent, he went offline and blocked me. Many screenshots will be given.
    All of this procces was about 1-2 hours.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Here is cpoy paste of whole conversation:

    Spywar: Hey there! :)
    Crystalmeth.: Hello.
    Crystalmeth.: So,you offered me your knife.
    Crystalmeth.: How much you expect to get?
    Spywar: Ok so
    Spywar: i've gotten offer on 4000 SEK
    Spywar: in keys that is around
    Spywar: 230 keys
    Spywar: i expect to get around 4500 or more
    Spywar: in SEK
    Spywar: And i should say right now, im talking to someone else about this knife, and about IRL cash
    Spywar: so might go to an auction
    Crystalmeth. is now Away.
    Spywar: You there?
    Spywar: the other guy who wants IRL cash aswell
    Spywar: offered me 4400 SEK
    Spywar: and i got another guy who offered 250 keys
    Spywar: but he is at work atm
    Crystalmeth. is now Online.
    Crystalmeth.: Sorry
    Crystalmeth.: i was gone
    Spywar: np
    Spywar: ok so the offers atm
    Spywar: Ducktective
    Spywar: 4700 SEK irl cash
    Spywar: HL is SyA 250 keys
    Spywar: aka 4500 SEK
    Spywar: whats ur offer?
    Crystalmeth.: I can make it 4800
    Crystalmeth.: Hope the auction will close
    Spywar: probably will soon
    Spywar: i will let the others know of ur offer
    Spywar: and return
    Crystalmeth.: As you know prices on tt fallen
    Spywar: i do know.
    Crystalmeth.: Okay
    Spywar: :)
    Spywar: Ducktective offers 4900 SEK irl cash trhu swish
    Spywar: counter offer?
    Spywar: btw i can screenshot everyhting if u want
    Spywar: with the offers.
    Crystalmeth.: Hmm.
    Crystalmeth.: If i will offer more
    Spywar: ya?
    Crystalmeth.: you will close the auction?
    Spywar: depends on what ammount
    Crystalmeth.: As it canot go until 1000000 SEK
    Spywar: nah i know
    Spywar: he wont either
    Crystalmeth.: 5300 SEK
    Crystalmeth.: and let's finish it
    Spywar: final offer?
    Crystalmeth.: at moment yes
    Crystalmeth.: So
    Crystalmeth.: hope it's over
    Crystalmeth.: and i am buyer
    Spywar: I will wait for his answer
    Spywar: shouldnt be long he answered quickly before
    Spywar: http://imgur.com/W9hsljM
    Spywar: SS of the other 2's name so u know :)
    Spywar: HL is SyA and Ducktactive
    Spywar: 5500 SEK
    Spywar: Ducktactive
    Crystalmeth.: i want to see screenshots
    Crystalmeth.: of knife
    Spywar: sure
    Spywar: 30 sec
    Crystalmeth.: if it looks better than others
    Crystalmeth.: i will overpay
    Spywar: its scratchless
    Spywar: really good
    Spywar: 1 sec
    Spywar: http://imgur.com/5oVLnNl http://imgur.com/u5Xz4Fp
    Spywar: here is his 5500
    Spywar: http://imgur.com/MqWBW7l
    Crystalmeth.: 5600 okay
    Crystalmeth.: My final offer will be soon
    Crystalmeth.: I enjoy your knife,i think it's worst it
    Crystalmeth.: So?
    Spywar: hmm so
    Spywar: Ducktective looked u up
    Spywar: and u have a scam report
    Spywar: whats up with that?
    Crystalmeth.: Read it
    Crystalmeth.: please
    Crystalmeth.: and look all screenshots
    Crystalmeth.: It's fake report on me
    Crystalmeth.: Some idiots wanted to ruin my real money reputation,they failed:)
    Spywar: could u provite Screenshots
    Spywar: so i can see its fake?
    Crystalmeth.: Dude
    Crystalmeth.: just read this report
    Crystalmeth.: and look at my answer
    Crystalmeth.: where i provide screenshot
    Spywar: Ok i read it
    Spywar: and looked
    Spywar: seems clear
    Crystalmeth.: The problem is that i am very sucessful in these real money deals and some enemies wanted to ruin it
    Crystalmeth.: I hope SteamRep will ban these bastards
    Crystalmeth.: So 5600 my current offer
    Spywar: I will let him know !
    Spywar: meanwhile
    Spywar: how will we do the trade
    Spywar: ?
    Crystalmeth.: You send me offer,when i see it-i send you instantly money,when you see money,i accept sent trade
    Crystalmeth.: As i always do
    Spywar: Now, because this is IRL cash, and this is what > I < have always done
    Spywar: buyer goes always first
    Spywar: larger sums
    Spywar: like this
    Spywar: i give 100% all my information
    Spywar: so "IF" i scam
    Spywar: u will have 100% evidence etc, my personal info etc
    Spywar: police report etc.
    Crystalmeth.: Lol
    Crystalmeth.: i have no evidence of deal
    Spywar: I can do like this
    Crystalmeth.: I don't need your information
    Crystalmeth.: It gives me nothing
    Crystalmeth.: Only i need
    Crystalmeth.: Evidence of deal
    Spywar: Yes a legit report to the police
    Spywar: and my phone number
    Crystalmeth.: We are from others countries
    Crystalmeth.: Who will believe me?
    Crystalmeth.: It's silly
    Spywar: But who will believe me?
    Spywar: if i send steam offer
    Spywar: why wouldnt u take it
    Spywar: and go away
    Spywar: it will be very difficult for me to get it back VIA steam
    Crystalmeth.: And lost all my reputation and lost my account? No,thanks
    Spywar: Btw the other guy backed out
    Crystalmeth.: One stupid report will ruin my account and my reputation
    Spywar: Ok now i believe in u
    Spywar: i will agree to ur offer of 5600 SEK
    Spywar: now tell me once again
    Spywar: how will we do the trade
    Crystalmeth.: You send me offer,when i see it-i send you instantly money,when you see money,i accept sent trade
    Crystalmeth.: But when i will see it
    Crystalmeth.: i also will do some screenshots
    Crystalmeth.: In that case i will have evidence of deal
    Crystalmeth.: Because once,i was looking forward to buy some stuff and dude declined sent trade offer
    Spywar: How will you send me money through swish?
    Spywar: since u're not form sweden
    Spywar: isnt it like +46 thats the swedish mobile number thingy
    Spywar: when u are out of country
    Crystalmeth.: I got swedish number
    Spywar: You do? u're from Iceland
    Crystalmeth.: And i can pay in every part of the world
    Crystalmeth.: I made it by my own when i was in Sweden
    Spywar: May i ask whats ur swedish number?
    Crystalmeth.: ofc
    Spywar: and it is?
    Spywar: ?
    Crystalmeth.: Sorry i was gone
    Crystalmeth.: So number which i got
    Crystalmeth.: +46765999313
    Crystalmeth.: But i need to check if it still works
    Crystalmeth.: As last time when i used it
    Spywar: Whats ur name?
    Crystalmeth.: using swish
    Crystalmeth.: Was a long time ago
    Crystalmeth.: Peter
    Spywar: btw
    Spywar: i dont think we mean the same swish
    Spywar: u mean Swishme.com
    Spywar: https://www.getswish.se/
    Spywar: i mean this
    Spywar: and i think its only swedish
    Crystalmeth.: Yes
    Crystalmeth.: i meant swishme
    Crystalmeth.: I think with the .se it seems to be only swedish
    Crystalmeth.: What you got without getswish.se?
    Crystalmeth.: Paypal/Skrill?
    Spywar: i have paypal
    Spywar: but i know how easy it is to return ur money
    Spywar: and heard so many scams of paypal
    Spywar: were buyers return their money
    Spywar: after they get the item
    Crystalmeth.: I heard too
    Crystalmeth.: But i am not this kind of trader,person
    Spywar: If we do paypal
    Spywar: how will we do then
    Spywar: same?
    Crystalmeth.: But i will never push sellers to use any payment method
    Crystalmeth.: Yes,but i can wait,until you will be completely sure that you got real money,after i will accept sent trade
    Crystalmeth.: Btw,i know everything about paypal
    Crystalmeth.: So in case,ask me
    Spywar: So do i.
    Spywar: thing is
    Spywar: i can send u steam offer
    Spywar: and u just send me a pending paypal offer
    Spywar: then decline it
    Crystalmeth.: Paypal is instant
    Spywar: nope.
    Crystalmeth.: you can decline transaction
    Spywar: not always
    Crystalmeth.: can't*
    Crystalmeth.: I will send it as family gift
    Crystalmeth.: It's instant
    Crystalmeth.: I am 100% sure
    Crystalmeth.: It can take 1 min max
    Crystalmeth.: Btw,i prefer Skrill
    Crystalmeth.: It's non-refundable
    Spywar: let me take a look at skrill
    Crystalmeth.: more safe
    Spywar: ok
    Spywar: i got a skrill account now.
    Crystalmeth.: Good
    Crystalmeth.: To set your card is very easy
    Crystalmeth.: But you can make it after or before deal,no matter
    Crystalmeth.: When you want to send money to card,this card must be verified
    Crystalmeth.: And money will come instantly to you
    Crystalmeth.: All i need is your email
    Spywar: Tho lets say i get the money etc
    Spywar: how do i withdraw the money
    Spywar: to lets say my bank account
    Crystalmeth.: Easily
    Crystalmeth.: You need to add bank account or credit card to Skrill,when you need to verified it
    Spywar: Ye i just read it.
    Crystalmeth.: Better then paypal,as i said,it's non-refundable,if someone send money,he have no options to chargeback
    Crystalmeth.: he has*
    Spywar: only "bad" thing i can see
    Spywar: is that people saying that skrill can randomly lock ur account
    Spywar: and ur money in it
    Spywar: and there's plenty of it
    Crystalmeth.: As paypal too
    Crystalmeth.: they locked one of mine accounts without any possible reasons
    Crystalmeth.: This is why better to withdtaw money as soon as possible
    Crystalmeth.: for safe reasons
    Crystalmeth.: I think you enjoy Skrill more than Paypal
    Crystalmeth.: So,what you mind?
    Spywar: i submitted my card to skrill
    Spywar: and now it says card verification failed
    Spywar: please get in touch with us
    Spywar: wth
    Crystalmeth.: You need to go
    Crystalmeth.: to your I-bank
    Crystalmeth.: Btw
    Crystalmeth.: have you got any money on card?
    Spywar: yes
    Spywar: i do
    Crystalmeth.: To verified it,you need some money
    Spywar: i tried adding some money
    Spywar: didnt let me
    Crystalmeth.: Man
    Crystalmeth.: It's easily
    Crystalmeth.: you add card
    Spywar: i put in different ammounts
    Spywar: 1
    Spywar: 2
    Spywar: 10
    Spywar: 20
    Spywar: didnt let me
    Crystalmeth.: Dude
    Crystalmeth.: Listen me
    Crystalmeth.: You don't need to guess
    Crystalmeth.: You need to check it by your own
    Crystalmeth.: Going straight to your i-bank,where you can see past transactions
    Spywar: cant see any
    Crystalmeth.: You succeed it?
    Spywar: past transaction
    Spywar: from skrill or w.e
    Crystalmeth.: Skrill says it can take 1-3 days
    Spywar: Yes it said that
    Crystalmeth.: In my situation it was instant
    Crystalmeth.: :)
    Crystalmeth.: So,check carefully
    Spywar: i am checking
    Spywar: still nothing
    Crystalmeth.: Anyway,if you will have problems with withdraw fro m knife
    Crystalmeth.: i will help you
    Spywar: but if my credit card isnt verified
    Spywar: i cannot withdraw money right
    Crystalmeth.: Yes,but you will do it anyway
    Crystalmeth.: Maybe it's time question
    Crystalmeth.: Idk,in my case i verified it for 2 min
    Spywar: but it wanted me to deposit money to verify it
    Spywar: i tried different ammounts and it failed all times
    Spywar: then it said they cannot verfiy it
    Spywar: and i have to get in touch with THEM
    Crystalmeth.: Amount must be in your -ibank
    Crystalmeth.: shown,i mean
    Spywar: It was
    Spywar: still failed
    Spywar: hmm
    Crystalmeth.: Hmm
    Crystalmeth.: Idk
    Spywar: lets do paypal then
    Spywar: w.e
    Crystalmeth.: Okay
    Crystalmeth.: I will send it as family gift with note"i will not chargeback it" for you safety
    Crystalmeth.: You will get instantly
    Spywar: Okay
    Spywar: hold on logging in
    Spywar: ok im logged in
    Crystalmeth.: Okay
    Crystalmeth.: You credit card is verified?
    Spywar: i believe so yes
    Spywar: i've subscribed and done donations on twitch before
    Spywar: so i guess
    Crystalmeth.: Okay,then give your paypal email,i will prepare money now
    Spywar: should be
    Spywar: [email protected]
    Spywar: thats my e mail connected to paypal
    Crystalmeth.: And send a trade offer,when i see note,i instantly send it
    Crystalmeth.: Sure
    Spywar: Ok i will send now with this note:
    Spywar: 5600 SEK through PayPal to e-mail: [email protected]. For my StatTrak M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth Factory new.
    Spywar: Ok?
    Crystalmeth.: Sure
    Spywar: I really do trust in u mate
    Spywar: :)
    Crystalmeth.: No worries
    Spywar: sent
    Crystalmeth.: sent too
    Crystalmeth. is now Offline.
    Crystalmeth. is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
    Spywar: you really did this?
    Spywar: why?

    I can't believe he did all of this and scammed me, helped me through all this proccess, and i hope u -rep him and ban him and everything. Thanks for the help​

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  2. Spywar

    Spywar New User

    Here is the trade.

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    SIVARTZ Retired Staff

    Hello @Spywar, Evidence reviewed and ready for admin to process.
  4. Spywar

    Spywar New User

    Well, now i see that he's valve trade banned, tho that won't take back my knife. Great weeks, scammed by knife worth a lot, and now scammed by csgolounge by 200 dollars. Holy s✿✿✿.
  5. Lava

    Lava Public Relations SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    We need full, unedited screenshots showing All activity in your PayPal history (you will have to click the link that says All activity). From your payment history page, select All Activity and make sure the dates include the date right before you were scammed, as well as at minimum the week after.

    Take a full, uncropped screenshot of this history. If possible, your entire desktop should be visible. The address bar should look like the one of those presented below:

    Google Chrome

    Mozilla Firefox

    Internet Explorer
  6. Tio José das Vacas

    Tio José das Vacas SteamRep Admin Partner Community Donator - Tier V

    SteamRep Admin:
    Since no further information has been provided for over 7 days, I'm going to Archive this report. Feel free to re-submit your report with the requested evidence. Be sure to re-upload all evidence previously provided, and provide a link to this thread.
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