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Scam involving Roulette

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Ching Chow, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Ching Chow

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  2. Horse

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Not sure what "d" means but if you are wanting to post a report you clearly know how to do so you've done a few already.
  3. Ching Chow

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    Is there any place that we can report users that attempt this scam on us? I was smart enough to avoid but want to warn others. The user involved in this was Jeeper Creeper (steam id 76561198857347076) and this is how the scam works if it runs the entire course:
    The domain seems to be changing (currently 'TF2Aqua' , but basically:
    A guy adds you asking you to promote his TF2 item-roulette gambling website.
    He offers to 'fix' matches for you, winning you items as payment for your advertising
    You open the website. It's a websocket-based app (meaning the scam code is actually hosted elsewhere, and events are delivered to your browser by the server - a clever way to feign legitimacy).
    He asks you to choose a winner in the current pot, and hey presto, your demand is met. Congratulations, you're both criminals!
    He repeats 4) a few times until he has your trust.
    The overall goal is for you to participate in the game yourself. The minimum 'withdrawal' period is 2 wins, so basically you have to give them some of your items with no consequence in order to play
    You actually appear to win a few
    The instant you try to withdraw (or call them out), you're blocked.
    The convincing part is they have actual Steam integration, and the chat itself is actually legimitately "live" - there are a few poor people asking about being scammed, however the majority of people are either robots, or the scammers themselves fake-responding to things.

    I have screen shots of the attempt and can post...

    Any advice appreciated so that others don't get burned.

  4. Enstage

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    Yes, this is a common scam. Report it in the same place you've reported scams before, just remember to report the original user, and include any other involved users in the report.