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Archived Report: 76561198325381601 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by «ϟRṦGϟ» AD0!F JA€KL£R, Mar 12, 2017.

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  1. «ϟRṦGϟ» AD0!F JA€KL£R

    «ϟRṦGϟ» AD0!F JA€KL£R Donator - Tier IV

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Gambling] Fake gambling website
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198325381601

    Victim profile: 76561198073452456

    What happened? Description:
    This person added me a day or so back, I didn't know why, whenever people add me out of the blue I nickname them with "?????????????" and talk to them when they're online, when he messaged me, which you'll see in the screenshots below, naturally I presumed he added me either for a trade, or for me to broker something for him, evidently that was not the case, and after he spoke to me about this "website" he owned, I googled it, and saw someone else got the same scam (link to video provided below) so I wanted to play this through and he didn't want to, so this is all the evidence I've got, hope this helps!​

    Provide Evidence:
    Link to the YouTube video shown on pictures 3 and 4:

    All evidence is in the screenshots​

    13:42 - Strucker(7H30F7): hi
    13:43 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: Greetings
    13:44 - Strucker(7H30F7): i have a deal for you
    13:44 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: what's up?
    13:45 - Strucker(7H30F7): i'm an admin on this roulette site http://csgoelit.com/ and i'm looking for someone with whom I will work. I propose that if i let u win, u give me 50% of the profit. To prove it choose any person online and i will make them win.
    choose any who playong now and he will win
    14:03 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: you've mispelt the web address
    14:08 - Strucker(7H30F7): http://csgoelit.com/
    14:08 - Strucker(7H30F7): go to the website and give me the name of the one who should win
    14:12 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: you're missing an E on the end of 'elite'
    14:24 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: so, out of interest
    14:24 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: what exactly does the webstie do?
    14:24 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: specifically
    14:25 - Strucker(7H30F7): http://csgoelit.com/
    14:25 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: yeah, what does that website do?
    14:25 - Strucker(7H30F7): roullete
    14:25 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: I mean apart from that
    14:26 - Strucker(7H30F7): man
    14:26 - Strucker(7H30F7): just
    14:26 - Strucker(7H30F7): go to the website and give me the name of the one who should win
    14:26 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: I'd rather learn a bit more about the website before I go do that :) I'll do it none-the-less, but I'd like to know more
    14:27 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: how does it work
    14:27 - Strucker(7H30F7): man
    14:27 - Strucker(7H30F7): look
    14:27 - Strucker(7H30F7): site
    14:27 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: do you want me to go join the site or not?
    14:28 - Strucker(7H30F7): you stupid
    14:28 - Strucker(7H30F7): fack
    14:28 - Strucker(7H30F7): bye
    14:28 - Strucker(7H30F7): no
    14:28 - Strucker(7H30F7): delete
    14:28 - Strucker(7H30F7): me
    14:29 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: I'd rather watch you squirm, because I already know that website is a fake and a scam, so I was hoping you'd actually try and make up a story as to how the website works, sadly, you didn't and you just wanted to take my money as fast as possible, which is your downside due to you being impatient
    14:31 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: I also love how you don't allow anyone to comment on your profile at all because you're worried that at any given point someone could post on your wall that you're trying to scam them, and someone could screenshot that, but you don't realize, that you were spelling so many things wrong that you didn't even look professional either.
    14:31 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: Good day to you sir.
    14:32 - AD0!F JA₵KL£R [Broker] [YTer]: Oh, btw, I forgot to mention, trying to advertise a gambling website is against steam's TOS, soooo yeah. you're going to have a lot of fun sooner or later.

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  2. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Did you not see they were already banned /tagged by a comm and SR before even talking to them?
    In fact for the exact same thing.... a donator such as yourself with nearly 100 posts here should know to check users out soon as you add them or before you add them in fact cause that's what I do. Had you seen this your best course of action would have been hitting the delete button.
    I'm not doing anything else to this user as they are already tagged twice for this very same thing... nothing more we can do to stop them either - report them to Valve
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