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This site has ruined my TF2 Gaming.

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Crise Ice, May 26, 2014.

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  1. Crise Ice

    Crise Ice Banned on SteamRep

    1. Honestly I was new to the system and the only defense I had was the lying. I'd like to be pardoned of that because of it being such a small offence and it being so long ago, and me being a less genuine person/not as mature then.
    2. I'm sorry for what I did. I have no intention of scamming people. Since the incident I've learned the repercussions and refuse to do those actions. Of course it's made a difference on me. Since then I've built up my trust etc. etc. read the rest of this post.
    3. "
    Now, to be clear: Mattie just plain denied your appeal on above grounds or close to it. He didn't look for alts afaik. I did and tagged, with the OP for this topic, for the evidence linking your account to those others where more then enough to do so. For you come here and complain, that means you get scrutinized, and researched closer. I did read the report and appeal by now, to verify that that appeal was handled as it should. And as explained above, I cant fault Mattie for his judgement.

    So there you have it: Your appeal review, and the appeal was deemed correct. As you should have known, after a appeal one can ask to review it, which just means that another appeal admin just checks the appeal if it was handled correctly. If not, then it should allow for a re-appeal after. I see no reason to grant you a re-appeal, especially not after what you have been spouting here in this topic."

    I can't understand what this is trying to say, please re-explain.
    4. I don't understand what this argument is trying to say. The other account is my brother's. It's never ever been tagged until today when he traded me things. It's so silly that he was targeted for being my brother. It's honestly just stupid. He's going to have to wait 2 years for doing nothing. Just to clarify again, that account has hundreds of dollars worth of games that are already on this account (Which has no vacban, so no reason to re-buy hundreds of dollars of games), he plays totally different times and totally different games at different times, he has a totally different set of friends and has had his account for nearly as long as me. I don't like, magically decide to use or create an alt years before I even start trading on tf2, that's insane. You're falsely accusing him, and if you've still got some fetish with him after this post I'll gladly show you pictures of him playing right now on his steam account x).

    5. This post actually got an admin/mod to reply to my troubles and turmoils and opened up not only my eyes, but eyes of other users that are effected by the steamrep tag and people in the community. It really does what I say it does, and there's been no real counter-argument to that. I pose a good point and it's not right that you decide to judge me because I spoke out against what Steamrep has done to me, and other people who are tagged Scammer without any intentions. I'm not having a big mouth, I'm speaking up to what I think was wrong and if this is a legitimate community you can handle that without treating me differently because I decide to say what's on my mind. It's not right that I'm singled out and targeted because I made this post, and it's not right that my offence is left here when there are a speculated incidences where accounts have been allowed to redeem there actions. I'm definitely ready to prove that I've changed whatever I'd done, and over the time I've proven myself and tried to restore the items and everything to the guy. I'm more than happy to fix my actions but only when I'm given the opportunity. Now I'm stuck with utterly nothing, and of COURSE i'm going to be angry and upset whenever you make me suffer like this and I have no wrong intentions at all. But then, while I'm already upset and ranting about all the things that being Scammer tagged has done to me, you go and tag my brother who's an innocent kid who's now going to have to wait another two years :(. It's just sickening man, I just want to play this game normally, and because I spoke out about it you want to use that against me. I'm sorry for enlightening others I guess; this has really been a toll on me. Not fair at all.
  2. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    On your points:
    With the topic here etc, I cannot establish genuine intent anymore for your statement. You're basically told how to behave and do. Cant work with that anymore. Basically this is again asking for a re-appeal.
    See 1.

    It says:
    • Mattie did your appeal, and denied it. He did so on points I told in there, but my points where more detailed.
    • Mattie did not look at your alts afaik (as far as I know, his notes didn't say such).
    • I Did look at your alts. And I did link them to your account.
    • The evidence was more then enough to link those accounts to you.
    • I reviewed the report and appeal. And I think Mattie was correct in his judgement on your case.
    • I didn't grant you a re-appeal based on the appeal handling.
    For clarity: Appeal procedure:
    1. Appealer can have a appeal at SR (you did)
    2. If appealer thinks to have been unfairly/unjust judged he/she can ask for a review of the appeal. Meaning: a different admin gets a look at the appeal, and looks if the appeal admin has done its due diligence, done things wrong, was generally being prejudiced, or w/e. If something was actually wrong with it, the review admin can grant a re-appeal. (this topic)
    3. Re-appeal. Can only be granted by a review admin. (denied)
    Basically with above I reviewed the appeal, and did due diligence to RESEARCH you, the report, the appeal, your account, your possible alts, and all info I can gather what you did. I only skipped a backpack research, too much to go thru, and it would not give much information.

    4. You used your "brothers" account to trade on tf2outpost. That means you had full access to this account to log into the tf2outpost site. There is no way around that fact. By all definitions we work with, that's considered a true alt. Can it be that it is your brother? yes, but we cannot by any form or way verify that anymore, because you used his account to trade on tf2outpost.

    5. We've had so many times complaints on this very forum about our "power" or w/e, and near always its a scammer, a alt of a scammer, or their cronies trying to discredit us. I don't see it as "power", other communities empower us, by trusting our judgement, and they using our API to keep their community clear. And the reason is that they trust us as some replies above: we work ONLY with evidence. If we wouldn't and would just ban for nothing or by faulty evidence, we would lose their trust. That's why we keep a good track record with everything and ask for near in-destroyable proof to be uploaded to our forum so it won't be disappeared after 6 months on imgur or w/e.

    - If somebody is banned without evidence: unban. There is no questions about that between us.
    - If somebody is innocent: unban.
    - If the ban is for a minor offense: how honest is somebody with their appeal. And THERE it depends on, and then its a admins discretion.
    - We have the rule that if a appealer is lying to us: Deny. There is no point in looking further into it after finding a outright lie, its only wasting time. And we have many other appeals going on.
    - Any friend/partner community admin can ask us to review a case if they think its unjust or strange or w/e reason, and we will give them all we have on such, under confidentiality. And if thats deemed not enough to justify a ban, they can ask to review it (most times we do that anyways, its quite rare to be asked of us, and therefore worth to do our side of it anyways).

    To be expecting a re-appeal would stretch it too far imo.
  3. Crise Ice

    Crise Ice Banned on SteamRep

    Okay, thank you. You answered a lot of questions.

    PST. Those who are not effected by being oppressed aren't going to recognize it, if you were in a "Scammer" tagged person who doesn't have an intention's shoes, you would feel extremely marginalized and set different and off from the normal routine of TF2, and it's extremely frustrating when it's over something so miniscule that happened so long ago that it's honestly a whole different life from now.

    I wish that this kind of reply was more explained somewhere earlier, or there was a little more thought put into my app than one or two sentences denying me, because this has utterly stripped me of me ever being able to play TF2 again. And although it might not seem much when you are the ones inflicting it, it really really does totally discourage me and additionally puts a huge strain on me that, personally, doesn't belong.

    Again, thank you for finally explaining this to me. Sorry it took getting heated over it but it sparked good discussion and got questions answered. Hope that something can be done about my status.
  4. You Are The One

    You Are The One Appeals SteamRep Admin

    Your case was reviewed and upheId by another admin Data, and I think your true character was genuinely reflected upon in this thread, nothing more can or will be done with your "status"

    With that, I am closing this thread.
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