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Accepted Report: 76561198150328022 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by mrBakeins, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. mrBakeins

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Rep Fraud] Impersonation with intent to defraud
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198150328022

    Victim profile: 76561198028055863

    What happened? Description:
    This guy added me out of the blue to offer on both of my unusuals. Now, he hadn't even offered on my TF2OP post, he just added me and tried to offer on my 2 unusuals, one of which is not even for sale. Right off the bat, he asked me how much in pure I wanted for my unusuals. At this point, I knew something was amiss. So, he then offers 32 buds for both my unusuals. So, I checked his backpack to see if he had the pure on him, but instead, what I saw was his complete lack of items. He didn't even have any TF2 items. I knew he was trying to scam me. I figured I'd humor him a little more afterwards, he kept trying to make me trade my items to a trusted friend. After that, I stopped talking to him, he ran away after he found out I knew what was going on.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Togashi Yoshiro: hey
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: ?
    Togashi Yoshiro: hey how much for your unusuals in buds or keys? tell me whats the price so that ican get now
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: I don't really have buyout...
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: How many pure buds do you have?
    Togashi Yoshiro: tell me price so that ican get the pures
    Togashi Yoshiro: 32buds for both?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: For both what?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Both of my unusuals?
    Togashi Yoshiro: yes
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: The Baker's not for sale, sorry.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Just the modest.
    Togashi Yoshiro: 10buds
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: For the Baker?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: 1. I'm really not selling it, 2. How are you gonna' get the keys?
    Togashi Yoshiro: at outpost
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Buds*
    Togashi Yoshiro: or at my customer
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: All you have are Dota items...
    Togashi Yoshiro: yes
    Togashi Yoshiro: coz im doing buy and sell
    Togashi Yoshiro: and get a little profit on it
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Considering I have no buyout on my modest, and am in no rush to sell it, 25 buds.
    Togashi Yoshiro: okay 25buds and baker for 32
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Dude,
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: I'm not selling the baker.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Just the modest.
    Togashi Yoshiro: okay
    Togashi Yoshiro: can you wait 5minutes?
    Togashi Yoshiro: ill get the 25buds first
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Mmk...
    Togashi Yoshiro: can i ask a proof before i get the buds?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Proof of what?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: My hat's existance?
    Togashi Yoshiro: do you have a trusted friend?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: I guess.
    Togashi Yoshiro: can we use your trustred friend to hold your items until i get the buds?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Lol.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Sure.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: But why?
    Togashi Yoshiro: Okay link your friends profile,dont give to him yet iwant to talk with him first
    Togashi Yoshiro: coz ive done this before i buy the items then they cancel our agreement.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Mhm.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: How about,
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: I promise I won't cancel on you, and we don't need to use my friend, kay?
    Togashi Yoshiro: ill get the buds when you got a friend
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Aw, are you sure?
    Togashi Yoshiro: yea
    Togashi Yoshiro: whats the name of your friend?
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: The only time I've ever seen anyone so persistant on me getting a friend to do a trade was a scammer who was going to make an account with the same name and everything just to get my items! Oh wait... SAY HI TO STEAMREP, BUDDY!
    Togashi Yoshiro: what?
    Togashi Yoshiro: you can trade to your friend now
    Togashi Yoshiro: and tell him dont give to me
    Togashi Yoshiro: unless i get the buds
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: No thanks, I'll just report you to steamrep.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: But, thank you for trying, unfortunately, I've played this game too long to not* be so stupid.
    Togashi Yoshiro is now Offline.
    Togashi Yoshiro is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
    mrBakeins [FFG-A]: Right?

    (I corrected a spelling mistake I made while chatting to him in this transcript, but the pictures I took do include it, not that it matters, the "not" with the asterisk in front of it was correct)​

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  2. M'aiq

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    Please, stop replying in this thread with "he scammed me 2".

    It makes this report a hard to get through such mess.

    Make your own report and provide your evidence there.
  3. Sjru

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    SteamRep Admin:
  4. Xenophobia

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    Hello mrBakeins

    I have accepted your report. Thank you for reporting fraud to us.