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Pending Report: 76561198163574088 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Previously Banned Reports' started by MKPro, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Accomplice] Alternate account of hijacker or scammer
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198163574088

    Victim profile: 76561198067025442

    What happened? Description:
    He added me about my csgo knife asking if he can buy it, after doing some research on his goods i picked up he was a scammer before and he told me he gave everything back and that hes getting a apeal.​

    Provide Evidence:
    He added me on behalf of my butterfly knife, i checked the hats out finding out hes banned on bp.tf, i check steam rep he told me he gave everything back idk if hes legit.

    Saturday, February 21, 2015
    [RV] Doraemon: Hey
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: hi
    [RV] Doraemon: Do you take tf2 offers for your knife?
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: depends
    [RV] Doraemon: it has overpay
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: whats the offer
    [RV] Doraemon: does it have a special pattern?
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: ya
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: check my outpost/lounge
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: 210k highest pure offer
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: 220k worth in tf2
    [RV] Doraemon: Hmm, ok
    [RV] Doraemon: my tartan (6 buds)+my fruit shoot (6.5)+billycock (3)+ lucha (2.5)=18 buds
    [RV] Doraemon: +adds
    [RV] Doraemon: how much would be needed?
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: i gotta check out the hats then i can tell you :)
    [RV] Doraemon: sure :)
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: the effects are a bit not in my favor but ill check them all out :)
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: very nice hats tho
    [RV] Doraemon: sure, thanks
    [RV] Doraemon: All clean and non-duped
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: sweet very nice w33d HHAHA
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: do you have keys? or buds
    [RV] Doraemon: xD
    [RV] Doraemon: Depends on how much i would have to add
    [RV] Doraemon: Can buy keys with money on steam
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: thats a 7 day wait, i take cs keys to :)
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: the billy c✿✿k is only 3 buds on op
    [RV] Doraemon: Yea thats what i mean
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: sorry ur a known scammer
    [RV] Doraemon: Yes, i know
    [RV] Doraemon: And i actually gave everything back
    [RV] Doraemon: i understand if you dont believe me
    [RV] Doraemon: But i have proof and waiting for my appeal to get looked ar
    [RV] Doraemon: at*
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: okay seems alright
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: im ingame ill do all the math after :)
    [RV] Doraemon: Sure
    [RV] Doraemon: I did it for you
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: wish the effects were more like 1st gen
    [RV] Doraemon: All together 17-18
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: its difficult
    [RV] Doraemon: i understand
    [RV] Doraemon: think bout it
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: it says the bans permanent
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: sorry m8 not interested
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: i cant take the unus's
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: billy is duped + multiple scam reports
    [RV] Doraemon: Yea i know i have scammed
    [RV] Doraemon: But i gave everything back
    [RV] Doraemon: My appeal is in review
    [RV] Doraemon: you can appeal a permanent ban by giving scammed goods back
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: was ur appeal accepted and why did u scam
    [RV] Doraemon: I scammed because it was so easy
    [RV] Doraemon: but when i saw what i caused
    [RV] Doraemon: I regretted it
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: hmm
    [RV] Doraemon: Its being looked at
    [RV] Doraemon: I have asked multiple mods and they said my proof was enough, and that i just have to wait
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: alright
    Twitch.tv/MKProOP #SickAF: got any prof of the chat with mods?​

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    You could have just asked me for the proof. anyways heres part of it, hope this clears it up.

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