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Accepted REPORT: 76561198058755159 (Tr1CkY ShotZ )

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Penguin The Fluffy, Feb 16, 2012.

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    steamID: Tr1CkY ShotZ
    steamID32: STEAM_0:1:49244715
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058755159/
    steamrepURL: http://www.steamrep.com/index.php?id=http%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fprofiles%2F76561198058755159%2F

    Screenshots: [​IMG]

    Added me to try to quicksell a hearts buckaroo, i checked his profile it was private, checked his aliases and found he had impersonated big bang. Big Bang is a friend of mine I knew it wasn't him. i called him out on it. He admitted to scamming as shown in the screenshot.

    Here is the complete chat log (yes I did talk to the kid more than I prolly should have but hell it is 6 am and I was bored):

    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Hey you were buying quick sells?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: possiblely
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Would you want a heart's buckaroo 1 bud
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: maybe
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: It really is a  QUICkSELL xD
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: if you can answer me one question
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Sure
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: why did you have your name as big bang at any point
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: My freind told me too the other day..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: To do some chat thingie
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Why :S?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: private profile, big bang as an alias, and a quick sell screams scammer
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: because I have the real big bang on my friends list
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: ?? i do not understand'
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Did you want my freinds profile or something?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: from your profile alone with the alias i can submit to have you marked as a scammer for impersonation
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I don't understand!!!
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: ???
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: my freind told me too do it..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: why would your friend tell you to rename yourself to the name of a trusted trade middleman and server owner
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: unless it was part of a scam
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I don't know who big bang is...
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: My name is usually tricky shotz..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I can help you if you want, i dont understand
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: yeah I am not believing you
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Well i can't do anything about that ...
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: http://www.steamrep.com/index.php
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: ?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: http://www.steamrep.com/index.php?id=76561197999300294
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: What is steam rep?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: i linked both of those because the second link shows who big bang is
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: and steamrep is a place where you mark scammers
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: so trade servers can ban them
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: and so people know to avoid them
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Yes, i understand ..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: So?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: YOU IMPERSONATED AN ADMIN
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I didnt know that !! :(
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: It was my freind who made me do it..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: I call BS, other wise your backpack wouldnt be private so there is no information at all on it
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I dont know!!
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: I am saving all this info
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Okay...?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: submitting it
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: and tagging you
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Sure...??
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I can still play my games if i get banned right?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: you wont be able to trade anywhere pretty much
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Ok, it's just my games i want to keep ~.~. Ill make a thread anyway
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: try and get unbanned..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: for what
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: there is no excuse to impersonate
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: EVER
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Harrasing me..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: how am I harrassing you
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: YOU ADDED ME
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: and I caught you
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: So i could sell a hat..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Let me say something
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: if i really wasent concerned about my account...
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: you are an admin impersonator and a scammer
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Why would i keep talking to you!!!
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: they mark all alts
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Jesus christ
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Ok we'll make sure i keep my games
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: and im fine
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: why do stupid people like you scam?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: i mean you are not even good at it
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Well
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: you suck at lying
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I got scammed ~.~
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: by team deviate
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: so you used that as a reason to scam
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: <_<
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: You wouldn't understand.
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I was new to trading lost my first unusual..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I cried...
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: there is never any reason to scam
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: EVER
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: He told me
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: if i wanted it back
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: i would have to work for him...
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: thats bullshit
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Nope
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: i got logs if you want..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: also ty for the admission to scamming
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: makes my case easier
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: No problem..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Anytime
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Don't you have anything else better to do
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: that be the Skyrim guard of the internet
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: i can ask you the same thing dont you have anything else better to do than be the thieving filth of the internet
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: You realise
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: i got scammed in the first place
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: you don't know how to feels
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: <-- been scammed b4
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: didnt cry like a little b✿✿✿✿ and turn to scamming
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: For what, a flies ffs...
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Well he told me
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Does valve even care?
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: about scammers?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: yeah they ban them
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: But in retrospect
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Like, they ban and all but..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: You realise team deviate is still active
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: shouldnt you be focusing on them..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: they are most likely already marked
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: No, those guys are f✿✿✿✿✿✿ pro for some reason
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: stupid swedes
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: How come they arnt in jail yet?
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: they have made thousands..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: well?
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: No reason?
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: nice
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: You seem like a legit admin
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: was making a case to mark you, have fun being stupid
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Tell me one thing before i leave and cry
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: How come team deviate arn't in jail yet?
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: if you go through all this effort ...
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: prolly because stupid people like you decide to join them instead of getting the proof needed to mark them
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I never joined them...
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: they kicked me out because i was s✿✿✿
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Well im pretty sure scamming is not allowed, shouldnt they be behind bars?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: jail isnt really an option <_<
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: i wish it was
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Why not?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: but the statute on virtual items doesnt warrant jail
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Hmm
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Also
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: one last thing
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Valve clearly states
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: If both parties accept the trade
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: it's not anyones fault..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: So... am i still getting banned?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: yep
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Can you not report me please...
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: nope
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I didn't do anything///
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: you impersonated big bang
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: My freind made me...
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: So that's void
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: no its not
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Would you accept a bribe?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: you are responsible for your own actions
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: But im just a kid..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I dont know better...
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: and no i will never accept a bribe
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Are you sure ;)
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: well now you will know better
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I would pay you
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: i 100% sure I will NEVER accept a bribe
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: 500 Moustachium Bars
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: you are not the first idiot scammer I have dealt with
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Smart Person*
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Economies run on stupid people..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Smart People take advantage of stupid people..
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Sorry but that's how real life works...
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Don't deny it..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: yeah and in real life misrepesenting yourself is called fraud
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: and you go to prison for it
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Yeh but that's totally diffrent
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: to pixels
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: nope its the same thing
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I dont see team deviate in jail
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: they are just some 16yo kids..
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: I am done with you
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Aww
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: can we chat more?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: nope
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Im just a fat guy
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: wanting someone for valentines
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: Do bitches dig smart guys?
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: buy a hooker and stop being an idiot
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: I dont have enough money for a hooker
    Tr1CkY ShotZ: because i got scammed
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: well think of that while you jerk it
    ☆Penguin The Fluffy [MCA]: moron
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