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Steamrep just saved my steam keys : )

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by kebhow, May 8, 2013.

  1. kebhow

    kebhow New User

    so I posted a thread on steamtrades a few days ago consisted of some lame but legit steam and desura keys. This idiot added me and wanted to trade my zen bound 2 for his forge (a gift in his inventory). I think this is like way to good to be true. so I opened steamrep, enter his id, and voila, what a dickhead he is. here's our chatlog.

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Timmy: hi
    Timmy: i saw your steam trades and added u what did u had again
    kebhow: wait a sec
    kebhow: damn steamtrades is down
    Timmy: :(
    kebhow: are you interested in my steam or desura keys?
    Timmy: what do u have for steam keys
    kebhow: ibomber defense pacific, zen bound 2, and pid
    Timmy: do u have paypal
    kebhow: yes
    Timmy: ok what do u think about Amnesia for 5$ ?
    kebhow: what? I don't have amnesia
    Timmy: i mena if u had paypal
    Timmy: u can buy of me i have many gifts
    Timmy: i can make a better price if u want
    kebhow: I'm confused. so what keys do you want from me? all those 3?
    Timmy: yeah me too but if u have 2 dollar paypal u can buy games from me or we can trade
    Timmy: keys for keys
    kebhow: okay I'll check your inventory first then
    Timmy: can u see my inventory
    kebhow: yes
    Timmy: good :)
    kebhow: the only thing that interests me is forge
    Timmy: can u give 5 for it ?
    kebhow: I'd rather we trade. any of my keys you want for it?
    Timmy: Zen Bound + Pid ?
    Timmy: hmm Forge + Legendary for zen bound + pid
    Timmy: are u there ?
    kebhow: hm
    Timmy: or Forge for zen bound
    kebhow: okay let's do that forge for zen bound
    Timmy: do u go first so i can try your key ?
    kebhow: what's your rep on steamtrades?
    Timmy: 12
    kebhow: aren't you a scammer?
    Timmy: im not a scammer
    kebhow: well it's on your steamrep page
    kebhow: http://steamrep.com/search?q=http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030778591/
    kebhow: hahahahahahahahaha
    Timmy is now Offline.

    here's the dickhead's steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030778591/

    I saw that he's already banned, so thank you very much steamrep for saving that key today (it's still lame, I know). and just want to say to everybody out there be cautious when trading !!!
  2. Nathan Cash

    Nathan Cash New User

    A lot of time once someone gets scammed, they continue to scam at a greater rate as they "have nothing to lose". I'm glad there is a site like steamrep as they have helped users save themselves from fraudulent trades like you.
  3. Sari

    Sari Helpful Member

    It's just a shame that a lot of people don't know about steamrep. As a lot of times, when someone trades with someone intending to scam them, they might not be aware that the person they are trading with is a marked scammer, and they will usually get scammed.

    Also, while I'm glad steamrep saved the day, I think it would be good if you reported this user for his attempted scam in the report a scam section. Because although he's already marked, this attempted scam would count as another offense for him, making it harder for him to appeal his scammer tag.
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  4. kebhow

    kebhow New User

    I will do that : )
  5. VenGanZa

    VenGanZa User

    Nice to hear of someone who found SR "before" they got bitten :)
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