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Pending Report: 76561198046731167 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Previously Banned Reports' started by mrBakeins, Aug 26, 2014.

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198046731167

    Victim profile: 76561198044974391

    What happened? Description:
    Someone added GeorgeK with intent to buy some keys from him. To my knowledge, he was being extremely shady towards GeorgeK in chat, and so GeorgeK came to me to be a middleman. Note: I am NOT a SteamRep trusted Middleman. I agreed because, for those who trust me, I do have a Middlemanning service, WITH STANDARDS. So, I checked his backpack just to make sure he would be the type of guy who would be buying keys. What I saw were about 94 items, none of which were anything of any value. Immediately I knew what was going on. The guy had also tried to say that he'd purchase keys before and used them to unbox, but where were his stranges? GeorgeK later told the person in question, cola sucks, that he had found a middleman. Cola sucks refused to use any middleman BUT a Valve middleman, which we all know does not exist. He did this in order to seem like he was willing to use a middleman, but it was one that didn't exist. He has no rep or anything, and so I imagine he was going to run after getting the keys, or just charge-back. Cola sucks was getting a little confused at the end, considering he couldn't remember the effect on his "scammed unusual".​

    Provide Evidence:
    1. cola sucks: hey
    2. cola sucks: use a calculator
    3. GeorgeK: how can i trust you
    4. cola sucks: ive sold 10 keys
    5. cola sucks: paypal
    6. cola sucks: before
    7. cola sucks: u can sell me half and half
    8. GeorgeK: Alright one question. I have a bmoc im valuing at 13 keys
    9. GeorgeK: would you take that
    10. GeorgeK: or just the 30 keys
    11. cola sucks: your choice
    12. cola sucks: i cant make u coose
    13. cola sucks: choose*
    14. cola sucks: u can do mix
    15. GeorgeK: I would do it if you would
    16. cola sucks: but your choice
    17. cola sucks: yeh i want to do the trade
    18. cola sucks: but what do u want to sell
    19. cola sucks: lag
    20. GeorgeK: im going to sell 30 keys +bmoc £60
    21. cola sucks: ok
    22. cola sucks: do u want to sell the 30 keys first
    23. cola sucks: then the bmoc
    24. cola sucks: or togethor
    25. GeorgeK: im just reading up on a good way to do this
    26. cola sucks: kk take your time
    27. cola sucks: im watching a steam
    28. cola sucks: so...
    29. cola sucks had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    30. GeorgeK: can we use a middleman?
    31. cola sucks: do u know any?
    32. cola sucks: i dont
    33. cola sucks: dude if your not sure
    34. cola sucks: sell me it seperatly
    35. cola sucks: or dont do it
    36. GeorgeK: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046731167/
    37. GeorgeK: I can pay couple of keys extra to use a middleman
    38. cola sucks: its your choice like i said
    39. GeorgeK: you understand how it works?
    40. cola sucks: kinda
    41. cola sucks: how much keys is it
    42. GeorgeK: i give him keys, then you pay me. Then he gives you the stuff
    43. GeorgeK: if you dont pay i get my stuff back
    44. cola sucks: how much is the keys
    45. cola sucks: if its a lot no point
    46. cola sucks: like a said
    47. cola sucks: if u want sell me in small bulks
    48. GeorgeK: Im selling you 43 keys worth
    49. cola sucks: instead of wasting keys on a mm but up to u
    50. cola sucks: id perfer in bulks so that way u can rep me and u know u can trust me
    51. cola sucks: cause i am going to spend a bunch on tf2
    52. cola sucks: and right now no one thinks im legit
    53. cola sucks: ive bought 10 keys so far
    54. cola sucks: are u gone afk?
    55. cola sucks: crap
    56. GeorgeK: Yeh sorry xD
    57. GeorgeK: back now
    58. cola sucks: ok send me a trade
    59. cola sucks: i need to do the details
    60. cola sucks: so family and freinds?
    61. cola sucks has accepted your request to trade.
    62. GeorgeK: what do you mean?
    63. cola sucks: dw
    64. cola sucks: what are u doing?
    65. cola sucks: how much
    66. cola sucks: in the first bulk
    67. cola sucks: thats enough
    68. cola sucks: not all your keys
    69. cola sucks: wanna do in a bulk?
    70. cola sucks: seprate
    71. GeorgeK: what you on about were not doing it yet
    72. GeorgeK: i need to setup my paypal links
    73. cola sucks: ik
    74. cola sucks: but im saying
    75. cola sucks: this is what u are doing?
    76. GeorgeK: going to do all this for £60
    77. cola sucks: can i quickly calc
    78. cola sucks: cause i normally use usd
    79. cola sucks: 1.4 vs 42 is 60.2
    80. cola sucks: so yeh
    81. GeorgeK: Give me a little while to setup
    82. GeorgeK: no rush right
    83. cola sucks: no rush at all
    84. cola sucks: im watching a steam
    85. cola sucks: so its cool
    86. GeorgeK: brb
    87. GeorgeK: I think ill do 3 at a time. then when I trust you 6 then the bmoc
    88. cola sucks: theres fees
    89. cola sucks: so we cant do a lot of trades
    90. cola sucks: else ill keep doing fees
    91. cola sucks: which i dont want to do
    92. GeorgeK: Ill look at a middle man then :)
    93. cola sucks: so whats 3 at a time?
    94. cola sucks: 3 keys then 3 keys
    95. cola sucks: then 3...
    96. GeorgeK: your backpack is pretty much empty thats why I struggle to trust you
    97. cola sucks: like that?
    98. cola sucks: oh u dont know why?
    99. GeorgeK: 3 then 3 then 6 then 6 then 12
    100. cola sucks: i lost a 20 key wager
    101. cola sucks: that explains me wanting to rage
    102. cola sucks: tf2 and buy stuff
    103. cola sucks: how bout
    104. cola sucks: 10 keys
    105. cola sucks: 10 keys
    106. cola sucks: 10 keys
    107. cola sucks: bmoc?
    108. GeorgeK: 10 keys is still a pretty sexy scam
    109. GeorgeK: 5
    110. GeorgeK: or like i said middle man
    111. cola sucks: how much are fees tthese days
    112. cola sucks: if we do like 10 transactions
    113. cola sucks: idk tbh
    114. cola sucks: if u want
    115. cola sucks: well do 5
    116. cola sucks: we will do 5
    117. cola sucks: but its just cause of fees
    118. cola sucks: unless u pay fees
    119. cola sucks: and i do like £50
    120. cola sucks: brb
    121. cola sucks: You traded with _***Trade Sparta***_. 12:01pm
    122. +The Rocket Jumper, The Rocket Jumper, The Rocket Jumper, Strange Rescue Ranger, The Buccaneer's Bicorne, Bread Box, Refined Metal, Reclaimed Metal, Reclaimed Metal, Endothermic Exowear i bought that for 4£
    123. cola sucks: The Ambassador, Charmer's Chapeau, The Sky Captain, Le Party Phantom, Genuine Red-Tape Recorder, Refined Metal, Refined Metal, The Doublecross-Comm
    124. cola sucks: that was for £10
    125. cola sucks: well for me 15$
    126. cola sucks: or something like that
    127. cola sucks: u afk again?
    128. GeorgeK: you paying with paypal or card invoice?
    129. cola sucks: paypal
    130. cola sucks: lol
    131. cola sucks: i dont pay with card
    132. cola sucks: too dangerous :D
    133. GeorgeK: alright im going to see if i can find a middleman
    134. GeorgeK: wantmy paypal?
    135. cola sucks: duh
    136. GeorgeK: [email protected]
    137. cola sucks: blueyonder?
    138. cola sucks: thats weird
    139. GeorgeK: its virgin before virgin
    140. cola sucks: can i give u £50 in total?
    141. cola sucks: cause the fees will be pretty huge
    142. GeorgeK: fees?
    143. cola sucks: paypal fees
    144. cola sucks: a fee
    145. cola sucks: so whats the first bulk
    146. cola sucks: that we are doing
    147. GeorgeK: You will be charged a:
    148. £0.00 GBP fee if you use your PayPal balance and/or bank account to send money
    149. £0.00 GBP fee if you use your debit card to send money
    150. £2.24 GBP fee if you use your credit card to send money
    151. GeorgeK: this is what you will be charged
    152. cola sucks: oh sweet
    153. cola sucks: ill do 60
    154. GeorgeK: but its no extra
    155. cola sucks: then
    156. GeorgeK: so u send 60 it takes the £2 (if you're doing that) and i get £58
    157. GeorgeK: and am very happy
    158. cola sucks: with 58
    159. cola sucks: kk
    160. GeorgeK: not yet dude
    161. GeorgeK: need the middleman
    162. cola sucks: how much u paying him
    163. GeorgeK: I dont know im looking for one
    164. cola sucks: ok im going to take a break
    165. cola sucks: go find him
    166. GeorgeK: ill probably give him a key or something
    167. GeorgeK: would you be willing to go first?
    168. cola sucks: back
    169. cola sucks: so did u get 1?
    170. GeorgeK: Nah but im thinking
    171. cola sucks has accepted your request to trade.
    172. cola sucks: why trade?
    173. cola sucks: so we are not using a mm|?
    174. GeorgeK: This is a gift from my girlfriend
    175. GeorgeK: its very precious to me.
    176. cola sucks: keep it
    177. GeorgeK: if I give you this. You send me £30 then I give you half the keys
    178. GeorgeK: then you do another 30
    179. GeorgeK: i give the rest and u give that back
    180. cola sucks: lol so why are u giving me that
    181. GeorgeK: Its a trust mechinism
    182. GeorgeK: you know I wont scam you because you've got that
    183. cola sucks: Dude i trust you lol
    184. cola sucks: keep that
    185. cola sucks: i actaully want a mm
    186. cola sucks: now
    187. cola sucks is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    188. cola sucks: brb
    189. GeorgeK: alright we need to find one you look aswell ad me
    190. cola sucks: valve?
    191. GeorgeK: http://steamrep.com/list/M
    192. cola sucks: i did say on chat im not going first so
    193. cola sucks: if u dont want to go first
    194. cola sucks: we use m
    195. cola sucks: if you are ok with u going first
    196. cola sucks: then ok
    197. cola sucks: are u ok with that?
    198. GeorgeK: middleman
    199. GeorgeK: :)
    200. cola sucks: got it?
    201. GeorgeK: nope most of them are offline
    202. cola sucks: its a matter of trust really
    203. cola sucks: if u can trust me
    204. cola sucks: then do it
    205. cola sucks: if not
    206. cola sucks: mm
    207. GeorgeK: I don't trust you sorry :p Not about you. I just like being catious
    208. cola sucks: well in my total tf2 i got scammed an unsual and lost 20 keys
    209. cola sucks: like i said we can do it in bulks but not extremly small bulks
    210. GeorgeK: Bulks will cost you more tho
    211. GeorgeK: I want a middle
    212. cola sucks: id rather do it in bulks than wasting time tbh
    213. GeorgeK: How fast do you want this done
    214. GeorgeK: you can do whatever you want
    215. GeorgeK: then ill get back to you
    216. cola sucks is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    217. GeorgeK: Found a guy
    218. GeorgeK: want to add him?
    219. cola sucks: wait im doing a trade
    220. GeorgeK: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028055863/
    221. GeorgeK: you got time
    222. cola sucks: is he your freind
    223. cola sucks: u have rep him
    224. GeorgeK: i traded with him before but not friends.
    225. cola sucks: is he valve admin?
    226. GeorgeK: Noone is valve admin who middlemans..
    227. GeorgeK: they're just people who dont care either way
    228. cola sucks: mmh
    229. cola sucks: thats risky
    230. cola sucks: dont u think
    231. cola sucks: if its not valve
    232. cola sucks: i thought it was valve lol
    233. GeorgeK: Well its either this or you go first. This guy won't give them back to me if you pay me.
    234. GeorgeK: And he doesnt care for value
    235. cola sucks: uh no thanks
    236. GeorgeK: He is a well known trader so I know he won't ruin his rep
    237. cola sucks: wait send me link again
    238. GeorgeK: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028055863/
    239. cola sucks: no thanks
    240. cola sucks: i really thought it was valve
    241. cola sucks: i have quite a bit of rep
    242. cola sucks: tbh
    243. GeorgeK: if you look here http://steamrep.com/list/M
    244. cola sucks: he seems treustworthy
    245. cola sucks: ik
    246. GeorgeK: you can see the big middlemen
    247. cola sucks: im not sure tbh
    248. GeorgeK: http://steamrep.com/search?q=http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046731167/
    249. GeorgeK: If you look here you've not got a good rep
    250. GeorgeK: u got a scam report on you
    251. cola sucks: were
    252. cola sucks: i cant se
    253. GeorgeK: click (1 pending report)
    254. cola sucks: ooh ok
    255. cola sucks: if u find an valve admin
    256. cola sucks: ill do it
    257. GeorgeK: You find someone u trust
    258. cola sucks: i trust no one
    259. cola sucks: lol
    260. cola sucks: but valve tbj
    261. cola sucks: leave it then
      cola sucks: id do bulks if u want but thats about it
      GeorgeK: how do I know you even have an account
      cola sucks: i have 600 hours of tf2
      GeorgeK: ooooh
      GeorgeK: i got 2k
      cola sucks: 2 k...
      cola sucks: lol
      cola sucks: thats bears
      GeorgeK: if you unboxed where is ur stranged
      GeorgeK: stranges
      cola sucks: i got wepons
      cola sucks: i open crates 56
      cola sucks: and s✿✿✿ like that
      GeorgeK: where did ur $150 of value go
      cola sucks: 150?
      cola sucks: i had 10 keys
      cola sucks: lol
      cola sucks: and lost 20 keys in a spycrab wager
      cola sucks: and unboxed 10
      GeorgeK: http://i.gyazo.com/c3947a15672b55767fa0dbb9d82b6286.png
      GeorgeK: look
      cola sucks: i had a terror watt anger
      cola sucks: and guess were that went
      cola sucks: scammed
      cola sucks: killa wat or terror watt
      cola sucks: 1 of them
      cola sucks: now i suck
      GeorgeK: If you want to do in bulks you go first.
      GeorgeK: Thats my final thing
      GeorgeK: if not its goodbye
      cola sucks: bye i guess

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