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Archived Report: 76561198071245148 - (ИеZмAr01 / [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Pain (Akatsuki), Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. Pain (Akatsuki)

    Pain (Akatsuki) New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Other] Any other fraudulant behavior
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198071245148 (ИеZмAr01)

    Victim profile: 76561198075236858

    What happened? Description:
    So.. I was on a Panda-Community server playing a buying a Double Cross Com.So just as i left,ИеZмAr01 Added me saying he wanted to buy my spy set( SunBeams Noir and Blizz Storm Phantom) and he offered a Steaming Charmer's Chapeau(1.3-1.7buds) My set is currently Being sold on Outpost for 7buds pure yet his telling me lies that "Im selling for to high" "Its on this much" and Etc. He Tried to lie to me saying the Charm is 6buds when Backpack.tf

    Thanks to the admin for review

    Provide Evidence:
    ИеZмAr01: hi
    D.E.V.I.L: hey?
    ИеZмAr01: i am interested on your spy unsuuals :D
    D.E.V.I.L: which 1?
    ИеZмAr01: i sell my unusual for your Noir
    ИеZмAr01: it looks good
    ИеZмAr01: trade ? :)
    D.E.V.I.L: steaming is not close to my sunbeams
    ИеZмAr01: :/
    D.E.V.I.L: and blizz
    ИеZмAr01: ok
    D.E.V.I.L: its a 7bud set
    ИеZмAr01: your Noir with effect much highest 3.8 buds ;)
    ИеZмAr01: still dont want ? :D
    D.E.V.I.L: Well outpost alot are being offer 5buds
    ИеZмAr01: cuz its overpay ... and ur party phantom much lower
    D.E.V.I.L: party is 2,2
    ИеZмAr01: my more then 6 buds :)
    ИеZмAr01: still ? :)
    D.E.V.I.L: what effect?
    ИеZмAr01: but if u give me party phantom (cost 2.2 buds) and Noir (3.6 buds ) = 5.8 and my much 6.3 ...
    D.E.V.I.L: what effect is yrs?
    ИеZмAr01: steamning ... and sunbeams looks soo same :)
    D.E.V.I.L: hmm
    ИеZмAr01: and in outpost on unusuals is overpay ...
    ИеZмAr01: u understand ?
    D.E.V.I.L: yeah
    ИеZмAr01: ye
    ИеZмAr01: u want my hat ? :) for phantom and Noir ? i mean i take a good offer
    D.E.V.I.L: hmm
    ИеZмAr01: trade me if u have time
    ИеZмAr01: i now have time
    ИеZмAr01: trade me ?
    ИеZмAr01: when u trade me ?
    ИеZмAr01 is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    ИеZмAr01: are u here ?
    ИеZмAr01: devil ?
    D.E.V.I.L: hmm
    ИеZмAr01: trade meh ?
    D.E.V.I.L: L\AHTER
    ИеZмAr01: ?
    D.E.V.I.L: busy
    ИеZмAr01: what ?
    ИеZмAr01: are u here ?
    D.E.V.I.L: yyeah just hold on
    D.E.V.I.L: Buying a Double Cross Com for Ts Veil and 6ref in hats~~Trade me~~
    ИеZмAr01: sorry i sell only for pure...
    ИеZмAr01: when you trade me i must helping :)
    D.E.V.I.L: lol
    ИеZмAr01: what ?
    ИеZмAr01 had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    ИеZмAr01: accept trade ?
    ИеZмAr01 had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    ИеZмAr01: hey ?
    D.E.V.I.L: im busy
    D.E.V.I.L: hold on
    ИеZмAr01: i dont have a lot of time please :)
    ИеZмAr01: accept :)
    D.E.V.I.L: s✿✿✿ tf2 crashed
    D.E.V.I.L: brb
    ИеZмAr01: ok trade you
    ИеZмAr01: trade me :)
    ИеZмAr01: accept ?
    ИеZмAr01 had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    ИеZмAr01: heyyyy
    ИеZмAr01: sorry
    ИеZмAr01: i dont have all day
    ИеZмAr01: i dont know what is with you
    D.E.V.I.L: i just need to my choirs so hold on
    D.E.V.I.L: 2mins ill be back
    ИеZмAr01: 2 mins and trade ?
    ИеZмAr01: finally ?
    D.E.V.I.L: yeah
    ИеZмAr01: 2 mins
    ИеZмAr01: 2 mins ...
    ИеZмAr01: trade ?
    ИеZмAr01 had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    ИеZмAr01: heeeey
    D.E.V.I.L: wait
    ИеZмAr01: i said : i dont have all day
    D.E.V.I.L: lol trade me
    ИеZмAr01: u said : 2 mins and trade
    ИеZмAr01 has accepted your request to trade.
    ИеZмAr01: your ?
    ИеZмAr01: make trade ?
    ИеZмAr01: what are u doing
    ИеZмAr01: u joking me i know ... -.-
    D.E.V.I.L: im really sry my internet is crap
    ИеZмAr01: no
    ИеZмAr01: u cancelled
    ИеZмAr01: u dont want ...
    D.E.V.I.L: Well 1st of all
    D.E.V.I.L: yr unusual is 1.3-1.7buds
    ИеZмAr01: what ...
    D.E.V.I.L: 2nd yr trying to scam me
    ИеZмAr01: :) ... i know you are dont stupid
    D.E.V.I.L: 3rd im reporting u and i have the evidence already to prove u
    ИеZмAr01: well done
    ИеZмAr01: thx :D
    ИеZмAr01: how many hours u have as spy ?
    D.E.V.I.L: idk none
    D.E.V.I.L: so any last words?
    ИеZмAr01: ye :)
    ИеZмAr01: you are dont stupid ... have a nice day and have fun in TF2 :) again sorry :)
    D.E.V.I.L: k
    ИеZмAr01: dont unfriend me ... i want see you play :D

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Not a scam.
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