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What happens if someone fake reports me and is this screenshot real ?

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by I3asilix, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. I3asilix

    I3asilix New User

    This account wanted to buy my whole inv i said no i only trade so then he said okay i buy whole inventory and i give you a knife 2 he said he is gonna do it with steam wallet codes i said not thank you and checked his steamrep he was banned then he send me this screenshot I think its fake but he wanted to scam me.
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    thats his profile
    Im new to steamrep so pls dont be to hard on me if i do something wrong

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  2. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    I've removed that profile link - you are not tagged here.
    Fake screenshot for sure yes - if someone reports you well the report has to run its course and we investigate it like all the others but you currently have no report against you at this time.
    This looked like a scare tactic could be doing so for various reasons.
    If you feel the user is trying to scam you, you can submit a report.

    That user is already tagged/banned here also.. best to avoid them at this point.
  3. Lava

    Lava Public Relations SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    I'd like to point out we have procedures for exactly this scenario. From the pinned thread in the Report a Scam section, if it happens to you:
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