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Pending Report: 76561198063679352 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by NIP slip, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. NIP slip

    NIP slip Donator - Tier I

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Other] Any other fraudulant behavior
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198063679352 ()

    Victim profile: 76561198077598622

    What happened? Description:
    He was a middle man of 2 unusuals hat of mine and he lost it to a impersonator and he refuses to pay back what he has lost to me .​

    Provide Evidence:
    The screenshots are proof of our chat and there is one that is me trading him the 2 unusual hats they both were name tags and there is a outpost link proving their name are the same too


    he lost my unusuals to a scammer and he refuses to pay back what he has lost he was the middle man of the trade too .​

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  2. Radi0act1ve_♥

    Radi0act1ve_♥ New User

    This is how it all went down. The Scammer wanted him to pick a friend and trade the friend the unusuals so that he can take a Screenie. The SCAMMER WANTED HIM TO TRADE TO A FRIEND FOR A FAKE STUPID SCREENIE. I'M NOT A MIDDLEMAN. I DON'T HAVE THAT BIG RESPONSIBILITY ' MIDDLEMAN'. iT'S NOT CALLED MIDDLEMAN
  3. M'aiq

    M'aiq New User

    So many chat screeenis I tl;dr'ed them.
    Inventory history would be nice here.