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Rejected Report: 76561198353449978 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Acid Pauli, Sep 11, 2019 at 7:15 AM.

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  1. Acid Pauli

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    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] Other cash fraud (webmoney, bitcoin, etc)
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198353449978

    Victim profile: 76561198097574474

    What happened? Description:
    so the man added me on his like 3 accounts and this all accs are conected to his main profile we had deal for my huntsman knife he has acc lvl 350 and 120 sites of his own coments and trades he pumped up acc to lvl 350 to have it look legit so many good coments and all,he showed me his paypal info it was over 8k cash we spoke over discord and screen share moment i sent that knife it was over so this guy must be baned idc i was stupid for trading him but like his sotry and all of that accs are his with so many skins he had like 7-8 knifes 2 buterfly 1 bayonet gut knife and toans of items and now his profile is private and evrything i have 4 names of his accs and 1 man with wich he scamed me ,so my accusation is that man is pure trash and i dont understand how can he have so big steam lvl 300 games so many skins and not geting baned his discord name was Mika#8888 he showed me cash on his paypal and all opver discord but deal was struck on steam chat but after he deleted me yesterday i cant acces the chat history...
    so profile that scamed me is destiny and this rest pics are his profiles and i got baited by his coments to him self and trading knifes to him self like i said hes main destiny profile is hc stocked + my huntsman knife 2 now, and all of his items are on cd to trade and all of that profiles added me before exept destiny i swear on my life dude destiny is scamer and he has so good s✿✿✿ going atm im on steam 5+ years and i never saw so good set up for scam if you know how can i see chat history with him tell me ill be glad to send it​

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