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Accepted Report: 76561198308456729 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by OddHallucination, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. OddHallucination

    OddHallucination New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Rep Fraud] Impersonation with intent to defraud
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198308456729

    Victim profile: 76561198209195433

    What happened? Description:
    Added me out of the blue saying they worked for Backpack.tf and Valve, using broken english to report that one of my items (Unusual Cloud 9 Merc's Mohawk) had been reported as stolen and that they needed it in order to check if it was stolen, which makes no sense since theyre reporting it as stolen lol.

    Anyways they keep saying that it's part of their job to figure out if the item is stolen as they were hired by backpack.tf and Steam, so they go ahead and send me a trade offer from another account (all acc. info attached in photos).

    Both of these accounts are not marked and I'd like to report and get them marked before someone falls for it, seeing as in the history of the guy that offered me the trade, there are a couple of good unusuals that were probably also scammed.

    Dont know if all the Info I have is enough, hoping it is just to get these 2 marked.

    If there's anything I need to add, please let me know ASAP.

    Thank you in advance!

    Note: Scam 3.png is just to show that I'm in the Scammer's friends list.​

    Provide Evidence:
    All the Screenshots below and the chat log should point out both profiles, if needed I can add the ID64 and all that of the second account that sent the trade offer.​

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Thursday, January 11, 2018
    Toasty: Hey there what can I do for you?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf) is now Online.
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): hey
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): thank you for accepting us, we are desperate because some items that you have recently exchanged from your account can be stolen from the official pages and we have verified that one of your objects is restricted by valve and we want to help you not to remove them
    Toasty: SURE
    Toasty: whats the item
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): The Mohican Mercenary of Unusual Appearance
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): We received a lot of varied information that was exchanged a few days ago
    Toasty: Mohican mercenary?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): yeah
    Toasty: The hell is that
    Toasty: The merc's mohawk?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): the problem is that in many other countries the name is changed
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Yes it is
    Toasty: alright so what about it?
    Toasty: Guessing you mean Cloud 9 Merc's Mohawk correct?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): yeah
    Toasty: What about ti?
    Toasty: it?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): The problem already explained to you, we were observing with all the possible details and it turns out that your object was stolen from a page
    Toasty: ok what page?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): backpack.tf
    Toasty: from who was it stolen
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): I am not allowed to say his name or give clues to him
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): It is totally confidential for my work
    Toasty: So whats the point in telling me the item is stolen?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): That you can get into a mess and we try to make that not possible :)
    Toasty: So what do I do?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): We are helping you not to have an exchange block
    Toasty: alright
    Toasty: So what do I do?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Administrators of the company inform that to do this procedure it is necessary to check if the objects are stolen or not, so we need you to enable us your trade offer
    Toasty: So you're saying the item is stolen, but you need to check if it is stolen?
    Toasty: You're not making sense bud.
    Toasty: Trade offer URL is in my bio.
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Well look, put yourself in my place to be sure you have to do this I could lose my job to make a mistake
    Toasty: Read what I wrote
    Toasty: My trade offer is in my bio
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Ok thanks
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Can you wait to talk with my work group?
    Toasty: Sure send me their info, Ill talk with them
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): An employee will be responsible for sending the offer respecting their role
    Toasty: so he'll be adding me right?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): No, as maximum security, you will have your private profile to keep your identity safe from harassment like many other employees of the official pages and the valve company
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Ok?
    Toasty: so what company do you work for?
    Toasty: Valve?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): I help intentionally in valve for some preparations, but right now we keep a bit of everything
    Toasty: So youre pretty much working for Valve?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): A little backpack.tf and in another part valve
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Sorry for delaying, the offer analyzed by one of the administrators is already being processed :)
    Toasty: Sure
    Toasty: So what happened to the trade offer?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): What happened? I thought you had already arrived
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Check again
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): I'm sorry for the delay, but since he did not tell us anything, we were sure he had already arrived
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Also know how to understand where we are located the process takes time to complete
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Please, we need confirmation of when you have already accepted, I expect it
    Toasty: So what you're telling me is, you have a report that the item is stolen, so you want the item to check who stole it?
    Toasty: and I should just accept the trade offer so I dont get in trouble?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): I already told you that the check is in case we make a mistake we can lose the job
    Toasty: Alright sure sounds legit let me accept it.
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): We help you solve the case together
    Toasty: It says this user has been reported by others as a scammer
    Toasty: why is that?
    Toasty: Dont you work for valve?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Hmmm
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): If this is a kind of deception to get away with it, it's not going to serve you too much. :)
    Toasty: That makes no sense
    Toasty: explain
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Please, we do not want to block you from the temporary or permanent exchange, we want to help you as soon as possible
    Toasty: Oh so now you're threatening me?
    Toasty: What if I dont accept?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Well, we have to use all the measures we can so that you force yourself to help yourself
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): :)
    Toasty: And what would those measures be?
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): If you do not accept, wait a few days to see its details
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Security measures, measures to help, measures of many things bro
    Toasty: Im not your "bro"
    Toasty: Ive got all the info I need to report you
    Toasty: both accounts as well
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): If you waste your time we end up here and see how you are doing in the next few days
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): ok?
    Toasty: screenshots, chats with you saying you work for valve, bp.tf etc etc
    Toasty: your threatening me too
    Toasty: good job m8
    Toasty: real good
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): Then goodbye, another user more to punish
    Toasty: kk
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): What fun
    Toasty: Bye scammer
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf): bye!
    External BOT #0229 (trade.tf) is now Offline.

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  2. OddHallucination

    OddHallucination New User

    EDIT: Just found out the person that sent me the trade offer was someone I traded with and was friends with before! Here's their info as well:

    | steamname: [V.Σ.Ш] Soviet Thorvi
    | steam3ID: [U:1:137266571]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:68633285
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097532299
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/3123kd21jd1
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198097532299

    Custom URL Should match the one in the screenshot of the private profile, hope it helps!
  3. OddHallucination

    OddHallucination New User

    Sorry for the triple post, can't find anywhere to edit post and I keep finding new info. Just posting a screenshot of the second profile since he changed the Custom URL and before he changes his name enough times to hide the one he sent the offer with.

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  4. ЩĄ | Horse

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Your report was accepted and the accused was banned. Feel free to report a violation via their Steam profile.

    In order to do that, you have to:
    1. Visit the accuseds profile
    2. Click MORE drop-down located at the top right of the page
    4. Select the violation, then describe it and provide the evidence
    5. Click SUBMIT REPORT

    Click here to view an animated gif that shows how to report a violation.

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