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Accepted Report: 76561198097393206 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by CoLizioN cs.money, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. CoLizioN cs.money

    CoLizioN cs.money New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Rep Fraud] Impersonation with intent to defraud
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198097393206

    Victim profile: 76561198165453672

    What happened? Description:
    This guy adds me and says he's a main account. He linked me another account under the same name with a bunch of CS keys and knives. He tells me that my knife is non-verified, and he doesn't want to trade. Here is the chat.

    Sunday, October 9, 2016
    4:50 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: hi
    4:50 PM - 84kamaz: hi mate
    4:50 PM - 84kamaz: do you trade knife to knife ?
    4:51 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: yes'
    4:51 PM - 84kamaz: check my invent
    4:51 PM - 84kamaz: i can overpay
    4:51 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: ok
    4:51 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: whats the best knife you can give
    4:51 PM - 84kamaz: did you check my invent alraedy ?
    4:51 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: yes
    4:52 PM - 84kamaz: what knife do you like (not big overpay)
    4:53 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: m9 stained?
    4:53 PM - 84kamaz: sec
    4:54 PM - 84kamaz: okay
    4:54 PM - 84kamaz: give me your steam trade url so that i can send you offer
    4:54 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=205187944&token=7CgJJjjQ
    4:54 PM - 84kamaz: But sir, before i send you offer, how can i assure your knife is not from scammed or fake/dope?
    4:54 PM - 84kamaz: Sorry for my question bro i just want to make sure that your stuff's if its safe to hold, cause i have huge inventory to care
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: its safe to hold?
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: of course its safe
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: theres no such thing as a illegal, glitched or un-verified item in csgo
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: or any game on steam
    4:55 PM - 84kamaz: can we verify our items first before we trade? just to make sure its clean and safe to trade
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: sure
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: i guess
    4:55 PM - 84kamaz: can we hire steam admin to assist us?
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: who would verify
    4:55 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: sure.
    4:56 PM - 84kamaz: ill look for online admin
    4:57 PM - 84kamaz: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SteamAdminJing/
    4:57 PM - 84kamaz: add admin jing to talk
    4:57 PM - 84kamaz: he is in service
    4:57 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: ok

    I add the other person, and I see their steamrep. This is what I saw.
    | steamname: i7|Jing
    | steam3ID: [U:1:207796478]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:103898239
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198168062206
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SteamAdminJing
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198168062206
    and also banned a day ago.

    I start a chat with the "admin" and it goes like this:

    Sunday, October 9, 2016
    4:57 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: Hey
    4:57 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: I want you to help verify a trade
    4:57 PM - i7|Jing (2): Yes?How can I help you?
    4:58 PM - i7|Jing (2): Item verification
    4:58 PM - i7|Jing (2): I see
    4:58 PM - i7|Jing (2): Check the direction in my profile
    4:58 PM - i7|Jing (2): Invite me to group chat if it is clear to you

    Then I start a multi chat with both of them.

    4:58 PM - Your chat with i7|Jing is now a multi-user chat.
    4:58 PM - i7|Jing has been invited to chat.
    4:58 PM - 84kamaz has been invited to chat.
    4:59 PM - 84kamaz entered chat.
    4:59 PM - i7|Jing (2): Hello traders!
    4:59 PM - 84kamaz: hi
    4:59 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: Hi
    4:59 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: Can you give me a second pls?
    4:59 PM - i7|Jing (2): Both of you agreed the item verification?
    4:59 PM - 84kamaz: yes sir
    4:59 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: yes
    5:00 PM - i7|Jing (2): This is a recorded transaction. Any scam attempts in here will result to trade ban permanently and will be tracked by using your I.P address and will be charged by Steam, Understood?
    5:00 PM - 84kamaz: yes
    5:00 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: yeah man
    5:00 PM - i7|Jing (2): Okay before we begin i want both parties to know that i will be recording this and will be immediately send to valve/steam. You can also make screenshots and record this as well. okay traders?
    5:00 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: hey i7
    5:01 PM - 84kamaz: yes
    5:01 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: can i ask you a question
    5:01 PM - i7|Jing (2): Yes Mr?
    5:01 PM - i7|Jing (2): Go ahead
    5:01 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: If your a reddit admin how come your banned for impersonation of the real account
    5:01 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: and think Im a 9 year old with a knife
    5:01 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: Suck me
    5:01 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: You dumbbitch scammers
    5:01 PM - i7|Jing (2): Scammer ?
    5:02 PM - i7|Jing (2): I intervere this trade
    5:02 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: Dont pull bullshit on me
    5:02 PM - i7|Jing (2): Rude people must be ban
    5:02 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: Item verification is fake dumbass
    5:02 PM - 84kamaz: report him admin
    5:02 PM - 84kamaz left chat.
    5:02 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: http://steamrep.com/search?q=SteamAdminJing
    5:02 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: nice fake s✿✿✿ man
    5:02 PM - CoLizioN cs.money: Have fun have another offense on it
    5:03 PM - i7|Jing left chat.

    And it ends. They block and remove me.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Evidence9.png - The entire chat, before and after the remove and block. He says that he will hire an admin to verify the items.
    Evidence10.png - The entire chat before the multi-chat starts with both scammers.
    Evidence11.png - The entire multi-chat log.​

    Attached Files:

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    SteamRep Admin:
    @CoLizioN cs.money Don't copy/paste chat text - we can't accept it and that isn't what the description area is for.
    Also in the future FULL screenshots - don't crop your images/chat boxes.
    Also report user to Valve - in the meantime you may want to relook at where you are attracting these users and avoid that location
    In order to do that, you have to:
    1. Visit the accuseds profile
    2. Click MORE drop-down located at the top right of the page
    4. Select the violation, then describe it and provide the evidence
    5. Click SUBMIT REPORT

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