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Pending Report: 76561198055002945 - ([iN]SeductiveSANDVICH / [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed), Feb 18, 2014.

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Item Fraud] Quick-switch trade scam or attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198055002945 ([iN]SeductiveSANDVICH)

    Victim profile: 76561198092060697

    What happened? Description:
    I was spycrabbing against a guy, his steam name is "hat for sale hats for sale", I found on a server, he said lets spycrab a key, So he sent me a trade, and i put my key and he instead put Items worth 1 key. We spycrabbed and it went well, so once I won, he canceled the trade and left the server. By that time I felt very angry, so, I tracked him down until I decide to add one of his friends, [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH.
    He accept the friend request and we started talking about what happen and how I can get those items back. So then he decided to make a deal, If I give him a key, "hat for sale hats for sale" guy will add me and give me the items. Now by that time I felt it was a good deal until I barely realized that I'd to give him a key. Then, the "hat for sale hats for sale" added me and we greeted each other but then he said " i will not say anything intill you give snadwich a key".Ok, this made me think, Is this [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH second account, Maybe it is but whatever. So, then he started saying that it was because his brother that he was teaching him and I don't know if even has a brother. In the otherhand, [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH is like begging for the key, he's just saying stuff GIVE ME THE KEY DOOD WE HAD A DEAL or I WILL REPORT YOU. Yes, we had a deal and Hats For sale guy was suppose to give me the items unless I gave [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH the key, so then I sent him the trade. When the trade window popped up, it said that He was reported for trade scams and such. I gave [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH the key without caring about that pop up. From there, I just realize that Hats for sale guy was offline and after I gave [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH the key, [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH and Hats for sale guy never response anymore. I feel stupid​

    Provide Evidence:
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: itl cost cost ya to refresh mah memory :D
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: hes on my list
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: but hes a irl friend
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Oh
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: so i didnt wanna snitch
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: :3
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Yeah know
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Hmm
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Well Ok then
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Nic meeting yah
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: ok
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: but if ya want tht deal still like a cheap hat ill tell some stuff
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Yes
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: u want deal?
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Yeah, Just want like a bonk boy
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: sure
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Ok
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: actually w8
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: ill do for key
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: ill tell all
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Ok
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: k trade me
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Ok
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Ok
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: wat did he say?
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): He said give you a key
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): wait a minute
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: well tht was the deal in first place :3
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Are you hats for sale?
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: no
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Ok
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: u cant run 2 accounts a t vonce
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: at once*
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Ok
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: key dood
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: dood
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: the deal man
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Dude Im giving you a key then he gives me teh items? no thanks
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: the lil bro ting is lie
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Sorry about this happening
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: we had deal
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: cant back down
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): You kidding me
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: dood deal
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: we had deal
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: u cant run off
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: tht makes u as bad as him
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: c'mon dood
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Ok so you said I'd give you a key if You
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Told hats for sale to add
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): me
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: yea i said key thn i tell al
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Omg
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: -.-
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): cmon dood
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: no tht was deal
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: cant go back on it
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): 1 key dude............
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: yes
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: its just a key dood
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: not even much
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): My bp is just worth 20$
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: now hand over
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: i dnt care u agreed to it
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: i give u 2 min to pay up
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: or i file report
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): god dammit
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: u agreed
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: just trade back up keys arnt expensive
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Well i got confused
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: ur fault
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: u gt 30 sec
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Fine
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): send me trade
    You have accepted the trade request from [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH.
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: -.-
    [iN]SeductiveSANDVICH: put key
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): take
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): it
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): well im stupid
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): so what are you going to spend it on
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Hey he never game me the items
    Now this is a chat with Hats for sale hats for sale
    hat for sale hats for sale: hello
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): hi
    hat for sale hats for sale: i will not say anything intill you give snadwich a key
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): about the spycrab dude why did you go away
    hat for sale hats for sale: ok bro i was not playing my litel brother was he is always geti ng on
    hat for sale hats for sale: it me not sandwich
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Getting on what
    hat for sale hats for sale: ok my litel brother get on after i sdhowed him how to crab and he is always on my acount and he runs
    hat for sale hats for sale: i am toutly truthful
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Well
    hat for sale hats for sale: no more things intill sandwich gets key
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Well nvm
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Its ok
    hat for sale hats for sale: you have to give the key to sandwich or i would have nver talked to you
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): hey
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): Give me my items
    ☆Garden31.exe☆ (ed): I gave him the key
    hat for sale hats for sale is now Offline.
    hat for sale hats for sale is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.​

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