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Accepted Report: 76561198435028427 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by PashaGR, Mar 31, 2018.

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  1. PashaGR

    PashaGR New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Rep Fraud] Impersonation with intent to defraud
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198435028427

    Victim profile: 76561198800567475

    What happened? Description:
    A guy impersonating IzakOOO added me saying that he would like to trade "his" Falchion Knife Damascus Steel for my M4A1-S Hyper Beast, AK-47 Frontside Misty. P90 Asiimov and my Music Kit, which my skins were worth less that the knife he offered me. Then he asked me to check my items due to duped, bugged and glitched errors of them, he sent me 3 profile links, 1 of those is the fake admin and the only one I've added (unfortunately I do not have proof of friendship with the fake admin, who added me, I only have proof of friendship with the IzakOOO guy) and added me to a group chat explaining how the method works and to provide us the trade link where we have to send our items to. I knew he would scam me so I played around with him. In the end, both profiles blocked me and the admin threatened me that he will issue a community ban on me (which ik it's not true). The chats below are both of the conversations with the impersonator and the fake admin. However, the admin chat was part of the group chat.

    Fake admin's SR block:
    | steamname: Ryker Maximus
    | steam3ID: [U:1:193441440]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:96720720
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198153707168
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RykerTheAssistance
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198153707168

    Fake verification bot's SR block:
    | steamname: Item Database Program™
    | steam3ID: [U:1:453245401]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:226622700
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198413511129
    | customURL:
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198413511129

    Provide Evidence:

    Chat with IzakOOO:
    5:40 PM - cs.money: yo
    5:40 PM - cs.money: you trade right?
    5:40 PM - IzakOOO: yes why?
    5:40 PM - cs.money: i would like to trade my items
    5:41 PM - IzakOOO: what could you offer for this? http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/10887651398/?l=english&o_url=IzakOOO
    5:41 PM - cs.money: w8 for me to login on pc
    5:41 PM - IzakOOO: okay thats better
    5:44 PM - cs.money: back
    5:44 PM - cs.money: ah a falchion damascus
    5:44 PM - cs.money: i used to own one of those back in the day
    5:44 PM - cs.money: where are you from btw?
    5:44 PM - IzakOOO: why?
    5:44 PM - cs.money: just asking
    5:44 PM - IzakOOO: im from poland
    5:44 PM - IzakOOO: why?
    5:44 PM - IzakOOO: u dont want my knife?
    5:45 PM - cs.money: ah it says that you live in the new york
    5:45 PM - cs.money: no
    5:45 PM - cs.money: i want it
    5:45 PM - IzakOOO: what could you offer?
    5:45 PM - IzakOOO: i made that for safety purposes lol
    5:45 PM - cs.money: my hyper beast and frontside misty?
    5:45 PM - IzakOOO: add up your awp fever and p90 asiimov and Music Kit | Beartooth, Disgusting
    5:45 PM - cs.money: oh sure
    5:46 PM - IzakOOO: sounds great !
    5:46 PM - IzakOOO: so can i ask your trade link so i could offer?
    5:46 PM - cs.money: this inventory is worth less than this knife
    5:46 PM - cs.money: oh sire
    5:46 PM - cs.money: sure*
    5:46 PM - IzakOOO: great!
    5:46 PM - cs.money: u seem like a nice guy, i can trust u
    5:46 PM - IzakOOO: yes so u are as i see
    5:46 PM - IzakOOO: where you find me anyway?
    5:46 PM - cs.money: on trading forums
    5:46 PM - cs.money: btw
    5:46 PM - cs.money: im from germany
    5:46 PM - IzakOOO: das is gut!
    5:46 PM - cs.money: hahaha :D
    5:47 PM - IzakOOO: so trade link?
    5:47 PM - IzakOOO: so i could offer?
    5:47 PM - cs.money: se
    5:47 PM - cs.money: c
    5:47 PM - IzakOOO: sure
    5:47 PM - cs.money: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=840301747&token=qQ7IVAA1
    5:47 PM - cs.money: here u go
    5:47 PM - IzakOOO: alright hang on
    5:47 PM - cs.money: sure, take your time
    5:48 PM - IzakOOO: btw before i offer may i ask where you got those mentioned skisn?
    5:48 PM - IzakOOO: skins?
    5:48 PM - cs.money: umm
    5:48 PM - cs.money: idk what you are talking about, but you can tell me
    5:48 PM - IzakOOO: where did you got your ak and m4?
    5:48 PM - cs.money: i bought these off opskins
    5:49 PM - cs.money: like 3 days ago
    5:49 PM - IzakOOO: oh i thought you unboxed them all cause seems like you are a lucky person xD
    5:49 PM - cs.money: i unboxed a knife like 2 weeks ago
    5:49 PM - cs.money: but i got it scammed
    5:49 PM - cs.money: a karambit doppler, feels bad
    5:49 PM - IzakOOO: how you got scammed?
    5:49 PM - cs.money: opskins method
    5:50 PM - IzakOOO: oh sad for it but listen
    5:50 PM - cs.money: i hate scammers bro
    5:50 PM - IzakOOO: Well i just wanted to make sure first that your items are not dupped / bugged / glitched items which could cause fraud items where it could lead to a trade banned here so can i ask assurance that your items are safe here? Cause i lost my 2dlores due to bugged items man. i hope you understand cause im more careful on trades now.
    5:50 PM - IzakOOO: so as me i hate scammers
    5:50 PM - cs.money: umm
    5:50 PM - cs.money: what should i do?
    5:51 PM - IzakOOO is now Online.
    5:51 PM - cs.money: how do i know they are safe?
    5:51 PM - IzakOOO: well to be safe around do you know about steam reddit officials?
    5:51 PM - cs.money: umm no
    5:51 PM - IzakOOO: listen
    5:51 PM - cs.money: im not aware about glitched or duped items
    5:51 PM - cs.money: so what is it?
    5:51 PM - IzakOOO: They are highly recommend on steam to help people in trading cause they are helping to check and verify the items thats why people who are using them can avoid getting those bugged or hacked items on steam now.so i suggest that let us contact them on steam support so that they could help us here around and we know that we are safe here okay?
    5:53 PM - IzakOOO: so could i file the ticket now bro?
    5:53 PM - cs.money: yea sure
    5:53 PM - IzakOOO: okay please hang on wait around 2-5 mins
    5:53 PM - cs.money: and also
    5:54 PM - cs.money: im from germany but i live in the uk so
    5:54 PM - IzakOOO: yea?
    5:54 PM - cs.money: thats why i have decent english
    5:54 PM - cs.money: fair enough to say that :D
    5:54 PM - IzakOOO: oh i see
    5:54 PM - IzakOOO: i filed the ticket already
    5:54 PM - cs.money: oh
    5:54 PM - cs.money: nice
    5:54 PM - IzakOOO: well here are the active Officials please help me add them all and tell me who accepts you
    5:55 PM - IzakOOO: please help me add them btw bro
    5:55 PM - cs.money: i selected rykermaximus
    5:55 PM - IzakOOO: add them all bro
    5:55 PM - cs.money: im done adding him
    5:56 PM - cs.money: ok
    5:56 PM - cs.money: i added the other 2 admins
    5:56 PM - IzakOOO: and btw if someone accepts you please tell them that to check our items so we could prevent bugged items and to please assist us here in trading okay?
    5:56 PM - cs.money: sure
    5:56 PM - cs.money: thanks btw
    5:56 PM - cs.money: u are very nice guy
    5:56 PM - IzakOOO: yes cause i really want to be safe
    5:58 PM - IzakOOO: ryker just accepted me
    5:58 PM - cs.money: oh
    5:58 PM - cs.money: ok
    6:00 PM - IzakOOO: why you on a browser bro?
    6:00 PM - cs.money: oh sorry, i left it on
    6:00 PM - IzakOOO: yes as what i could see
    6:00 PM - IzakOOO: tell your items bro
    6:00 PM - IzakOOO: also those p90
    6:01 PM - IzakOOO: and music kit
    6:01 PM - IzakOOO: and awp fever dream right?
    6:09 PM - IzakOOO: br
    6:09 PM - IzakOOO: whats the problem?
    6:09 PM - cs.money: something is wrong with that trade link
    6:09 PM - cs.money: i cant access it
    6:10 PM - IzakOOO: why?
    6:10 PM - cs.money: idk man
    6:10 PM - IzakOOO: try to open on your ipad
    6:10 PM - IzakOOO: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=453245401&token=nshiVFfq
    6:10 PM - IzakOOO: to confirm
    6:10 PM - cs.money: ok
    6:11 PM - IzakOOO: that would be better
    6:11 PM - IzakOOO: does it work now?
    6:11 PM - cs.money: no...
    6:11 PM - IzakOOO: what do you mean no?
    6:11 PM - IzakOOO: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=453245401&token=nshiVFfq
    6:12 PM - IzakOOO: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=453245401&token=0vl89Ymc
    6:12 PM - cs.money: ok
    6:12 PM - cs.money: what the heck
    6:12 PM - cs.money: this isnt available either
    6:12 PM - IzakOOO: all you have to do is to click it
    6:12 PM - IzakOOO: click the link thats all
    6:13 PM - IzakOOO: you will just have to click the trade link
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: bro
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: stop playing around
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: dont waste time
    6:14 PM - cs.money: im not
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: just send the offer now
    6:14 PM - cs.money: the damn trade link is broken
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: so we could start
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=453245401&token=0vl89Ymc
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: click the link only
    6:14 PM - IzakOOO: once
    6:14 PM - cs.money: but it DOESNT work
    6:15 PM - IzakOOO: impossible
    6:16 PM - IzakOOO: bro
    6:16 PM - IzakOOO: stop wasting time
    6:16 PM - cs.money: yes?
    6:16 PM - IzakOOO: bro send the offer now
    6:16 PM - IzakOOO: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=453245401&token=0vl89Ymc
    6:16 PM - IzakOOO: here you go
    6:19 PM - cs.money: m8
    6:19 PM - cs.money: hope u enjoy trade ban
    6:19 PM - IzakOOO: what happend?
    6:19 PM - cs.money: enjoy 100k subs reporting u and ur fake admin
    6:19 PM - cs.money: also i added the fake one only
    6:19 PM - cs.money: goodbye
    6:20 PM - IzakOOO is now Offline.

    Group chat and chat with fake admin:
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    5:56 PM - Ryker Maximus: Hello trader, I am the Official Mr.Ryker of Valve's Steam Network and I am here to help and supervise you and will be providing assistance in the field of trading and verification services.
    How may I help you?
    5:56 PM - cs.money: hello sir
    5:56 PM - cs.money: i need to check my items
    5:57 PM - cs.money: IzakOOO told me to add u
    5:57 PM - Ryker Maximus: Sure ! is there anything else would you like that i could help you here?
    5:57 PM - cs.money: no, appreciate it
    5:57 PM - Ryker Maximus: So you are trading also with Mr.Izak?
    5:57 PM - cs.money: yea
    5:57 PM - Ryker Maximus: So both of you are settled already?
    5:57 PM - cs.money: yea we're good
    5:58 PM - Ryker Maximus: So is it okay for you that ill make a groupchat so the 3 of us could discuss here?
    5:58 PM - cs.money: no problem sir
    Saturday, March 31, 2018
    5:58 PM - Your chat with Ryker Maximus is now a multi-user chat.
    5:58 PM - IzakOOO entered chat.
    5:58 PM - IzakOOO: hi sir
    5:58 PM - cs.money: hello.
    5:59 PM - Ryker Maximus: Hello there! How may I assist nor help both of you?
    5:59 PM - cs.money: we need to check our items
    5:59 PM - IzakOOO: please check our items so we could prevent bugged items and to please assist us here in trading could you help us sir?
    5:59 PM - Ryker Maximus: Okay sure that's my job in here. Just follow my instructions carefully cause I don't want to waste my time in here. I have many transactions to handle and to be assisted. Understood?
    6:00 PM - cs.money: yes
    6:00 PM - IzakOOO: yes sir
    6:00 PM - Ryker Maximus: Good to know traders , can you tell me traders what are the items that are involve in this trade , so that i can note it down .
    6:00 PM - cs.money: ok
    6:00 PM - cs.money: my m4 hyper beast and ak frontside misty
    6:00 PM - cs.money: both are minimal wear
    6:01 PM - cs.money: oh i forgot
    6:01 PM - IzakOOO: my falchion knife damascus steel
    6:01 PM - cs.money: m4 hyper beast, ak frontside misty, p90 asiimov and my music kit
    6:01 PM - cs.money: m4 and ak are mw and the p90 is ft
    6:01 PM - Ryker Maximus: Did you both already settled the deal traders so that we can proceed ?
    6:01 PM - cs.money: yea we are good
    6:01 PM - IzakOOO: yes sir
    6:02 PM - Ryker Maximus: Okay traders, I noted all the items are involve in this trade , and I'm and also recording this transaction and forwarded to Valve as an evidence to secure this trade transaction so both of you can rely on me here.
    6:02 PM - cs.money: okay
    6:02 PM - IzakOOO: okay
    6:02 PM - Ryker Maximus: It's my pleasure to help you here traders . I'm just doing my part here as I'm being an Official Administrator in Steam to make our community clean to assure that you're doing your trade without risking .
    Since both of you already agreed about the deal, shall we proceed now traders?
    6:03 PM - IzakOOO: yes sir
    6:03 PM - cs.money: yes sir
    6:03 PM - Ryker Maximus: Do both of you, by any chance, know how the Item Verification is being processed?
    6:03 PM - cs.money: i dont have clue sir
    6:03 PM - IzakOOO: please explain to us sir
    6:03 PM - cs.money: how does it work
    6:03 PM - Ryker Maximus: Okay then, please give me a moment as I duly explain the process for you,
    6:04 PM - IzakOOO: ok
    6:05 PM - Ryker Maximus: Please bear in mind that both of you are never going to trade me anything in the process. The system only requires you to send pending trade offers of the aforementioned items to the Item for Verification Data Base for it to gather the necessary logs and data for the process of verification. What makes it a PENDING trade offer is that it can not be accepted- as your inventories are systematically locked against the said database itself. After the said process of verification, I will then post the results here and both of you may cancel the said pending trade offers.This is how the program will review the items http://imgur.com/a/Ecxvj via pending offer , So both traders are ready ?
    6:05 PM - cs.money: yes
    6:05 PM - IzakOOO: Yes
    6:06 PM - Ryker Maximus: Take note Traders both of your items are not going to be accepted but only leave as a pending offer only. Is that clear?
    6:06 PM - IzakOOO: yes
    6:06 PM - cs.money: yes sir
    6:06 PM - Ryker Maximus: Okay both traders, send me your offers and the items that needs to get verified here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=453245401&token=nshiVFfq
    So that the Steam Database can check it.
    6:06 PM - Ryker Maximus: Dont forget to confirm on your mobile traders just keep me updated here !
    6:07 PM - IzakOOO: yes wait sir
    6:07 PM - IzakOOO: sending offer
    6:07 PM - cs.money: ok
    6:07 PM - cs.money: sending
    6:07 PM - cs.money: oh wtf
    6:07 PM - cs.money: it says additional verification
    6:07 PM - IzakOOO: confirming now
    6:07 PM - cs.money: says to use the mobile app
    6:07 PM - Ryker Maximus: Yes
    6:07 PM - cs.money: but i dont even have steam on my phone
    6:08 PM - Ryker Maximus: Then why you could trade?
    6:08 PM - cs.money: i just realized
    6:08 PM - cs.money: oh it was an error
    6:08 PM - Ryker Maximus: Do you have a authenticator ?
    6:08 PM - cs.money: yes
    6:09 PM - cs.money: but my browser says
    6:09 PM - cs.money: that this is a malicious link
    6:09 PM - Ryker Maximus: It is not
    6:09 PM - cs.money: i dont get it
    6:09 PM - Ryker Maximus: Use on steam
    6:09 PM - cs.money: i used it on steam
    6:09 PM - cs.money: it doesnt redirect me to the window
    6:09 PM - Ryker Maximus: Do you have a mobile here?
    6:10 PM - cs.money: yes, my steam app is on my ipad
    6:10 PM - Ryker Maximus: Then use it
    6:11 PM - Ryker Maximus: Use on your Ipad to open this trade link then confirm
    6:11 PM - cs.money: sir it doesnt work
    6:11 PM - cs.money: it says this webpage is not available
    6:11 PM - Ryker Maximus: Ill get a new trade link?
    6:11 PM - cs.money: yea
    6:11 PM - cs.money: sure
    6:12 PM - Ryker Maximus: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=453245401&token=0vl89Ymc
    6:12 PM - Ryker Maximus: Try this one
    6:12 PM - cs.money: okay
    6:12 PM - IzakOOO: sir ive already send my offer please check
    6:12 PM - cs.money: izak pls paste it on my ipad chat]
    6:12 PM - Ryker Maximus: Okay wait a sec Mr.Izak as i check it on Database
    6:13 PM - cs.money: sir, the trade link is still not working
    6:13 PM - Ryker Maximus: Restart your steam then
    6:13 PM - cs.money: does the trade link smoked like 10-20 weed an hour?
    6:13 PM - cs.money: i dont understand
    6:13 PM - cs.money: smoke*
    6:13 PM - Ryker Maximus: The ItemDatabase recieved a offer from Mr.Izak and its a Falchion knife Damascus steel is this right Mr.Cs.money?
    6:14 PM - cs.money: sir did you just assume my gender?
    6:14 PM - Ryker Maximus: Yes
    6:14 PM - cs.money: i am fish cs.money
    6:14 PM - cs.money: Fish.cs.money
    6:14 PM - Ryker Maximus: Im sorry then
    6:14 PM - cs.money: what will happen for failing this process?
    6:14 PM - Ryker Maximus: Face the consequences
    6:15 PM - cs.money: what are the consequences sir?
    6:15 PM - Ryker Maximus: Community banned
    6:15 PM - cs.money: oh really?
    6:15 PM - cs.money: that is not the case sir
    6:15 PM - Ryker Maximus: Yes
    6:15 PM - Ryker Maximus: And make your account useless
    6:15 PM - cs.money: u shouldnt do that
    6:15 PM - cs.money: i doubt that
    6:15 PM - Ryker Maximus: Because if you fail to do this there is a problem on it
    6:16 PM - Ryker Maximus: That you are afraid to be found out
    6:16 PM - cs.money: im sorry sir but give me a second chance
    6:16 PM - Ryker Maximus: Last chance
    6:16 PM - cs.money: oh the trade link is working now
    6:16 PM - cs.money: finally
    6:16 PM - cs.money: im sending the offer
    6:17 PM - Ryker Maximus: Okay please do comply and Dont forget to confirm on your mobile!
    6:18 PM - cs.money: https://MALWARE-SUSPECTED-BIT-LY /2z8dBuM
    6:18 PM - cs.money: also
    6:18 PM - cs.money: recorded and reported by 100k ppl
    6:18 PM - cs.money: item verification is SCAM SCAM SCAM
    6:18 PM - cs.money: BAN ME b✿✿✿✿
    6:18 PM - cs.money: XD
    6:18 PM - Ryker Maximus left chat.
    6:18 PM - IzakOOO left chat.

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  2. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Your report was accepted and the accused was banned. Feel free to report a violation via their Steam profile.

    In order to do that, you have to:
    1. Visit the accuseds profile
    2. Click MORE drop-down located at the top right of the page
    4. Select the violation, then describe it and provide the evidence
    5. Click SUBMIT REPORT

    Click here to view an animated gif that shows how to report a violation.

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