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Pending Report: 76561198109197649 - (NBA / [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by Arnej, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Arnej

    Arnej New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Other] Any other fraudulant behavior
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198109197649 (NBA)

    Victim profile: 76561198001575386

    What happened? Description:
    This guy borrowed from me 1 ref. He told me that he'll give it back next day. But on next day he removed me from friend list and I can't add him because he's ignoring me. Btw, when he sent me trade invite I saw that he's on steam trading probation. But he told me the cool story about spycrabbing and I believed him. Now I know that he scammed me and I want to set mark on this guy.​

    Provide Evidence:
    I attached two screenshots from chat and one from my inventory (I am sorry for russian language at screenshots. "Металлолом" is meaning "scrap")
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