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Declined scrap.tf

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Geel9, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Chaos

    Chaos Retired Staff

    I think the community has chimed in enough here. I'm locking this thread until we've come up with our official decision.
  2. DataStorm

    DataStorm Retired Staff

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us. Currently, though, SteamRep is not ready to affiliate with scrap.tf.

    We're open to this in the future, though. Ultimately, we need to see less scrap.tf drama for many months and more professionalism overall by scrap.tf admins. Concerns like craft-number bots and backpack scanners aren't welcome by the trading communities we serve. SteamRep isn't comfortable associating with that kind of behavior. After scrap.tf admins can show they are able to move forward with more reputable behaviors then, later on, we'll be happy to work with you even closer.

    When you apply again, we'd also like confirmation that your bots/services are using the SR API to prevent trading/profiting off of scammers and hijackers.

    Scrap.tf is a popular site and everyone is very pleased that you are willing to help stop scammers and hijackers. Hopefully we can work together more down the road.
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