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They're everywhere.

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Suparmon, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Suparmon

    Suparmon New User

    Every single time I bump my trades on lounge this happens:

    Although 90% of them are banned they are so persistent, that the same person sometimes attempts multiple scams under different names and accounts :X

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    HASOON: hello
    Suparmon: hi
    HASOON: it's about your knife?
    HASOON: are you still trading it?
    Suparmon: y
    HASOON: what's the best offer you got so far?
    Suparmon: bayonet case hardened/karambit scorched/karambit safari mesh
    Suparmon: that's so far
    HASOON: I see
    HASOON: can you check my stuffs?
    HASOON: I got decent knives and skins you might be intersted in
    HASOON: what do you have in mind?
    HASOON: I am willing to overpay if necessary
    Suparmon: u have nice 1mil inventory lol
    HASOON: aha
    Suparmon: u can overpay with 900$?
    HASOON: lol man
    HASOON: I can overpay but not extremely much Lo
    Suparmon: u have this knife 3 times
    Suparmon: you collector?
    Suparmon: i give you mine for 900$
    Suparmon: it's ok?
    HASOON: yes, collecting knives
    HASOON: lol man, sorry
    HASOON: $900 is too much :p
    Suparmon: what u ofer
    HASOON: what do you have in mind?
    Suparmon: ok karambit ultraviolet bs
    Suparmon: it's 10$ overpay
    Suparmon: ok?
    HASOON: http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/6012330436/?l=english&o_url=TheOnlyHASOON

    Suparmon: yh
    HASOON: I Can add http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/6965681380/?l=english&o_url=TheOnlyHASOON

    HASOON: ww
    HASOON: 2:1 for your knife
    Suparmon: sure
    HASOON: so I will be overpaying 10% of the average price
    HASOON: inspect them bro
    Suparmon: yeah im fine with them
    HASOON: so my Karambit Ultraviolet BS and AK case Hardened for your Btfk crimson web 2:1?
    Suparmon: y
    HASOON: okay, I'm down for it as well
    HASOON: here's my trade offer link
    HASOON: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=136088514&token=kNUNUTZ7
    Suparmon: ok i sent offer
    Suparmon: u there?
    HASOON: yeah, just need to finish a trade with reddit sec
    Suparmon: ok np
    HASOON: aight, all good let me check your offer
    HASOON: okay, I see it
    HASOON: but before I confirm this, I need to make sure first that we are trading clean items here
    HASOON: not those stolen or bugged ones , have you encounter or heard about this man?
    Suparmon: yes everday
    HASOON: so you traded with a reddit moderator already?
    Suparmon: 3-4 times a day
    HASOON: or familiar bout them?
    Suparmon: yes
    Suparmon: i have clive
    Suparmon: in my friend
    Suparmon: i add him>?
    HASOON: okay I see, well, reddit moderators are the person that comprhends with steam to help traders avoid being tricked or decieved in a trade
    HASOON: oh I sorry, I don;t deal with a friend of yours or mine involve, since I got tricked by it, and lost a big pot of money
    Suparmon: but they not my friend
    Suparmon: https://steamrep.com/list/M
    Suparmon: it's from here
    HASOON: I wanted to make this trade safe and fair for both of of us here and our items, with a reddit moderator, it it okay with you we can hire one of them here to help us?
    HASOON: most of the steamrep middleman are fake, that;s why I need to make sure first
    HASOON: can you give me the link ?
    Suparmon: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197982522773
    HASOON: so you're friends with him?
    Suparmon: yes
    Suparmon: i call him on phone?
    Suparmon: or u call?
    HASOON: so, you know him in real life?
    Suparmon: yes
    HASOON: I don't know him
    Suparmon: who you know
    HASOON: try and call him?
    HASOON: if he can help us
    Suparmon: no it's ok u can invite
    Suparmon: i trust you
    HASOON: I am fine with any moderator
    HASOON: you can't call him right now man?
    Suparmon: he's from us
    Suparmon: sleeping right now
    HASOON: oh ;/
    HASOON: let me see if I can find one
    HASOON: So the deal here is my kara and ak right?
    Suparmon: y
    HASOON: where are you from btw ?
    Suparmon: nl
    HASOON: check here
    HASOON: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RuiAdministrator
    HASOON: the reddit is only
    HASOON: online*
    HASOON: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SnowLife-_/
    HASOON: I added
    HASOON: waiting for a responce
    Suparmon: he will scam us
    Suparmon: he is ban
    HASOON: what?
    Suparmon: find other
    HASOON: I found it on etherfast group
    Suparmon: they scam
    HASOON: let me check
    HASOON: oh yeah he's ban
    Suparmon: ;/\
    HASOON: but just from fortess of gamers/
    HASOON: ?
    HASOON: sec, the reddit accepted me
    Suparmon: ok
    HASOON: I will try and talk to him to see if it's trustworthy
    HASOON: sec
    Suparmon: 1sec too
    Suparmon: i need go feed cow
    Suparmon: i sell milk
    Suparmon: 1 min ok?
    HASOON: oh I see
    HASOON: okay , still talking to him
    HASOON: okay, I agreed with the reddit
    HASOON: he explained to me about the fortress of gamer ban, and I see it made sense, I'm willing to do the trade here with him , how about you?
    Suparmon: im back qe cow is porq fine
    Suparmon: yes
    Suparmon: it's ok baneo fortress
    Suparmon: i trust
    HASOON: well, I can assure that it's 80% that this trade will goes fine and smooth, if the reddit will scam us 20% possible, I am willing to repay you here
    HASOON: I will invite the reddit with us okay?
    Suparmon: yes
    Your chat with HASOON is now a multi-user chat.
    Rui entered chat.
    HASOON: hello
    Rui: Good day traders!
    Rui: So, what's the deal here?
    HASOON: we needed your help for item checking and I'm willing to pay the fees here
    Suparmon: yes
    Rui: I am willing to help as long as both parties will participate and there will be no objections i am informed by?
    Rui: Which and which items are involve in this deal?
    HASOON: csgo
    HASOON: my Karambit ultraviolet bs and ak case hardened ww
    Rui: How about Suparmon?
    Suparmon: oo porq me butterfly knif crimson webs
    Rui: So both traders agreed to this deal already?
    Suparmon: ok?
    HASOON: yes
    Suparmon: yes
    Rui: I will be recording this transaction for evidence to steam that you both hired me here for service and for proofs as well
    HASOON: I am taking screenshots ^^^
    Suparmon: i am stream this
    Suparmon: we afe
    Suparmon: safe
    Rui: I will be checking both your items for 2 mins, once I verified it, I will be returning it back to you at the same time using this account of mine, undersood?
    Suparmon: i trade you this account ?
    Rui: There wil be no reason for me to steal your items, as I handle trades much more expensive than what you are dealing right now, and I never inteded to steal those, are we clear?
    HASOON: I understand
    Rui: Yes, both of you Hasoon
    Rui: So traders, ready to proceed now?
    HASOON: I'm good
    Suparmon: wait
    Suparmon: need medicine qe cow
    Suparmon: 2 min
    Suparmon: ok?
    Suparmon: injection
    Suparmon: cow inspection police com
    Suparmon: 2 min
    Rui: If you have any questions regarding this trade agreement, message me in private
    Rui: Please be timesaver traders, I got other clients waiting for my service
    HASOON: im good and ready, waiting for my trade partner
    Suparmon: ok
    Suparmon: u want see screenshot of qe knife?
    Rui: So, are you ready now Suparmon?
    Rui: I will be checking both your items through trade using this account of mine for 2mins, once I checked it, I will be returning it back to you, are we clear here?
    Suparmon: si qe cow is bien good
    Rui: Both of you send me offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=336488123&token=FJ-QugVk
    Rui: I will be accepting both offers at the same time, so I can return it back at the same time as well
    HASOON: okok sec
    Suparmon: ok i send too just pc slow wait few min
    Rui: Keep me updates, and don't forget to confirm on your mobile
    HASOON: need to confirm on my mobile sec
    HASOON: okay done
    HASOON: sent
    HASOON: all good
    Rui: Let me check
    Rui: Okay, I see your offer, Karambit Ultraviolet BS and Ak case hardened , is this right Suparmon?
    HASOON: that's our deal
    Rui: Suparmon, waiting for your offer, so I can proceed in checking both your items
    Suparmon: few sec i need confirm mobil
    Rui: Please be timesaver trader, I got other things to handle afterwards
    Rui: Tell me once you sent it so I can cehck
    Rui: check*
    HASOON: see my offer?
    Rui: Yes, keep your offer pending, I am waiting for Suparmon's offer, as I will be accepting both offers at the same time for your fair in trading here
    HASOON: ok
    HASOON: ....
    Rui: Suparmon, any updates?
    Rui: Trader?
    Suparmon: wait porq
    Suparmon: phone slow
    HASOON: sec sir please
    Suparmon: connextion
    Rui: Please be timesaver
    HASOON: i dont think my trade partner will continue here
    HASOON: but I can wait /
    Suparmon: Make Offer
    There was an error sending your trade offer. Please try again later. (26)
    Suparmon: help
    Suparmon: this what it say
    Suparmon: i try 50 time
    Suparmon: :(
    Rui: I added you as friend
    Rui: accept my requests
    Suparmon: i did
    Suparmon: i try send again
    Rui: I sent you an offer , accept and cofirm on your mobile, so I can do my job in checking here
    Rui: check your pending offers trader
    Suparmon: where is
    Suparmon: karambit and ak in offer?
    Suparmon: or u check?
    Rui: No, I will be checking both your items, once I checked it, I will return it back to you, then you will do the trade
    Rui: Understood?
    Suparmon: oo porq or desban si si no problem
    Suparmon: how long
    Suparmon: u check?
    Rui: 2 mins sharp
    Suparmon: i need go buy food for cow
    Suparmon: u can wait 5 min?
    Rui: After I checked for 2 mins, then you can trade with Hasoon
    Suparmon: si
    Rui: I sent you offer trader, accept and confirm on your mobile so I can start checking
    Suparmon: Okay guys, that was fun.
    ^ Trolling

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  2. Suparmon

    Suparmon New User

    Here's more, this one just happened:

    Xaxaxaxaxai is now Online.
    Xaxaxaxaxai: karambit night ft
    Suparmon: yeah that's fine with me
    Xaxaxaxaxai: ok but can i have assurance>?
    Xaxaxaxaxai: you won't send first but i need assurance .
    Xaxaxaxaxai: i just want to be sure you won't troll me or backout on our trade while im buying the knife on opskins.
    Xaxaxaxaxai: so do you have any personal friends on steam that can assure me here so i won't hesitate here.
    Suparmon: nah
    Suparmon: i have only 9 friends
    Suparmon: noone online
    Xaxaxaxaxai: you don't have any personal friends on steam?
    Suparmon: it's 4am here
    Xaxaxaxaxai: its okay if there off
    Xaxaxaxaxai: but you have?
    Suparmon: yeah
    Suparmon: but they are off
    Xaxaxaxaxai: who's your personal friends on steam?
    Suparmon: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031720875/
    Suparmon: it's my best friend
    Suparmon: but he haven't played from 5 years
    Xaxaxaxaxai: others?
    Xaxaxaxaxai: thats still playing
    Xaxaxaxaxai: karambit doppler fn
    Suparmon: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198153239012/
    Xaxaxaxaxai: phase 1
    Xaxaxaxaxai: oh lol
    Xaxaxaxaxai: wrong chat
    Suparmon: but this one is sleeping
    Your chat with Xaxaxaxaxai is now a multi-user chat.
    Somebody. entered chat.
    Xaxaxaxaxai: hey
    Xaxaxaxaxai: somebody
    Xaxaxaxaxai: and suparmon?
    Xaxaxaxaxai: hey
    Xaxaxaxaxai: ?
    Somebody.: yes?
    Suparmon: hi
    Xaxaxaxaxai: suparmon
    Suparmon: why my friend
    Suparmon: doesn't speak
    Xaxaxaxaxai: can your friend hold your knife for me to be sure you won't troll me or backout on our trade while im buying the knife on opskins
    Suparmon: my language?
    Suparmon: he is sleeping dude
    Suparmon: u hacked his acc?
    Xaxaxaxaxai: after i see it on your friends inventory i buy the karambit night ft
    Xaxaxaxaxai: what?
    Xaxaxaxaxai: hacked?
    Suparmon: why
    Suparmon: is he talking english
    Suparmon: he doesn't know engish
    Suparmon: wtf
    Somebody.: wat je wilt?
    Suparmon: lmao
    Suparmon: wtf
    Suparmon: looooooooooooool
    Xaxaxaxaxai: he don't speak english
    Xaxaxaxaxai: he said yes i think
    Suparmon: this guy
    Suparmon: haahahhsahahshaueahueah
    Suparmon: ahahahaahahaahahaahahha
    Somebody. left chat.
    Xaxaxaxaxai: f✿✿✿ you moron
    Xaxaxaxaxai left chat.
  3. Enstage

    Enstage SteamRep Admin Partner Community Donator - Tier V

  4. Suparmon

    Suparmon New User

    Most of them are already banned/reported. But that's not the point of the thread, I just found it funny and pathetic that whenever I bump my trades I get 2-3 scammers attempting the same things over and over again. And I'm wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation, because for the last 4 days I haven't found a single legit trader ;x
  5. Enstage

    Enstage SteamRep Admin Partner Community Donator - Tier V

    Yes, lots of people are in this situation. Basically anyone with items worth more than $10 is in this situation.

    Always report them again, even if they are already tagged, can be added to the list of offences or brought up in an appeal that way.
  6. Lava

    Lava Public Relations SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Not much you can do about the spam when bumping trades, but what I do is check everyone's SteamRep status before accepting any friend requests. Click the arrow by their name under invites, view profile, then copy and paste URL into steamrep.com. If they're a scammer, you can save time by ignoring and not adding them in the first place.
  7. Suparmon

    Suparmon New User

    Not adding them in the first place is actually a really good idea. Thanks!
  8. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    I'd suggest to block them as well when ignoring... tho your blocklist might get a tad long ;)
  9. Salmon

    Salmon Caution on SteamRep

    I believe there's a chrome extension which auto-checks people's SR for you. Very helpful.

    I keep meaning to make one for spambot filtering based on reports from other users of said extension.
  10. Princess Silva

    Princess Silva New User

    "Hey, I can't get a minimum wage job, so like, I gotta scam all these cool kids on Steam with inventories over ten dollars! hue hue hue xd xd xd"