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Accepted Report: 76561198122005972 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by ๖ۣۜVox™, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. [Ryfg]Lucifer

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    Erikson. It has been pointed out.to.you numerous times that it was sold for af ke.+ 25 and you have known this fact for.quite some time now. Twisting it for your own gains is very low of you.
  2. Eriksson

    Eriksson Banned on SteamRep

    Does that change the fact that he told me that he got offered the b. Dread + 20 in 1st gens? After everything you've said now, I can't even take you serious anymore, I'm sorry. Think before you post, aswell as you lied on the price suggestion of your own hat.
  3. Eriksson

    Eriksson Banned on SteamRep

    So when I told you the burning dread hood was kinda low for the BoA and asked you if he added, you said he did, which was 20 in 1st gens. When I asked you again to confirm it you said yes again, as there is proof in the screenshots.
    It makes no sense that you would tell me it sold for an AF KE + 30, and when I ask if it sold for 20 saying yes. As you were offering your BoA on both my shortstop and Noh I wanted some decent offers on the BoA, and not do a 2:1 if you didn't have any good offers. However the last thing you would do is lower your C/O (B. Dread) and tell me it sold for af ke + 20 when you told it sold for af ke + 30 before. You are totally making up 20-30 buds price range as I see it in this thread for the first time. So the only way you could really get acces to my stuff, was providing me a fake offer of B. Dread + 20 in unusuals, which the screenshots correspondents.

    And probably the biggest lie you are telling us is that you didn't know lategum and I know eachother. On your last outpost trade of the BoA, you provide a full description of lategums offer. You even tell which hats are clean and which ones aren't. So please don't say you randomly invented the unusuals and it's states without checking if the offer even was legit, thus not checking my backpack. That would be the biggest nonsense.

    Also, I got offered a cloudy moon team captain on the same stuff i bought the BoA for, which is the shortstop and the searing noh. You even told me that It was gifted yourself, making it low. And now you suddenly didn't believe me and say something completely different than in our conversation? Again.

    You are also telling us a lot of "information" that you did too less research for. Which has at outcome that the majority is incorrect. Maybe the best thing is that the SR admins already know what happend to the items such as the secret TC. Which you stated I bought from the scammer and gave it to Lategum. If you put a bit more effort into doing research, you'd see that lategum has a warning tag for buying the item. You are providing lots of these things as "proof" to the SR admins, and the first thing they see is that it's incorrect, as they know what actually happend. Awkward.

    However you are still trying to tell people it was a scam, when you have no proof, but ony a nice story I can easily whipe away with your own proof..
  4. [M&C] TheBluekr

    [M&C] TheBluekr SteamRep Moderator

    What I saw in a earlier post, was a part of the conversation as text, can you upload the whole conversation part with both question and confirmation as picture as attachment?
  5. ๖ۣۜVox™

    ๖ۣۜVox™ New User


    You still arguing about that part. I'm wondering, when you asked me " what was the exact offer of the burning dread hood?" did you want to know what was the offer of Neutron that I already told before or did you want to know what it went for as I wasn't very clear when I answered "got sold for AF ke + 30 buds in unusuals" ? Because it is the last part which I answered to.

    Maybe I misinterpreted what you said. It seems that you wanted to know what I got offered from Neutron. But I already told you once, that is why I thought you would want to know what Neutron sold it for (an answer that is more precise than "30 buds in unusuals") and that is why I said "that's it" to "you said + 20 in unsuausl".

    This matches with what I said the 23 november :

    Concerns the following part :

    I didn't lower my C/O, it was still the Burning Dread Hiding Hood. And well, what would have been the point to lower of 10 buds the content of a deal if I wanted to trade with you ?

    I just remembered what Neutron said at the time. I explained it here.
    That is all why I said to ""you said + 20 in unsuausl".

    Here is what Neutron said to me, I'm putting it again so you get my point of view IMG_0874.PNG

    I already counter-proved that, there:

    It isn't a lie. I did not know that Lategum and you were in touch. It is one of the first thing Aditya told me when he saw that the sunbeams BoA was traded to you. Facts.PNG Facts2.PNG

    First, I didn't mean that I got offered the B.dread +20.

    Second to " So the only way you could really get acces to my stuff" why would it be the only way ? I listed a few other offers that weren't bad, how could it be the only offer that would prove the value of the BoA ? As I know, you sold it for a golden pan + $1200 USD IMG_0868.PNG IMG_0869.PNG IMG_0870.PNG

    I asked Lategum when we were in the trade session for the BoA back in October. He told me which items were clean, which ones weren't.

    I checked the Stash http://www.tf2items.com/item/3264521612

    I checked the Gibus http://www.tf2items.com/id/twigmirror

    I checked them because these were the most expensive items of the offer. They could also be potentially duped items.

    I may have noticed that Lategum and you traded multiple times but some people are brokering items for others. Ian_Dukeman and Neutron for example, that is why it didn't bring my attention http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/23163628



    I couldn't know that there would be something fishy going on 2 months later.
    You're extrapoling. I said that there's one that is gifted, referring to the one being gifted by Mattie http://www.tf2outpost.com/item/440,3262885463,378,5 . I said that because there isn't many Cloudy Moon TC for sale on tf2 OP and that one may have been the one you got offered. I didn't check if there was only one TC for sale or not at the time. But it seemed so, only one that is clean was on on tf2 OP, 3 weeks ago at most. http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/23699749

    3 weeks ago is still after the scam occured. By the way, I didn't say that it was "making it low".


    I don't remember giving my opinion anywhere in the chat when you said it.
    IMG_0735.PNG IMG_0736.PNG
    Yes I spent a lot of time doing my research. I agree that the SR admins are most probably better aware of what happened to the Secret TC than me. I dealt with what I had which was 19 october chat aditya and lategum.png . He also confirmed me that Lategum middlemanned for you.
    Facts.PNG Facts2.PNG

    Therefore, I think that you are the one who bought it... and it appears to be exact.http://forums.f-o-g.eu/threads/4188-76561198066265426-lategum.html

    Consequently, what did I miss when you say "the first thing they see is that it's incorrect" ? Where am I wrong ?

    "they know what actually happend" then it's all good.
    Did you read everything I wrote ? You even tried to cover your scam and other skullduggery by creating a fake spycrab video... Isn't it enough by itself ? I'm also trying to prove that Lategum and you were both involved in suspicious activities (trading with scammers). It doesn't seem that I'm the only victim by the way, some people came to me too. I currently have a concrete proof of one guy named "tor" who Lategum "screwed" over his arcana view as he said. IMG_1021.PNG IMG_1022.PNG IMG_1023.PNG

    As he said, it is very low of you of twisting the truth for your owns gains. By the way,

    What's wrong with him ? He said 2 sentences, his unique message makes more sense than everything you have said by now. By the way, what's the link with his price suggestion ? Is it me or you tried a low blow ?

    Oh and, last but not least... Isn't it childish to make fun of me because you managed to scam me ?

    08-12-2014 picture imgur.JPG

    Link : http://i.imgur.com/JFFL1aF.jpg

    Original Screenshot : JFFL1aF.jpg

    I have done any mistakes, make me notify them.

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    You write so much, like 5 things for 1 thing I say and most is false or has nothing to do with the topic, like seriously what are you talking about. Can't you just stay to the point so I don't have to read all your unnecesary nonsense, maybe because you have no real proof to stand your point. Anyway i'm only going to react to admins from now on, so they can ask on-topic stuff. It's too much for me, if I react i'll get 5 times more off-topic or false stuff I have to respond.
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    Hello ๖ۣۜVox™

    I have accepted your report. Thank you for reporting fraud to us.