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So how does my steamrep increase

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by DuffCreeper, May 30, 2013.

  1. DuffCreeper

    DuffCreeper New User

    I have wondered about increasing my rep but not known how to do it...
    How do I increase my rep rep.png
  2. Ryahn

    Ryahn New User

  3. Skyrider

    Skyrider Retired Staff Partner Community

    SteamRep Admin:
    The only way to enhance the reputation is to be a:

    - Middleman
    - Community Admin
    - Trusted Seller

    Of which are not easily obtainable. In addition:


    Of which is a SteamREP donator, more information about that can be found here: http://steamrep.com/donator.php

    But do remember that even if you'd donate, it would not increase the trust towards the donated user whatsoever.
  4. Ryahn

    Ryahn New User


    Pretty much what I said but in more detail <3
  5. Penguin The Fluffy

    Penguin The Fluffy Articus Birdicus Defenderus Retired Staff

    Having no rep on here isn't a bad thing and there is no increasing your rep so to speak. No rep is neutral rep. The green shields are for people that work with communities that are affiliated with SR and determined to be trusted by SR. The only way I would say you could "increase" your rep is the be hired by one of the communities or to become a trusted seller through SOP (Not an easy but not impossible)

    Here's the breakdown of the tags on the site and what they are for:
    • SR DONATOR - Traders that support the cause by donating cash or items to SR (Does not make you any more reputable than a neutral no rep trader. This is just an indicator that you have helped financially support the site)
    • ADMIN - Admin belonging to the respective communities.
    • VALVE EMPLOYEE - An employee of VALVe.
    • MIDDLEMAN - Proved to the community that they can be trusted to middleman trades.
    • SOP TRUSTED SELLER - Belongs to the SOP Trusted Seller group.
    • CAUTION - Shady or deceptive trading behavior, but not a major offense.
    • VALVE PROBATION - You are on VALVe trade probation.
    • BANNED BY VALVE - You have been trade banned by VALVe.
    • SCAMMER - You were found to be guilty of one or many of the following:
      1. Trading with known scammers (see below)
      2. Charge-back or Reversal
      3. Quick-switching items
      4. Receiving the item and not paying
      5. Providing or soliciting fake reputation claims ("fake rep")
      6. Using fake middleman
      7. Impersonating with intent to scam or abuse reputation
      8. Spycrabbing and then not paying
      9. Accomplice to a scammer (ignorance is not an excuse)
      10. Brokering (selling on behalf of) scammers and scammed items
      11. Hijacking or hacking other traders (also includes phishing)
      12. Alternate account of a tagged scammer
      13. Falsifying evidence to SteamRep
      14. Using game or Steam exploits to profit on trades
      15. Anything that is deemed as deceptive or fraudulent trade activity by SteamRep admins
  6. Nathan Cash

    Nathan Cash New User

    As long as you don't have Caution, Probation, or a Scammer tag, having neutral rep will not affect you at all. Stay neutral my friend :).
  7. DuffCreeper

    DuffCreeper New User

    Thanks for the help guys

    creepy scout also thanks for the help