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What is this new scam?

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Anohaxous, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Anohaxous

    Anohaxous New User

    2 friends from my friend list tried this same thing, and this is how the message went:
    地Akira: i was just having a donation right now and i picked you to have my gift. because your a nice friend of mine
    Anohaxous: Oh?
    地Akira: yes
    地Akira: a 100$ funds from paypal
    Anohaxous: Sounds same thing what my friend told me and then tried to scam
    地Akira: oh ?
    Anohaxous: 100$ okay
    地Akira: you think im doing like that?
    Anohaxous: but can't you buy steam gift card?
    地Akira: i will send it directly to your steam account
    Anohaxous: Hm?
    地Akira: yes
    地Akira: do you have paypal ?
    Anohaxous: Yes
    地Akira: is your paypal connected to steam?
    Anohaxous: Nope
    地Akira: oh okay.
    地Akira: i will send it directly to your steam
    地Akira: okay?
    Anohaxous: gift card?
    地Akira: no
    地Akira: a 100$ balance
    Anohaxous: Oh
    地Akira: are you interested?
    Anohaxous: Probably yes
    地Akira: okay
    地Akira: do you have discord ?
    地Akira: i will add you to help me filling up
    Anohaxous: Add where
    地Akira: in discord
    Anohaxous: ok.
    地Akira: okay. send your name and tag
    Anohaxous: Anohaxous#4605
    地Akira: can you accept me?
    Anohaxous: Second

    After that I got added by Izk giveaways#0298, and got conversation with him like this:
    This is the beginning of your direct message history with@Izk giveaways.
    Izk giveaways-Today at 6:58 PM
    hello there
    Anohaxous-Today at 6:59 PM
    Izk giveaways-Today at 6:59 PM
    here's the process of sending the gift to your account, it needed your steam log in username so that it can be easily recognize by sending the gift https://snag.gy/uetkYH.jpg
    did you see it?
    Izk giveaways-Today at 7:00 PM
    all i need is your steam log in usernma
    Anohaxous-Today at 7:00 PM
    ok wait

    Should I make report? I think so.
  2. Roudydogg1

    Roudydogg1 Moderator; Neonheights Co-Owner SteamRep Moderator Friend Community

    Old scam been around for a long time. Made worse by the fact that the scammers use discord chat and voice to prevent you from collecting usable evidence for reports to places like here.
  3. Anohaxous

    Anohaxous New User

    Oh okay, people have never tried that on me. What will haapen after you give your login name?
    Also noticed that Akira is steamrep banned
  4. Zoofie_

    Zoofie_ New User

    They try to use it to gather other info to use with Steam Support to recover your account. Thankfully Valve asks for ID matching payment info nowadays.