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Declined Report: 76561198138566701 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by ikoirriaa, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. ikoirriaa

    ikoirriaa Banned on SteamRep

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Other] Any other fraudulant behavior
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198138566701

    Victim profile: 76561197977108477

    What happened? Description:
    He was trading his dragon lore for 915keys and when ask admins he instantly blocked and removed me i almost buy all the keys. 100% scammer and also his lore is dupe​

    Provide Evidence:
    selling his dragon lore on lounge 100% scammer please banned this guy​

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  2. »Tяîscøи«™

    »Tяîscøи«™ Unconfirmed Reports

    Yes i blocked you, thats right. But you said we need to get an admin to check the Dlore. I said okay. We where never talking about a Middleman. You said nothing about that you bought already the keys. You only told me which one you would buy not that you buy them.

    After that this guy added me and told me he is an Admin: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BigBangGarners/

    Here is his Steamrep Profile: https://steamrep.com/search?q=http://steamcommunity.com/id/BigBangGarners/

    After i saw something with banned. I told him that i think he is a scammer. Then he got rude. And told me something with GTFO and hf with the ban.

    Then i searched for the real admin: https://steamrep.com/search?q=http://steamcommunity.com/id/BigBangGamers/

    The guy who gots rude and told me he is the real admin, told me several times to trade my Dlore to him that he can check if its duped. But why i should trust someone who has something with banned in his steamrep profile?

    And that you bought the keys I am realy sorry about it, but i didnt told you that you should buy the keys already. You only told me which sort of key you would buy and i said its okay. Than you said you have to check if the Dlore is duped and message an admin. Than you send me one link with something about a Middleman service. And then i blocked you!

    I wont trade about MM before that now i didnt know what Steamrep is and i am new to reddit. Never heard before of this.

    I can post several Messages from the Trade and from the "real Admin".

    ikoirriaa i think what you are doing is
    character assassination you told me that you posted something on Facebook and reddit that I am a scammer and they should report me. I think that isnt okay.

    I attached the File where you can see the chat of me with the "real Admin" and a Groupchat with you (ikoirriaa) and the Admin

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  3. »Tяîscøи«™

    »Tяîscøи«™ Unconfirmed Reports

    And one more thing...

    This guy who is the "real BigBang" http://steamcommunity.com/id/BigBangGarners/
    wont log out and go to his real account. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BigBangGamers/ which is displayed here at Steamrep as Admin. Whats the problem to prove to me that he is the real!

    That is the chat of me with him! After he added me again! I dont know i asked several times to write to some other Admin like Trump or Gentleman. He told me all the time that they want money for checking the Lore.
    And Trump has no time to get 1 min in our groupchat and tells me that its okay to trade with this guy.

    [BBG] BigBangTheory: you're lucky our head admin will be giving you last chance
    »Tяîscøи«™: WoW thanks god *o* i will never trade again ! this was the biggest shock for me !
    »Tяîscøи«™: i will delete all trade links everywhere .o.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i am recording this only since admin Cyanide Trump is busy and i will give the video to him later
    »Tяîscøи«™: ok
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: go send a trade offer fast so i can check it
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: so the reports will be removed
    »Tяîscøи«™: omg m8 now youre comming with that story again D: I want that Trump just do it...
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he already ignored you
    »Tяîscøи«™: i know
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i will just leave a message on his steamrep profile. i'm really tired on this you have so many chance already
    »Tяîscøи«™: he should write me ....
    »Tяîscøи«™: i want to write with him
    »Tяîscøи«™: and check the dlore
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: why don't you f✿✿✿IOMNGASKDMNSAKOD:ASJH
    »Tяîscøи«™: i am sorry tho... but that is only thing what i want
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: why don't you f✿✿✿✿✿✿ talk to him?!
    »Tяîscøи«™: he blocked me
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: because i tell him what happen to us already
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and he is just too kind for scammers to give chance
    »Tяîscøи«™: i want him to write me and check the lore ...
    »Tяîscøи«™: that the only thing
    »Tяîscøи«™: pls tell him that
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: I already tell him
    »Tяîscøи«™: But one question i have why you have to check the lore ? I thought i tryed to scam someone .o.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: [BBG] BigBangTheory: he said that he wants you to be the middleman and you check his dragon lore sir Cyanide Trump what should i do now?
    Cyanide Trump : I don't have time for that you the one i ask to do the job. if he still refuse then i feel sorry for him.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: we have to check so we can trace all the serial numbers on the lore so we can count how many are dupes.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and will delete if there are too many.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: even sumail posted on his profile to make your account banned
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: that guy is really mad
    »Tяîscøи«™: its not my prob he bought the keys and i didnt told him to buy the keys
    »Tяîscøи«™: i got msgs like "i gonna kill you scammer" from some of his friends
    »Tяîscøи«™: i will tell it my lawyer
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he got problem now with the keys
    »Tяîscøи«™: so many peops commentet my profile
    »Tяîscøи«™: and ? i didnt told him to buy them
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: maybe he post your profile to report
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: then people see it then report you
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: well bro please i am begging you.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: if you're not scammer
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: let's proceed now, i have a lot of things to do.
    »Tяîscøи«™: i want to talk to trump. if not you can ban me but then i will call valve support and display my problems to them
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he is our head admin
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i already tell him what you want
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he said Cyanide Trump : I don't have time for that you the one i ask to do the job. if he still refuse then i feel sorry for him.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: if the dragon lore is dupe
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i will be cleaning it
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and you have to pay fees
    »Tяîscøи«™: wtf ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: 10$ you cant pay?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: 20$?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: to be honest
    »Tяîscøи«™: i cant pay ? haha I wont pay
    »Tяîscøи«™: why i should pay ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: that guy sumail pay me money
    »Tяîscøи«™: i know
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: lol?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: how
    »Tяîscøи«™: he told me
    »Tяîscøи«™: like 50 bucks
    »Tяîscøи«™: he pays you
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: yup he pays me 50$ just to make your account banned
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: but we admins don't do that
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: we are here to help people not to get scammed and banned the real scammers.
    »Tяîscøи«™: wtf ? you told me to pay 20 bucks
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: I'm sorry for being rude awhile ago. I'm just really tired -.-
    »Tяîscøи«™: or 10
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: that's the fees... you can pay in skins?
    »Tяîscøи«™: only get trump here that he tells me that everything is okay here
    »Tяîscøи«™: i wont pay
    »Tяîscøи«™: why i should pay for a skin i traded with a guy that he prob duped or not ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: trump already said he won't be helping you and told me to talk to you and give you a chance
    »Tяîscøи«™: i never saw one of the keys from the sum guy
    »Tяîscøи«™: you saw them ?
    »Tяîscøи«™: his inv is priv
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i saw like 300
    »Tяîscøи«™: so i cant see them
    »Tяîscøи«™: i saw not only 1
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: you will not be paying fees if the dragon lore is clean bro.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: it will take 3-5mins max to check it then i will be giving it back to you.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: trust me... you seems to be a friendly and not a scammer.
    »Tяîscøи«™: I am friendly but i cant trust you youre steamrep profile tells me something with banned and if there isnt any other admin writing to me that its okay what we are talking about... i cant trade with you....
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: sigh.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: RG bacon not doing csgo middlemans
    »Tяîscøи«™: what about Penguin is he online ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: Jessica (The 13 Year Old Girl) only tf2 middleman dealing
    »Tяîscøи«™: penguin is online
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: penguin dont do mm on csgo
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: only team fortress
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: try to add him
    »Tяîscøи«™: but can i ask you why arent you on youre main account ? with the 7 years coin ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: my main account is really for team fortress
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and most people know my 2nd account for csgo deals and i get extra income here by paying fees/ tips
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: if you're a trader before you will know about me. but since it's your first time. @[email protected]
    »Tяîscøи«™: i traded 3 times now and never heard of you all.... thats the problem its very hard to trust this alls :(
    »Tяîscøи«™: you can tell Gentleman he should check the lore
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i know but trust me. in GODs name @[email protected]
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: our head admin message me already ..
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he said
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: Cyanide Trump: News? send me the video on my email, be right back in few hours.
    »Tяîscøи«™: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WestVillage/
    »Tяîscøи«™: he can write me but he doesnt accept my request
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: because they know you have been reported
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and will getting banned in any moment -.-
    »Tяîscøи«™: then tell him that he should accept for a short time
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: wait
    »Tяîscøи«™: he could check it too it would be great ... then the problem is solved m8 ...
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: yes i know that
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: but the problem is our boss
    »Tяîscøи«™: there should be no prob
    »Tяîscøи«™: he can do it too it shouldnt be a prob
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i'm waiting for his reply
    »Tяîscøи«™: if i get banned is there a way to get unbanned ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: nope
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: if you got permanent banned it cannot be unbanned
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: we only unbanned people who got banned by 1 week or 2 weeks
    »Tяîscøи«™: i can trust you if you log out here and log in at youre other account and write me if you have done this can trade with you
    »Tяîscøи«™: that shouldnt be a prob too for you
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: what do you mean?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: seriously i'm being not acting like an admin here
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: if you really read our rules
    »Tяîscøи«™: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197999300294 pls log out and go on this account
    »Tяîscøи«™: and write me something
    »Tяîscøи«™: than i can trust you too... then we need no one other
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: we talk gentleman
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: no need bro
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i'm really giving you so many chance
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: please read
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: https://www.reddit.com/r/GentlemanMM/comments/3ndvgf/gentlemans_gratis_middleman_service/
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and follow it
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i will giving you 10mins bro
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: after that i'm sorry but i have to tell boss to approved the report
    »Tяîscøи«™: i added him
    »Tяîscøи«™: and set everything in my profile to public
    »Tяîscøи«™: is he going to check the lore now ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: dude sorry
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i really don't like him and bacon
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he wants to get payed via paypal
    »Tяîscøи«™: then you have to log on youre account which is at steamrep as admin marked pls
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: we are arguing seriously
    »Tяîscøи«™: then i can trust you
    »Tяîscøи«™: there is no prob for you to do that
    »Tяîscøи«™: if its rly youre account
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: you really don't trust me
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: after all efort i do
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: contacting admins talking to them
    »Tяîscøи«™: whats the problem to switch the account for 1 min ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: seriously i don't really get anything for this, even i change account or not
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i am talking 3 people atm
    »Tяîscøи«™: if you switch i can pay you with my cooper galaxy stattrak
    »Tяîscøи«™: ..
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: for you to believe me i will show you screen shots of the people i help today.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i could really send the video on our boss so he can banned you bro
    »Tяîscøи«™: but why you cant log in youre other account ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i am still busy middleman deals on other people
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: seriously i helped you too much
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: http://imgur.com/wr9kWNv
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: our boss is here now
    »Tяîscøи«™: pls tell him to join 1 min the chat
    »Tяîscøи«™: then i trade with you instant
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: do you want me to lose my job?
    »Tяîscøи«™: what why ? He should only join 1 sec the chat and tells me that all is okay
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and one thing we are not accepting direct trades bro.
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: only trade offers
    »Tяîscøи«™: yea that is no prob
    »Tяîscøи«™: but only let him join for 1 sec and he should only say its okay to trade
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he said he really don'
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: don't care now if you got banned -.-
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: sorry
    »Tяîscøи«™: cant understand what the problem is ... you supported me perfectly the last time but youre boss... He isnt good in customer support
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: he is our boss
    »Tяîscøи«™: he could do customer support for only 1 min but nope
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: I already tell him about your first request
    »Tяîscøи«™: This guy sumail told me you openend a reddit post above me ? can you show it to me ?
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: that you want him to be the middleman
    »Tяîscøи«™: i only want now that he gives his okay for the trade here in the chat
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i am the one posted on reddit, I was really mad on you awhile ago
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i have negative comments also there
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: about people telling me I'm so arrogant because i have power to ban
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and the boss is really mad on what he read on me also.
    »Tяîscøи«™: pls get youre boss here for a min and tell him he only should give his okay
    »Tяîscøи«™: if he is interested in customer support
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: zzzzz
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: [BBG] BigBangTheory: Boss »Tяîscøи«™ said if you could lend your time for 1 min...
    Cyanide Trump: Did I told you that send me the video? so i can approved the report later? I am playing csgo now please don't f✿✿✿✿✿✿ Distureb me.
    »Tяîscøи«™: Dude i am sorry but this says youre steamrep profile : Additional Info from Administrators
    Beware of impersonators! This user has several impersonators.
    This is the page of the real [BBG] Big Bang Theory. Before accepting any trade, be certain that the SteamID information on this page matches exactly the information of the person who claims to be [BBG] Big Bang Theory.
    »Tяîscøи«™: and youre id isnt the same like on that profile
    »Tяîscøи«™: its an info from the administration team and additional info
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i already told you about that account for tf2
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: and this for csgo middleman
    »Tяîscøи«™: if you cant log in at that account i cant do anything for you
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: well i already talking to my boss
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: okay then i will be going to send the video on our convo awhile ago
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i hope you don't blame me bro.
  4. »Tяîscøи«™

    »Tяîscøи«™ Unconfirmed Reports

    »Tяîscøи«™: why i should
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: tell that to your lawyer
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: if you get banned and lose that worth of skins he is the one will pay you :)
    [BBG] BigBangTheory hat den Status gewechselt zu: Online.
    »Tяîscøи«™: http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/...counter-strike-global-offensive-items.114596/
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: dude I'm admin on steamrep
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: i can delete your comments
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: lol
    »Tяîscøи«™: just do it than i can trust you too^^
    »Tяîscøи«™: and show me the reddit post pls
    »Tяîscøи«™: i have to sleep now m8 sry that i cant help you and youre boss cant help me
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: sorry also
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: maybe when you wake up
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: you got banned already
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: really sorry
    »Tяîscøи«™: let me stay in youre flist if i got banned i know youre the real one ^^
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: sorry can't do that
    [BBG] BigBangTheory: goodnight
    »Tяîscøи«™: goodnight
  5. ikoirriaa

    ikoirriaa Banned on SteamRep

    lol you will still get banned :) too many reports already you got :)
  6. ikoirriaa

    ikoirriaa Banned on SteamRep


    bye bye dragon lore and your account
  7. »Tяîscøи«™

    »Tяîscøи«™ Unconfirmed Reports

    When you post my Profile on Facebook and Reddit. There is no other way to get reported. Its character assasination. The Admin Team cant should delete the reports^^.
    These are reports with no background. From the Guys you told to report me.
  8. »Tяîscøи«™

    »Tяîscøи«™ Unconfirmed Reports


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  9. »Tяîscøи«™

    »Tяîscøи«™ Unconfirmed Reports

    @admin please delete this report. Thank you ! It should be proofed that this guy is a scammer
  10. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
  11. Edward.

    Edward. SteamRep Admin Donator - Tier V

    SteamRep Admin:

    No evidence of any scam/scam attempt here.

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