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Completed: Friends RLTracker.pro

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Manatee, Mar 29, 2019.

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    Basic Information:

    Community name: RLTracker.pro
    Community website: https://rltracker.pro/
    Location: Servers: Germany -- Most of community is NA.
    Languages spoken: Assistant Manager is fluent in German, I speak moderate Spanish.
    Size of community:
    Discord: 20,000 ; Reputation system: 154,814 Site: Unknown exact, last number I saw was a few hundred thousand unique visits -- only owner has access to this traffic stat.​


    Main website: https://rltracker.pro/
    Scam reports: https://rltracker.pro/scam_list
    Ban appeals:
    Other related websites and API usage:

    Staff and groups:

    Steam group:
    Admin group:
    Staff ID blocks:


    What are your community's policies on scamming & scamming-related activities?
    Scamming is absolutely not tolerated. Scamming, when reported with adequate proof, leads to a conviction on our scam list. Our list is connected with our discord bot -- which is currently in roughly 8,000 servers and covers around 154,000 users. Our bot also covers our reputation system. The bot scans the discord servers and administers bans on convicted users.

    If proof is not conclusive but indicative that the user is potentially acting with malice, the user may be listed as suspect on the list, which may or may not lead to a ban on various trading servers, depending on the policies of each individual server.

    Users acting to assist, harbor/aid, or conspire with scammers, or act on their behalf are also added to the list. There are many forms of scamming, and we add for all of them, as long as proof is beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Staff from various RL communities assist us in reporting scammers so that malicious users are not able to island jump from server to server and cause harm. Once reported, and if convicted, virtually all servers are safe from this user.​

    API usage:

    Why does your community wish to exchange banners and become a Friend of SteamRep?
    RLTracker.pro has always sought to create a safe environment for trading, team finding, and community. Since trading was released, we have worked to protect users in the community from scammers to the best of our ability. We feel that we can further extend our hand and resources, and assist the greater community of SteamRep, whilst helping to protect ours. RLTracker.pro has always stood for community and coalition efforts to protect each other and we stand by that.​

    Tell us more about your community:
    RLTracker.pro was originally created, as you can likely guess by the name, as the first dedicated RL stats tracking website. As of right now, we are the number one dedicated RL tracking site on the web. Trading was released in 2016 for RL, and since then, we have run our database for convicted and suspect scammers. Trades on our site can be found here: https://rltracker.pro/trades

    Trading, whilst popular on web platforms, is arguably more popular on Discord servers due to ease of use. Our bot, which runs in tandem with the site and database, is used by roughly 8,000 servers for security, rank tracking, and our reputation system. The rep system has registered 154,814 users and continues to grow. We monitor reputation for validity. Servers are only enabled with reputation features if we approve their server, around 10 are enabled.

    As of right now, our mission continues to be to provide a free, helpful service to the community, whether they simply wish to look up their stats on Rocket League, check if someone is a scammer, check someone's trading reputation, among other things. We strive to seek community coalition efforts with other entities in the community so that the RL community as a whole continues to grow and be safe.​

    Questions or Comments:
    Thank you for your consideration.

    I am happy to provide more information upon request.

    *We do not currently have steam groups to avoid impersonation. Scam list appeals are taken directly by management, or with the site team. We are revamping our appeal process for efficiency.​

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