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Steam tips and guides of avoiding scams.

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by Brony_Kitten, Aug 25, 2012.

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    My personal guide from common sense and experiences.
    This guide is to help new or old users that are having trouble with these things thinking that they are legitimate or fake. The answers will be in this thread.
    I hope that this guide helps some people to not fall into a scam like the ones featured in the text below..

    Note the word: Free. Nothing in the world is free. Get used to it. Unless it's from a trusted friend in real life or from a giveaway from a trusted group, Never ever click on these links. They will hijack your steam account even on clicking it sometimes. Most sites pretend to act like they are a legitimate steam community page. Which they arn't. So never, EVER sign up for these. Even with a fake password and email.

    Ever heard the saying: *Read the fine print*? Well this is exactly going for links from websites or when you are about to use your money to buy something on a website. It may be highlighted in extremely small letters. If you can't read it, just google it. Or you can copy, and paste the words into the URL link and read exactly what it says.
    Some sites might charge your credit card monthly. With a very small print that says *Apon transaction will require a monthly transaction of 10$USD a month.* Use your brain. Google and the search button. Ask about certain websites your buying CD-Key's from or steam codes.

    So congradulations! You've unboxed your very first unusual or expensive hat/misc. Now what to do with it? The choice is yours: If you like it, you can keep it! If you don't and would like to trade it, there are some sites out there.
    And others that I dont really want to list.
    BEFORE TRADING, MAKE SURE THAT YOU KNOW THE EXACT PRICES FOR YOUR UNUSUAL OR ITEM THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO SELL. It would be unwise to sell an unusual for 3 refined metal, only to find out later that it's worth 10+ earbuds.
    Also, people lowball. Alot. Lowballing is trying to get the lowest price possible out of you. *example, a flies heavy unusual for a Solider's stash with sunbeams.*
    There is also sharkers.
    Sharkers are a form of scammers in TF2 that tend to aim for new/clueless players with rare items that they have no idea what the price for it is. They will try and act like they are getting the better deal. But in the end, they arn't. Only to get the lowest deal possible.
    Be careful for these people. They will add people that have a small amount of playtime with a rare item. So if your a new user with a rare item, be alert! Know your prices!

    So that concludes this guide. I hope this helps some people in their TF2 trading, and the community.