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Accepted Report: 76561198442082928 - ([DOTA2] Dota2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Isacc, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Isacc

    Isacc New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Gambling] Fake gambling website
    Virtual item type involved: [DOTA2] Dota2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198442082928

    Victim profile: 76561198028512119

    What happened? Description:
    He will ask you to gamble on his really csgo wheel gambling site. He will give you a promo code for 30$ then tell you to bet all of it on a color of the wheel next turn. He will alter the odds to be in your favor and you will win a lot of points. After this he will ask you to buy him a csgo knife. Next he will say you can only withdraw from this site if you deposit 10$ worth of steam items. BUT that is a lie your items will still be frozen and he will ask you to pay a small 5% commission to the site from your winnings. You will get a trade request for your whole inventory after this.​

    Provide Evidence:

    ADMIN: I do not need to lie to u for $ 10, when I can get $ 600
    Isacc: theres no ways to get my items back once you steal them
    ADMIN: do not worry, I'll return all your items to you back
    better I'll give them back to you than they'll get to my boss, right?)
    Isacc: your dumb russian ass will say OPPS GLITCH
    Isacc: and run off
    Isacc: I already gave you guys 10$ worth of my inventory
    Isacc: i will happily give you my stuff after i get one item from you guys
    Isacc: even a dollar one
    ADMIN: if u afraid - ask people on the chat
    Isacc: but until that
    Isacc: people in chat are in on the scam im not a dumbass
    Isacc: I already let you steal 10$
    Isacc: worth of my stuff
    ADMIN: bro
    ADMIN: just confirm trade and u can withraw items
    Isacc: Look "bro" I already gave you 10$ in a trade that already went through.
    Isacc: You give me a item of lesser value of 10$
    Isacc: or
    Isacc: I tell everyone about your scam
    Isacc: Ill find your boss
    Isacc: and I will f✿✿✿ with him
    Isacc: Ill even ask to get you fired for giving me over 3000$ in free money
    Isacc: so my request is simple
    Isacc: give me MY items back. the 10$ worth
    ADMIN: i can't
    Isacc: or let me Withdraw 1 item
    ADMIN: not accese
    Isacc: and ill give you my whole backpack
    Isacc: mother f✿✿✿✿er
    Isacc: YOU just requested all my stuff
    Isacc: you made a bot do that
    Isacc: dont play stupid with me
    Isacc: Your site asked me to pay 10$ to withdraw. I PAYED THAT I have history proof of it
    ADMIN: dude i can't get back ur items now
    Isacc: now do you want to have a problem here
    Isacc: Enable my account to withdraw
    Isacc: or you lost a customer
    Isacc: YOU took my stuff
    Isacc: If you cant get it back
    Isacc: ill just report you
    Isacc: and your scam since you cant prove its honesty

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  2. ЩĄ | Horse

    ЩĄ | Horse Wicked Afterlife Owner Retired Staff Partner Community

    SteamRep Admin:
    Your report was accepted and the accused was banned. Feel free to report a violation via their Steam profile.

    In order to do that, you have to:
    1. Visit the accuseds profile
    2. Click MORE drop-down located at the top right of the page
    4. Select the violation, then describe it and provide the evidence
    5. Click SUBMIT REPORT

    Click here to view an animated gif that shows how to report a violation.
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