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Pending Report: 76561198102147946 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by McCafé, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. McCafé

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] Steam Wallet fraud
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198102147946

    Victim profile: 76561198140751848

    What happened? Description:
    I feel so stupid for falling for this. But this is what happened. I met a guy on a unusual trade server (Vatican Unusual Trading) and he said he was buying unusuals with Steam Wallet codes. I was immediately interested as I am looking for GTA V sellers but I was doubtful. I added him and we talked for almost 2 hours. I kept trying to convince him that I was secure and that if he scammed me, I would have been able to get my unusual back with ease. I felt secure after taking several screenshots and trying to persuade him that he wouldn't get away if he scammed me. To confirm that my email confirmation was on, we traded one unique weapon for another. After knowing it worked, I turned my email verification on, and with hesitation and giving the benefit of the doubt, I sent trade offer. He immediately sent me 4 fake codes, which was obviously to distract me while he unfriended and blocked me from Steam. He also sent me a link about how Steam Support doesn't retrieve scammed items ;-; I have reported him through his profile. He has changed his name since and made his profile private. I hope he can be marked as a scammer and that his future possible victims see this!​

    Provide Evidence:
    "Proof 3" and "Proof 4" are the screenshots of the trade agreement. There is a screenshot of the unusual inside his inventory before he made it private. You can see his Steam ID in the top left corner. There is also an image of my trade history.​

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