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Pending Report: 76561198155695546 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Previously Banned Reports' started by WuBsY (King Of Wubs), Nov 26, 2014.

  1. WuBsY (King Of Wubs)

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Accomplice] Trading with marked scammers or hijackers
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198155695546

    Victim profile: 76561198075069502

    What happened? Description:
    My Friend by the name of "Merely :D"

    Wanted me to hold onto his unusual while the person he was trading was "getting keys"

    (The guy he was trading wanted us to switch items so his bot (Which is named after Merely) could change name and profile picture then send me a trade offer (The Bot Stealing my Max and Bud)

    Merely gave me his unusual to hold onto, and i later gave him it back (It IS in his inv)
    So the guy wanted me to give Merely my max and buds, But in reality, i traded with the bot instead of merely, (I had multiple windows up, and the bot was the one who sent me a trade offer).

    After the trade was over, Me and Merely got uncomfortable and stopped trading with the man, when i asked for my Max and Bud back, he said he didn't have them, after checking his inventory, he didn't have it inside.

    (This bot changes its name so it can fool people into trading with Friends)

    This report has also been sent to Steam Support.

    Thank You.


    Provide Evidence:
    Merely :D: 8:55 PM - Wubƨy Wubƨington: can i tell you something.
    8:55 PM - Merely :D: sure.
    8:55 PM - Wubƨy Wubƨington: whatever he tells you
    8:55 PM - Wubƨy Wubƨington: DO NOT GIVE HIM IT
    8:55 PM - Merely :D: I will NEVER.
    8:55 PM - Merely :D: I don't even know this guy
    8:55 PM - Wubƨy Wubƨington: please give them back asap
    8:55 PM - Wubƨy Wubƨington: i love this items
    8:55 PM - Merely :D: I will, don't worry.
    8:56 PM - Wubƨy Wubƨington: im f✿✿✿✿✿✿ shaking dude.
    8:56 PM - Merely :D: hmm
    8:56 PM - Merely :D: let me build your confidence.
    8:56 PM - Merely :D: alright
    8:56 PM - Merely :D: I will copy and paste whatever he tells me to you.
    8:56 PM - Wubƨy Wubƨington: cheers.
    8:56 PM - Merely :D: if it's anything fishy
    8:56 PM - Merely :D: I will instantly give you back the items
    8:56 PM - Merely :D: block him, remove him and of course report
    Merely :D: check it
    Merely :D: there's no
    Merely :D: "Invited to you trade"
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: wait.
    Merely :D: I think his bot got you.
    Merely :D: he used the same bot agains me
    Merely :D: against me*
    Merely :D: execpt it was Minty.
    Merely :D: it didn't type anything like Minty
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: wait. wait wait.
    Merely :D: so I started suspecting
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: it was this chat.
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: i remember.
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: it was this chat.
    Merely :D: but did you send me a trade though?
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: yeah
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: definatly you
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: wait
    Merely :D has accepted your request to trade.
    Merely :D: OH
    Merely :D: I GET
    Merely :D: WHY HE WAS
    Merely :D: AND MY MAX HEAD
    Merely :D: YOU
    Merely :D: AS IN
    Merely :D: OR ME
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: are you f✿✿✿✿✿✿ kidding me?
    Merely :D: you can check my inventory on bp.tf
    Merely :D: it did not have a big rise from your
    Merely :D: earbuds and max's head
    Merely :D: and go down
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: dude i tradede with you.
    Merely :D: you traded me with, or I just suddenly trade offer'd?
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: FOR f✿✿✿ SAKE>
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: Does steamrep give items back?
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: if i inform steam
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: will they give my stuff back?
    Merely :D: they will indentify the scammer, retrieve the items
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: right.
    Merely :D: and you will get them back
    Merely :D: this thing happened to minty too
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: wait
    Merely :D: she got all her stuff back at the end

    (About a few mins later when i started writing this report)

    Wubƨy Wubƨington: can you resend me your chat with him
    Wubƨy Wubƨington: ?
    Merely :D: I closed the chatlogs ages ago ;~; I'm sowwy​

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