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Accepted Report: 76561198136542141 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by ryan01803, Jun 3, 2017.

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  1. ryan01803

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Gambling] Fake gambling website
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198136542141

    Victim profile: 76561198096122690

    What happened? Description:
    This person randomly added me, and then proceeded to say he was the admin at a CSGO gambling site and would rig the odds for me. Obviously as this scam is very saturated I knew about it and decided to toy with him a bit.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Screenshots of the chat between me and the scammer: View attachment 564635 View attachment 564634 View attachment 564635 View attachment 564636 Screenshot of the scammers profile after clicking on his name in chat window: View attachment 564637 Message when trying to add as friend, after being blocked: View attachment 564638

    Additional: Video showing when clicking on the profile from chat log, it takes me to his profile:

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: hello?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: hi
    ✪Epic csgolmx: i have a good offer for u
    ✪Epic csgolmx is now Away.
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: go on
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: whats the offer
    ✪Epic csgolmx is now Online.
    ✪Epic csgolmx: I am a moderator on CSGO Gamble good site. I have an admin panel and I need a "business partner" I can offer 70% of the jackpot you and me 30%
    ✪Epic csgolmx: i can prove it
    ✪Epic csgolmx: i can prove it
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: interesting lets see
    ✪Epic csgolmx: http://csgolmx.com/
    ✪Epic csgolmx: choose the participant ill set him a winner
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: dert
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: interesting
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: can we try 1 more time?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: again/
    ✪Epic csgolmx: yes
    ✪Epic csgolmx: choose
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: will when more people go in
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ok
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: dert again f✿✿✿ it lets make dert rich
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: dert MVP
    ✪Epic csgolmx: i can set win you man
    ✪Epic csgolmx: put
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: wait why would you need me to go in for you, cant you just go in yourself with the admin cut you earn from this site?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: the main admin has forbidden me to bet, he has my ip and if I do it he will fire me
    ✪Epic csgolmx: No, and if he sees my nickname in the winners, he will also fire me, I do not want to risk
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: Okay i understand
    ✪Epic csgolmx: i just need a partner
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: well count me in
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ok
    ✪Epic csgolmx: you in site?
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: yes
    ✪Epic csgolmx: log
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: i just realised i can use the money i get from this for my brothers treatment! He got cancer a year ago but we cant afford the medical fees at the moment :/ it sucks to take the money from other people on this site but i really need it to help him
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: i was going to sell all my skins anyways to get more money for him, but this will help even more!
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: thanks a lot man
    ✪Epic csgolmx: If so, then you will collect all 100% of the jackpot
    ✪Epic csgolmx: go
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: okayso i go in now?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: log in site
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: im logged in
    ✪Epic csgolmx: i dont see you
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: refresh?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: no
    ✪Epic csgolmx: log in site
    ✪Epic csgolmx: man
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: ohh here we are
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: steamguard
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: 1sec
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ok
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: okay im in
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ok i see
    ✪Epic csgolmx: now put
    ✪Epic csgolmx: and i set win you
    ✪Epic csgolmx: next round
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: wait a second
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: this chat is fake...the reactions happen too fast lol
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: people say stuff before it happens :D
    ✪Epic csgolmx: It's a delay just on the site itself, it happens
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: no the messages come through before it happens, not after
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: like someone says RIP i lost or something before they have actually lost
    ✪Epic csgolmx: For some people the internet will load a faster website than others
    ✪Epic csgolmx: He just predicts on the wits
    ✪Epic csgolmx: you here?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: go put this round
    ✪Epic csgolmx: dude
    ✪Epic csgolmx: 2600$ jackpot
    ✪Epic csgolmx: put this round
    ✪Epic csgolmx: fast
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ok?
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: wait
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: gimmi a second
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: depositing
    ✪Epic csgolmx: you here?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ok
    ✪Epic csgolmx: i wait
    ✪Epic csgolmx: go
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: okay putting in my fuel injector and awp
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ok
    ✪Epic csgolmx: put and i set win you
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ohh
    ✪Epic csgolmx: 2600$
    ✪Epic csgolmx: man
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: Man you really are heartless, even after that story you still want to scam me, i mean props to you having your own website and s✿✿✿, good effort, but everyone knows the fake betting website "rig odds" scam by now. Jesus christ man, is a few free skins really worth it for you?
    ✪Epic csgolmx: ???
    ✪Epic csgolmx: but its not scam dude
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: Everyone knows the rig odds on CSGO betting website scam, its been around for a year or so now
    ✪Epic csgolmx: Our site is real, I do not understand people like you, when you are offered such a deal, they think that this is a fraud, I do not engage in deceptions, on deceptions I can not earn money
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: like i know its a scam, but for real, do you get many people with these? i mean owning your own website to do it makes it a lot more convincing
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198136542141
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: u sure?
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: https://forums.steamrep.com/threads...counter-strike-global-offensive-items.164872/
    ✪Epic csgolmx: This means nothing
    Ryan | CSGONECRO.COM: i mean i know its a scam, i just wanna know how many people you get with it thats all
    ✪Epic csgolmx is now Offline.

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