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Accepted Report: 76561198012649718 (Cocaina)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by .B.e.n., Jan 20, 2012.

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    steamID: Cocaina
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    I was browsing a trade server, Wonka's Ye Olde Trading Post, trying to sell 2 unusual handles I had spent AGES, literally trading for hours a day trading for, for some earbuds, when I was sent a trade request from someone on the server named "Cocaina". I accepted the trade and the person seemed very nice, said he'd buy one of them for 100$ paypal. It seemed sketchy but when I looked at his profile he had a fair amount of Paypal reputation, and told him that this sounded good. When we got in chat he said I'd send hat, he'd send money. As soon as the trade was complete he blocked all communication from me.

    Chat Box:

    Friday, January 20, 2012
    7:43 PM - .B.e.n.: Hey
    7:43 PM - Cocaina: hey
    7:43 PM - .B.e.n.: You're from the trade server I was just on yes?
    7:43 PM - Cocaina: yes
    7:44 PM - .B.e.n.: Awesome
    7:44 PM - .B.e.n.: Which handle were you interested in?
    7:44 PM - Cocaina: orbiting
    7:44 PM - .B.e.n.: alright getting paypal open
    7:45 PM - Cocaina: ok give me the acount :P
    7:45 PM - .B.e.n.: [email protected]
    7:46 PM - Cocaina: ok i got it
    7:46 PM - Cocaina: give me the hat and i give the cash
    7:46 PM - .B.e.n.: Hey I can offer you MNC Beta if you pay the gift fee
    Cocaina has accepted your request to trade.
    7:47 PM - .B.e.n.: got an error screen re trade?
    Cocaina has accepted your request to trade.
    7:48 PM - .B.e.n.: you having issues on your end? says waiting for cocaina when i enter trade
    7:48 PM - .B.e.n.: 7:46 PM - .B.e.n.: Hey I can offer you MNC Beta if you pay the gift fee
    7:48 PM - .B.e.n.: sound good?
    7:49 PM - Cocaina: i dont want the game
    7:49 PM - Cocaina: sorry :P
    7:49 PM - .B.e.n.: alright
    7:49 PM - .B.e.n.: btw
    Cocaina is now Offline.
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    When I say "soon as the trade was complete" I mean I sent unusual hat in return for nothing.
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