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SteamRep; unjust moderation.

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Ultimate PC Master, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Ultimate PC Master Banned on SteamRep

    *Since this is likely to be hidden, archived, deleted, locked etc. atleast read the whole thing. *
    Good day SteamRep users,
    I would like to point out the flaws in which SteamRep handle things. This might be removed, archived, or even deleted making my point right.

    Let us start

    SteamRep is a anti fraudulent site that helps user to avoid certain persons that they marked and to help user to avoid getting scammed.

    I have been marked as SR Banned on SteamRep, this has come to my attention when I was opening my Steam account on my browser which has the SteamRep Checker extension, upon opening my account a red warning welcomed me. (WARNING SCAMMER)

    I was flustered and got angry why? my last trade was 2 weeks ago (and the last one was on July) and it was nothing big, not even close to $100. it was a few items from Dota 2 which I bought from a guy. I was an avid trader back then and I always and I mean ALWAYS check their SteamRep profile no matter how much the item value is. I even reported scammers attempting to scam me.

    So I checked the forums and even SteamRep.com how they manage to ban me or such. They SR banned me for being an ALT ACCOUNT of someone. I was like #[email protected][email protected]# I have been using this account for almost 5 years now, I have no idea who the person was, and as I did my investigation, my "alternate" account has multiple alternate accounts linked to him. How am I even connected to these people? they aren't even in my friends list. and I haven't traded with a scammer EVER.

    I filed an appeal to my case, and after several attempts an admin reviewed my case and marked my appeal as Under Investigation. Now, I wanna ask the community how long will it take? What are the process of it and how in the world did I ever got linked with an unknown impersonator.

    I was celebrating the other day because my Dota 2 account reached its 5,000 hours and I was thinking of creating a small channel on YT and maybe stream, but I don't think its a good idea to stream or create content with a SR banned account.

    How do they handle and accuse and tag such user? Do they have evidence? What are their grounds for tagging me? They instructed me to wait, and gave me their Appeal Guide Section 16. I am impatient and I want this to be resolved or at least given a time or a date simply because I didn't do anything and am innocent of all the charges and yet I have been marked. How? "Anti-Fraudulent"

    this is my post from; https://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/do8iex/how_long_does_steamrep_under_investigation_last/

    Okay the flaws I saw was solely based on my rejected appeal, this is why I am "bitter" and this is my stand why the said ban is unjust.

    [1] "If you are banned for being a alt of some account, you need to explain in your appeal exactly who the linked alt is, your relation with it, how you know that person, etc. If you do not know the account, you may have to explain where you used your account where others could also use theirs. Try including schedule/dates for that."

    [2] "We do so many appeals, have to handle so much dirt, that we really do not need more negative stuff added to it in our conversations regarding those. We try to be respectful, but we're still human. Treat us respectful and a lot more is possible. We're volunteers, all admins have the instruction if such happens to cut the communication with such and move on. Most of us have a thick skin, so a bit of bad language is often not a problem, but I'll still not "advice" to do so.

    [3] "Regarding accuracy, all bans are required to have evidence. If there is no evidence, or not complete (basically: Transaction of money if applicable, trade agreement in chat/site, steam trade history so all sides of the trade are known), such a ban will be removed on appeal. We and our partner communities (like reddit partners) try everything to prevent unjust tags, and those will be addressed asap when we get aware of them. We're still human tho, mistakes are being made sometimes. But with all the reviews in the last 6 years, there where only a handful that where unjustifiable due evidence lacking or issues with tagging. Mistakes, they happen from time to time and are often corrected as soon as found out."

    [4] "SteamRep is NOT affiliated with Steam/Valve, we have no working relation in that regards either. Our bans are community bans often used by our friend and partner communities to keep their communities and sites clean of scammers, to have less load of reports by scammers abusing their users, and partners help us out in tagging by banning the scammers within our guidelines."

    "1. Be honest.
    Lying to an appeal admin will end up in the appeal being Instantly denied.

    Lets define lying:
    • Factual lying.
    • Intentionally omitting information (leaving out details that we would be interested in, or even directly asked for)
    • Implying something else then the truth.
    • Faking any form of evidence.
    • Guessing about it. If you don't remember, SAY SO, better that then some that doesn't match what we found.
    This is often misunderstood. When we ask questions, we usually know the answers already. When answers mismatch with what we know, we investigate further and establish that you where lying or telling the truth. Any admin that does appeals has more then enough experience with countless people that lied to them, they really will find out. Don't dig yourself a hole you cant come out of, just tell the truth, its easier for both you and us. When we find out about just one lie, the appeal is already denied. A good portion of denied appeals is just about this, we found a lie."
    I am banned for being an alt. "Anti-fraudulent site" I have been framed by a site that I solely look up to. I see a lot of flaws regarding to my appeal;
    A.) The admin didn't ask questions aside from "who is this" twice.
    B.) The admin judged and directly pointed out I am a scammer; because I was linked to these accounts. With no prior evidence of the claim he was trying to make.

    -2. I respect the site. I respect the site's reputation. But in return I manage to get banned by the site, you on the other hand have shown no respect to a particular user, me. Directly calling me a scammer without the issue being resolved or lack of evidence. Respect is earned and SteamRep has earned mine and I still respect the site.(except the one handling my appeal)

    -3. Inaccurate judgement. The admin handling my appeal was very much likely in a hurry and I can consider him unjust, no proof or evidence was there an my appeal was still marked Rejected without even asking me for more information or waiting for my reply he simply marked me red.

    -4. I have no problem with SteamRep's tag, except one. I cannot join TF2 community servers, etc.
    I joined Steam for free upgraded my account, bought trading cards to level up my account, saved up real money from mediocre jobs to buy games. The hours I had and the items I have will be put to nothing. I asked certain communities about this and here's what a user said;
    "Then make a new account and use it.

    Steam's free. TF2 is free. I see no problem here. If people are inclined to read that idiotic site and claim that it's legit, that's their problem - why would you want to be playing on their server if that's what they look for?"'

    Simply creating an alternate account would just result in being tagged as alt to my account.

    -5. Obviously I have read the article before filing an appeal and lying is the last thing I would do, in fact I might get even sued for perjury for lying about simple facts.

    In conclusion, SteamRep needs to update their policy, investigations and their time in looking up cases and reviewing cases and handling cases.
    • Since my appeal has been rejected, If possible I'd like to re appeal and provide ALL my Trade History, Friends list, Inventory proving once and for all that I never attempted to scam or even attempted/ to trade with one.
    • I demand/request a Just trial or a Just investigation regarding the unjust tagging to my account.
    • The said ban or tag has caused impact to my reputation in our university (I am semi pro dota player) which caused me to be removed from my local team.
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