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Invalid Report: 76561198075047499 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Siminator55, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198075047499

    Victim profile: 76561198112652443

    What happened? Description:
    He scammed me for my butterfly knife!!!
    will provide proof later
    He scammed me 10 days for my knife im really sad about it :(

    Provide Evidence:
    Ignore picture​

    Attached Files:

  2. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

    pls admin luuk this fast i want me kniev back :((88(8(
  3. Katpolice

    Katpolice New User

    Hello, can you provide an uncropped screenshot of your trade History, screenshots of the chat you had together and any other proof you may have? Thanks!
  4. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

    Fake. Never traded with him, can show my trade history, can show you my inventory.

    Bro, that doesn't prove you're not a scammer. Just because you can fill a report against me without me scamming you.

    Also, you never proved you didn't scam, but I will.

    There you go:


    First page of inv:

    Trade history (The other sinon is my alt account btw): I can give more history if requested.

    Chat with this user (I can provide screenshots to prove it, just didnt feel like actually uploading every screenshot now)

    chat log:
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Sinon: hello
    Siminator55: Hey
    Sinon: did you add me for any specific reaon? :D
    Siminator55: Well, first of all I always like to meet new people!:p
    Siminator55: second of all im interested in your knife
    Sinon: I see.
    Sinon: so, what do you offer for it?
    Siminator55: well first of all
    Siminator55: do you take cash?
    Sinon: hum
    Sinon: never did that before
    Siminator55: ahh well
    Siminator55: first of all have paypal?
    Sinon: I do.
    Siminator55: that would be the easiest way
    Siminator55: awesome! :p
    Siminator55: you know why i want the knife? i want to give it to my friend and be like: its worth as much as you are xDD
    Sinon: I see
    Siminator55: Ill just say 50 euro
    Siminator55: if you dont want that price just offer a different one :p
    Siminator55: but it should be fair ^^
    Sinon: sure, that will do
    Siminator55: okay, awesome!
    Siminator55: could you give me your paypal email?
    Sinon: [email protected]
    Sinon: there you go
    Siminator55: aight 1 sec
    Siminator55: got it
    Sinon: hum, could you go first? Cuz (hipothetically) if I dont give u the knife, you can just report me and get the money back on PayPal, but that doesnt exist on Steam
    Siminator55: Yea i know but the thing is I have way more rep ;/
    Siminator55: i do cash trades often ^^
    Siminator55: You can check my profile i got lots of rep
    Sinon: hum, I see, but on PayPal its easy to get it back.
    Sinon: hum....
    Siminator55: even got steam level 50 so people could trust me more ^^
    Siminator55: its not really easy
    Siminator55: I have to message the support and it might take up to 2 months
    Siminator55: And honestly I wont risk my account for just a gift for my friend ^^
    Sinon: hum, can we do it like this? Half before, half after?
    Siminator55: I dont really do that sorry ;/
    Sinon: I've been scammed out of a knife before x.x
    Siminator55: Yea ik what you feel like
    Siminator55: I once got scammed for my unboxed karambit urban masked minimal wear
    Siminator55: Id never scam anyone
    Siminator55: So yea you can really trust me ^^
    Siminator55: ik what it feels like to get scammed
    Siminator55: Or you know what
    Siminator55: I got an Idea
    Sinon: ?
    Siminator55: nvm sry
    Siminator55: xd
    Siminator55: so yea lets do it?
    Siminator55: or hmm
    Siminator55: how about
    Sinon: what do ou propose?
    Siminator55: How about, you give me the awp graphite, then I give half of the money and the graphite then you give the knife and i give the rest?
    Sinon: hum......
    Siminator55: thats the only thing i can do to make the deal more comfortable for you
    Sinon: sorry, cant do that :/
    Siminator55: Well
    Siminator55: I cant really go first to someone with no rep
    Siminator55: When I myself got tons of stuff to back me up with for example my rep etc.
    Sinon: I dont even know where you check rep lol
    Siminator55: Uhm
    Siminator55: go to my profile and scroll down
    Siminator55: you can see many people comfortable trading with me ^^
    Sinon: oh
    Siminator55: 20 pages of people you know, I do cash trades often ^^ :p
    Sinon: I have 2 of those lol
    Sinon: but
    Siminator55: yea :p
    Sinon: Can't you just
    Siminator55: Ive been doing cash trades for almost 2 years now
    Sinon: I mean, I'd write a comment on a profile if you gave me a chroma case lol
    Siminator55: well
    Siminator55: all of those trades were cash trades..
    Siminator55: well most of them
    Siminator55: and for doing fake rep you get banned ^^
    Siminator55: you can really trust me, no worries
    Sinon: you get banned where x.x
    Siminator55: csgolounge for example
    Siminator55: for fake rep
    Siminator55: thats bannable
    Siminator55: for example the butterfly knife in my bp i bought it yesterday
    Siminator55: I can even send you the guys profile if you want :p
    Siminator55: You can really trust me, no worries
    Sinon: so
    Sinon: can I send the hyper beast instead?
    Sinon: oh
    Sinon: I cant trade it yet
    Sinon: x.x
    Siminator55: Ahh damnit
    Siminator55: well not really you would need to trade the graphite atleast ^^
    Siminator55 has accepted your request to trade.
    Siminator55: Okay
    Siminator55: [email protected]
    Sinon: yes
    Siminator55: Sup?
    Sinon: you were right though
    Sinon: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198112652443
    Sinon: Banned
    Siminator55: for?
    Sinon: sorry, not doing it anymore
    Siminator55: beeing a smurf from my brothers acc -.-
    Siminator55: like
    Siminator55: i didnt do anything
    Siminator55: ..
    Sinon: smurfing isn't bannable
    Sinon: that's steamrep
    Siminator55: his smurf is banned
    Siminator55: look what im banned for
    Siminator55: for beeing an alt of the acc
    Siminator55: the acc belongs to my brother who lives in the same house
    Siminator55: ..
    Sinon: sorry
    Sinon: cant do it
    Siminator55: Wow really?;/
    Siminator55: like
    Sinon: yeah, I know little about trading
    Siminator55: i can even send you the guy that i bought the butterfly knife from
    Siminator55: I aint a scammer
    Siminator55: Wanna maybe talk in skype?
    Sinon: all I know is that the site says "Banned"
    Siminator55: you can really trust me
    Siminator55: its false dude...
    Sinon: well, talking in skype wont improve my trust. I'd do this if there were an escrow service for csgo
    Siminator55: wanna just skype?
    Siminator55: maybe i can talk to you
    Siminator55: lets do it?:p
    Sinon: cant skype now
    Siminator55: i can talk
    Siminator55: and you like just listen
    Siminator55: dont have to talk
    Siminator55: deal?^^
    Sinon: thats not it, cant make noise at all
    Siminator55: oh wow
    Siminator55: crap
    Sinon: and I dont have headphones now
    Siminator55: ahh okay
    Siminator55: well
    Siminator55: you can really trust me
    Siminator55: the ban is like 2 years ago and thats from my brother
    Siminator55: already got the paypal stuff ready
    Siminator55: i did 1000$+ trades before and i didnt scam, so why would i scam a gift for a friend?
    Sinon: "Report Type: [Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt"
    Sinon: That's it
    Sinon: I'm done
    Siminator55: what
    Siminator55: where is that
    Siminator55: rofl xDD
    Sinon: http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/report-76561198112652443-tf2-team-fortress-2-items.101579/
    Sinon: yep
    Siminator55: it was a report done against me
    Siminator55: do you know what
    Siminator55: ARCHIVED
    Siminator55: means?
    Siminator55: its not there anymore
    Siminator55: it wasnt legit
    Siminator55: some guy said bullshit about me
    Siminator55: ARCHIVED
    Sinon: no
    Sinon: thats the meaning of "Invalid"
    Siminator55: wtf
    Siminator55: dude
    Siminator55: ...
    Sinon: "archived" could mean archived as in closed, confirmed.
    Siminator55: srsly?
    Siminator55: dude
    Siminator55: wtf
    Siminator55: are you like stupid?
    Siminator55: archived...
    Siminator55: arquivados
    Siminator55: not there anymore
    Sinon: nope
    Sinon: place or store (something) in an archive.
    Siminator55: Since no further information has been provided for over 7 days, I'm going to Archive this report. Feel free to re-submit your report with the requested evidence. Be sure to re-upload all evidence previously provided, and provide a link to this thread.
    Siminator55: thats what the admin said when he closed the report
    Sinon: there's no proof, but there's suspicion
    Sinon: that's enough for me.
    Siminator55: dude
    Siminator55: want me to make a report
    Siminator55: against you right now?
    Siminator55: with no proof?
    Sinon: lol
    Sinon: sure
    Sinon: go ahead
    Siminator55: ok
    Siminator55: 1sec
    Siminator55: ill show you
    Sinon: I dont really care, I dont trade anyway.
    Siminator55: thats why you have a trade on csgolounge looking for offers
    Sinon: I prefer item trading.
    Sinon: It's safe.
    Sinon: I can do that kind of trading
    Siminator55: bro
    Siminator55: i do this so often
    Siminator55: your like
    Sinon: this kind of trading.
    Siminator55: one of the only people
    Siminator55: that is like that
    Sinon: I dont have proof though
    Siminator55: but thats cuz your a noob at trading thats aight
    Siminator55: bro
    Siminator55: i have 20 pages rep
    Siminator55: steam lvl 50
    Siminator55: 5,600 trades made
    Siminator55: yea scammer
    Siminator55: 1000%
    Sinon: I can trade back and forth with my alt account....
    Siminator55: ROFL!
    Sinon: I can give cases for rep.... how will they prove its fake?
    Siminator55: ROFLLMAO
    Siminator55: omfg
    Siminator55: hilarious
    Sinon: ok, lets say they're real
    Siminator55: nah
    Sinon: I still can have fake rep
    Siminator55: just bought 2000 cases
    Siminator55: to get rep
    Siminator55: ;))
    Siminator55: seems legit
    Siminator55: ...
    Sinon: why dont you simply buy him a knife, or give him the 50€?
    Siminator55: yea what a nice gift
    Siminator55: 50 euro
    Siminator55: ...
    Sinon: I'd take it
    Siminator55: i want to make him a fun thing for his birthday
    Siminator55: a thing that he can laugh about ^^
    Siminator55: u dere?
    Siminator55: 1second
    Siminator55: https://steamrep.com/search?q=http://steamcommunity.com/id/gs2012/
    Sinon: anyway, I could ignore 1 report
    Siminator55: see
    Sinon: too many of them though.
    Siminator55: now you have one too
    Siminator55: OMFG YOU SCAMMER
    Siminator55: OMFG
    Siminator55: OMFG
    Siminator55: http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/...counter-strike-global-offensive-items.114592/
    Sinon: lol
    Siminator55: thats how easy it is
    Siminator55: yea all invalid
    Siminator55: not one of them legit
    Siminator55: i used to be a big betting guy in tf2 but watever
    Sinon: thing is
    Sinon: I can prove you're wrong
    Sinon: while you didn't prove they were.
    Siminator55: i didnt feel like it
    Siminator55: cuz i knew the reports will get closed
    Siminator55: like they got
    Siminator55: ;D
    Siminator55: now
    Siminator55: you may be able to proof wrong
    Siminator55: but it will take like
    Siminator55: 5+ weeks
    Siminator55: soo
    Siminator55: whats up now
    Siminator55: sup
    Sinon: im proving your report wrong
    Sinon: ;)
    Siminator55: lol
    Siminator55: yea enjoy
    Siminator55: admins take around 2 months
    Siminator55: :p
    Sinon: I dont care what admis say
    Sinon: you didnt provide proof on the thread
    Siminator55: i said i will later ;)
    Siminator55: yod ude
    Siminator55: dude
    Siminator55: you just got another report
    Siminator55: wtf
    Siminator55: wat now
    Siminator55: well
    Siminator55: your just wasting my time nab
    Siminator55: seeya
    Sinon: screenshots of every chat were made ;)
    Siminator55: lol
    Sinon: proof is achieved
    Sinon: meaning
    Siminator55: its not gonna do s✿✿✿
    Siminator55: im already marked anyways
    Siminator55: and the admins
    Siminator55: take aruond
    Sinon: publishing
    Siminator55 had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    Siminator55: 2 months to respond
    Siminator55: and while that
    Sinon: will prove you wrong
    Siminator55: you can
    Siminator55: have a report on your profile ;)
    Siminator55: a report
    Siminator55: that ruins your trades
    Siminator55: kk
    Sinon: like I care
    Siminator55: seeya
  5. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

    lol he's lying.
  6. Timcraft400 CSGOSHIT.com

    Timcraft400 CSGOSHIT.com New User

  7. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

    yea i can proof that hes a scammer !
  8. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

    nah as in I'm scamming or he's lying?
  9. ♚CG♚Ṩupreme

    ♚CG♚Ṩupreme New User

    dude just give him back his knife this is stupid
  10. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

    admin read this please
  11. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

    you keep saying that but you don't prove anything ;) last time I checked you're the one with a ton of reports.
  12. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

    lol are you joking? Read my post. He's a liar.
  13. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

  14. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

    proof coming
  15. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

  16. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

    lol. That clearly is not me. Plus, I already uploaded my trade history.
  17. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

    that is you, you f✿✿✿✿✿✿ faked a conversation OMFG c✿✿✿
  18. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

  19. gs2012

    gs2012 New User

    Also, look at the time in the chat,It says last message received 1:15 (I assume german time zone because of the language). Which would be after the report was made!
    Currently it's 1:20.
  20. Siminator55

    Siminator55 Banned on SteamRep

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