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Pending Report: 76561198143184276 - ([DOTA2] Dota2 Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by ƙ เ є Ʀ, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [DOTA2] Dota2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198143184276

    Victim profile: 76561198033338140

    What happened? Description:
    I was scammed 3 stache from this guy. he said we had the same country so we talked on tagalog. He said he will send money after he got my 3 stache for 141 dollars. He tried to get my other items by saying that his friend had a businness paypal or something that cannot release less than 200$ He tried to alliby a lot to me and in the end he just deleted me on his lis.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Thursday, November 20, 2014
    REiKA: ay wait
    REiKA: wait lang
    REiKA: ung john kc nag offer 47 sa 3 eh
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Sige na nga
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: nandito na tayo eh
    REiKA: kya nga eh
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: 47$ each 3 pcs. Go?
    REiKA: ok go
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: 141$
    REiKA: yes po
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Tama?
    REiKA: tama po
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: sa [email protected]
    REiKA: [email protected]
    REiKA: yes
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Okay. log in ko lang account ko sa paypal. phone lang kasi gamit ko ngayon.
    REiKA: ok po no problem
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Pa steam offer nalang ng stache. Then after ko mareceive offer. Send ko 141$ sa account mong [email protected]
    REiKA: ok no problem
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: sige po thank you.
    REiKA: ok na po
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Sige po wait lang. Bagal phone
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Give me 2-3 minutes okay?
    REiKA: ok lang cge take your time
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Wait lang po ah.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: soo. girl ka?
    REiKA: ok lang po
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Reika? Reika ba talaga name mo?
    REiKA: ng baby ko po
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Wait lang po ah. Shitty phone tagal loading ng paypal
    REiKA: wife ko yan nsa dp ko hehe
    REiKA: ok lang sir
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: congrats. gano na kayo katagal?
    REiKA: hehe 5 years na
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: WOW. Congrats bro. Ganda din ng wife mo.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Well played :)
    REiKA: hahah thank you. sya lumapit sakin hndi ako :))
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Wait lang bro. May outtage ata paypal dito sa area namin contact ko tropa ko sa san leandro.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Nasa san francisco kasi ako ngayon ayaw mag load ng paypal.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: tawagan ko na wait lang bro ah.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Siya mag sesend sayo. Sensya sa abala.
    REiKA: ok sir no problem
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Bro. I'm on the phone with my friend. Na-a-access nya yun paypal nya. But the thing is naka premier business class siya. Lowest he can send a of the moment is 280$.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Actually kaya nabili din ako ngayon nag babakasakaleng tumaas yung price ng stache and arcanas.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: So ganito nalng
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: I'll buy the next 4 staches for 50$ each.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Papasend ko nalang sa kanya yung money
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: So 291$ total.
    REiKA: sir di ko na kyang ibenta pa ung iba
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: ayy
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: mali 341 pala.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: how many can you sell more?
    REiKA: no more sir
    REiKA: :(
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Just a sec.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Let me just talk to my friend for a jiffy.
    REiKA: ok sir
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Bro ganito nalng yung 2 fury mo add natin yan. I'll buy it for 59$ each. so that's 118$. Including the 141$ you have on me right now.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: that would make a total of 259
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Add the 2 gleaming seal we can do 280$
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: So I can give you a profit of 10$
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: He said I could probably make profit of 20$ if I buy your items in that price.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: But I have to wait.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: fury for 59$ ain't bad. for todays prices. But I'm gonna sell them like 2 months from now. I hope the price won't go down.
    REiKA: bro hanggang jan lang kya kong ibenta
    REiKA: nag hihintay ako ngaun sa 141$ from u
    REiKA: sana wlang maging problema pa
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Wala bro. Don't worry.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: This is what I do for a living. besides my current job ofcourse.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Ayy wait bro. May nabasa ako about sa refund ng bill. Kaso up to 80$ lang.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Add natin fury mo fo 200$ total pero masesend sayo 280$
    REiKA: bro ndi nko mag aadd sorry
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Then I'll file a bill that would remove 80$ on your account after 2-3 hours.
    REiKA: wait nlng ako sa 141$ galing sau
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Crap. Wait tawagan ko pa isa kong tropa. Badtrip na outage to -.-
    REiKA: preho tyong pinoy i trusted u sna wlang problema
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Bad for business.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: No problem bro.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Outage lang talaga. Pasensya na.
    REiKA: ganto nlng
    REiKA: balik mo muna ung items then pag ok n tlga ska tyo go ulit
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Pano bro?
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $: Wait lang bro. Gawan ko paraan sayang kasi oras. Paantay nalng 2 more minutes.
    REiKA: balik mo nlng muna wla nmn problema sakin eh nabigay ko nsayo but meron k pang prob jan
    REiKA: balik mo nlng then ulitin ntin kapag ok n ung prob mo
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $ is now Offline.
    ELLA ROSE SMITH $ is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
    REiKA: so scammer ka pala​

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    Bumping won't help your cause.
    Also do you have a screen of the agreement? Since anyone can fake plain pasted text.
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