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What are the disadvatages of getting banned here?

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by hoax > hellcase.com, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. hoax > hellcase.com

    hoax > hellcase.com Banned on SteamRep

    if someone wants to make a trade he is not gonna look at my steamreps status it's justa trade
  2. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    We want people to use what tools they have available such as searching here, google (which will show reports, info for users from here) and other search engines to see if a user has a history of issues regarding trading or anything that may throw up red flags.
    The tags here are issued as a warning for others to decide for themselves if they wish to deal with you.

    Here is a quick google link for you, for example:
  3. λdaloss

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    I can list some of the disadvantages that I've got but personally I think you shouldn't trade if you are marked.
    It's harder, and you are doing more harm by trading with a marked account.

    Disadvantages of trading with a marked account:
    • No usage of scrap.tf, you are completely wiped off the site until your ban is appealed.
    • On places like skial, you will be marked with a scammer tag that looks like this [SCAMMER]. It also notifies the entire server that a marked scammer has joined in the text chat and that trading with you is not advised.
    • Certain backpack.tf rules are set into place that can get others in trouble if you trade with them. If you are steamrep-marked, people are to not trade with you. If they trade with you unknowingly, they may be warned, if they trade knowingly of your tag they may have heavier action taken against them. Or so I remember.
    • People are more unlikely to trade with you anyways, you aren't to be trusted if you are marked in the first place. You are suspected to be a liar/thief.
    • Certain communities may not allow you to join servers, or even be on their sites.
    All I can say is grit your teeth, bear the problem, and if you wish to get back into trading to make a proper appeal and hope it is accepted.
    I heavily advise that you do not trade whatsoever until you are mark-free. If you continue to trade, you are only making the issue worse imo.
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    I'd hate having a profile with any red. Lmao
    Heres an example of a trade banned user.

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  5. Guyehhhh

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    I'd think being banned on this site when hijacked for 4+ years is the worst that could possibly happen. I never knew about this site till I saw I couldn't join a trade server on Team Fortress it was giving me a "banned from steamrep" o_O and that's how I found out about it.
  6. Bonk Scouterson

    Bonk Scouterson Banned on SteamRep

    From one person who is marked to another, there is a broad category of disadvantages as to why that tag negatively impacts you.
    I'll be brief in addressing this, but many people participate in higher tier trading, and those people are cautious of their interactions with marked users as it can negatively impact their reputation and by extent land them with bans. It further complicates things when they need to run background checks on items to understand whether or not those items they're trading for have been stolen also. It's a complex web of potential problems and contextual approaches that overall just put users at risk. I think that approach, as detailed in the OP, is quite naive and inconsiderate of what that tag represents. In my 9 years of having this tag, I've also had the misfortune of:
    • Being banned from community servers, even if they're not relevant to trading.
    • Antagonised by those who do not have tags, when attempting to trade.
    • Being treated as suspicious or malicious when contacting people, even if my approach is friendly.
    • Being scammed myself. (Irrelevant to the tag).
    • Being banned from community forums and sites, as well as resources/tools such as scrap.tf and backpack.tf.
    The aforementioned points are just a handful of many reasons why the tag you have will restrict you, and complicate your interactions with others. You always have the opportunity to appeal, but remember, you only get one attempt, so make sure you make a worthy case if you believe you can be unbanned, make sure you repay your victims, demonstrate a change of heart and show further interest in protecting the community. If not, you will have to bare the consequences of that tag.