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Accepted Report: 76561198305551449 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by ⚂Nebuluck✹, Jul 17, 2018.

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  1. ⚂Nebuluck✹

    ⚂Nebuluck✹ New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Gambling] Fake gambling website
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198305551449

    Victim profile: 76561198307060128

    What happened? Description:
    So, I get a random add by someone who has a private inventory, which was a very big warning sign. He then asked if I "could advertise a tf2 site", and after checking his steam rep and the people who +rep'ed him. After confirming that this was %100 a scam, I decided to play along. I proceeded to do what he asked until the point where I told him to screw off.

    The site is tf2ghost.com but I advise no one to click on that link, mainly for safety reasons.

    Also, It's important to note that the minimum donation value is 10 bucks, and I saw the same weapons get thrown into the pot twice. So the site is just a scam in general.​

    Provide Evidence:

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    ღKISsKAღ: hey
    ღKISsKAღ: are you here now?
    화려한 물방울: yea
    ღKISsKAღ: i have a dael
    ღKISsKAღ: deal*
    ღKISsKAღ: can we discuss?
    화려한 물방울: sure. what's your offer?
    ღKISsKAღ: i work on a team fortress site and need some help with its promotion
    ღKISsKAღ: could u help me with that for some weekly payment?
    화려한 물방울: what's the payment?
    ღKISsKAღ: so
    ღKISsKAღ: u should just add our site to your nickname or profile
    ღKISsKAღ: we pay 30$ per week in tf items for our promoters
    ღKISsKAღ: can you do that?
    ღKISsKAღ: so?
    화려한 물방울: sorry, went to the bathroom
    ღKISsKAღ: no problem
    ღKISsKAღ: tell me later
    화려한 물방울: But first, which site are you talking about?
    ღKISsKAღ: https://tf2ghost.com/
    ღKISsKAღ: it's trading and betting site
    ღKISsKAღ is now Online.
    화려한 물방울: Alright. Sounds good.
    ღKISsKAღ: so can you promote it?
    화려한 물방울: Sure. How should I do so, btw?
    ღKISsKAღ: u should just add our site to your nickname or bio
    화려한 물방울: alright, I'll do that real quick
    ღKISsKAღ: tell me when u add it
    ღKISsKAღ: are you already free?
    화려한 물방울: yea, also added
    ღKISsKAღ: 1 moment i will check it
    ღKISsKAღ: yea it's okay
    ღKISsKAღ: so can you tell me now
    ღKISsKAღ: how many hours do you play in a week?
    화려한 물방울: 24? Idk for sure
    ღKISsKAღ: oh that's great
    ღKISsKAღ: do you play every day?
    화려한 물방울: Pretty much, lol
    ღKISsKAღ: i see i see
    ღKISsKAღ: alright
    ღKISsKAღ: do you need get paid now or later?
    화려한 물방울: well, might as well get paid now, lol
    ღKISsKAღ: can you go on site now
    ღKISsKAღ: i will show you how exactly u will be paid
    화려한 물방울: alright, i'm on
    ღKISsKAღ: do you see any participants?
    화려한 물방울: there's two
    ღKISsKAღ: tell me 1 name from participants and i will make him winner
    ღKISsKAღ: anyone
    ღKISsKAღ: so?
    화려한 물방울: deathroll?
    ღKISsKAღ: okay
    ღKISsKAღ: made
    화려한 물방울: mind if i can try it again?
    ღKISsKAღ: have you seen?
    화려한 물방울: yea
    ღKISsKAღ: now look
    ღKISsKAღ: i will make u winner of any pot 1 time a week
    ღKISsKAღ: are you okay with that?
    화려한 물방울: yea
    ღKISsKAღ: but u should change site in your profile for 1 week after get items
    ღKISsKAღ: okay?
    화려한 물방울: yea
    화려한 물방울: so I can get ten dollars worth scammed
    ღKISsKAღ: alright
    화려한 물방울: :>
    화려한 물방울: good try
    ღKISsKAღ: ?
    화려한 물방울: cmon man
    화려한 물방울: your page has two reports on it already
    화려한 물방울: go back to csgo lol
    화려한 물방울: the site is broken too lol
    ღKISsKAღ is now Offline.

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    SteamRep Admin:
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