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Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by SKILLit, Apr 20, 2020.

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    Do not trade with this guy,he scammed me out of my knife (navaja blue steel-bs).He offered me paypal for it,73.90usd to be more exact,and because i didn't have a good "cash rep" he said that i should go first.And so I did, he had a very good reputation and explained to me why he was steam rep banned,so i trusted him.He explained to me a bunch of things about trading and stuff too and even spent time with me telling me what skins I should get for the money - he looked very legit to me.He also wanted my m4a1-s decimator st - ft but in the end i decided not to trade it - with it he would have sent me 81 usd mainly.So I told him I dont want to trade it anymore and we agreed to only trade the knife for the price mentioned.He said that as soon as he recevies the trade he will send the money to my paypal but of course that didn't happen.He then said that he made a mistake thinking that i will send my m4 after too for that price which from there it became very sketchy to me - why would he accept the trade in the first place if he knew it was wrong? Then he raised up his price from 81 for both my knife and my m4 up to 86 but at that point i already knew i got scammed so I ended up not accepting it.I kept getting my price down from 73.90 so that perhaps he would send me some money for it after all but he didnt want that either.He kept lying to me that he is in the bus ,going to get some food just to make me stop texting him probably.He also told me that he is going to send my the knife back on the 28th but I don't think that will happen.
    What can I do now?
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    SteamRep Admin:
    This is not the place to make accusations or a report.
    I've hidden that users info block and ID for that reason.

    That user was also already tagged/banned here TWICE - therefore nothing more will be done to them on this site.
    Report them to Valve instead.

    In the meantime and for the future we highly suggest you check users out better before dealing with them, this may have helped you had you seen they were already tagged here.
    A quick google search of any users ID64 would yield those results and perhaps more.