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When life is f✿✿✿✿✿✿ unfair (Worst Steam thing ever for me)

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Melkor, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Melkor

    Melkor New User

    ~10:21:67 pm
    The things are going well. I have finished trade where I was buying 1 pair of buds and Jailbait has middlemanned for me. Now I hear some good news :D : Finsko my friend sold his Planets Sultan for the Black Maxes level 1! As usually he wants me to help him with selling it as I am doing for a lot of other guys. My backpack is now counting 4 earbuds, 2 Maxes and 1 unusual and lot of stuff which I am not selling :).

    ~10:26:43 pm
    I am discussing with my added friend |zippy|, who was that day on funeral and to who is one of his real clients owe 63 $(he get 7 $ instead 70$ and he added me for to get 2 earbuds as many other people), and he is saying that he
    would be available to trade me in 30-90 mins! Oh yea:rolleyes:, I am really lucky guy who's backpack is valued over 10 earbuds. One of the top richest moment in my steam life :cool:. I am just repping Jailbait for his middlemanning, adding the rep to the second guy and checking TF2Outpost trades+reporting a few a✿✿✿✿✿✿s who are trying to scam me or impersonate daily.

    ~10:31:86 pm
    Tdtdtd...papalaltdtd...Let's check some TF2outpost trades. My friends are again messaging me: Hey Melkor! :) could you pricecheck for me blizzard Reggae?...How much is worth sharp dresser mate?...
    Now get the trade request from friend who made some profit in unusual trades with my help and he is giving me 3 keys for free! Yes, I really love to help others and love their feeling of being happy as mine. Wohoo! I feel for new giveaway in my group...hmm...need to get new idea :p;).

    ~10:33:13 pm
    Hmmm, hm, hmmm....Yush, let's check how many members are in FHTS :D, but Uh?
    But now, at this moment, this worst f✿✿✿✿✿✿ moment, The Steam is being:
    So what's in the message? :c D:
    Wait? What :eek: ? How is that Possible :mad: what happened wh-w-wh-what did I done so bad:oops: ? What's wrong D;?
    Hurry, let's trade someone! Uff, it works...NO! WAIT, N-n-n-n-n-NO! WHY ME? f✿✿✿!
    You can not trade with zippy because you have the trade ban.
    Hurry! Let's check if I have not scammer tag or something!
    After checking I saw that I am not officialy banned and not marked in any thing. So what's the reason? I have not did any bad thing, I have never been involved in ANY scamming and I have not even could do it because with this I would lost my reputation, my trades and my group.
    Once my friend told me that got new game so if I do not want it...It was Q.U.B.E. and it was the activation key so I said that if it will works that I will want it and paid him 2 refined. ~Maybe this is the reason? I did not know if it was bad and it worked D:

    ~10:38:24 pm
    Writting to the steam support. Jailbait has helped me which things to write because how you can see^^, my english little sucks. This is the official message to steam:
    Purchasing, gifting, trading, and cd-key activation have been disabled.

    Ticket number 4439-QWAL-0720
    Category Steam Trading/In-Game Items > Trade Bans
    Email [email protected]
    Product *STEAM*
    Steam Account Name gordonmeil
    Operating System Windows 7/Vista

    This Question's Message(s) 1 Message by you on Mon, 7th May 2012 10:43 pm

    Hello steam moderators/admins,

    I have received very bad message telling:

    Steam Support Alert for gordonmeil - 7 May 2012
    This account appears to have been used for fraudulent activity.

    Steam Support has flagged your account as potentially having been used for fraudulent activities. Please contact Steam Support so that we can assist you.

    This account will have restricted functionality until this issue is resolved.

    Purchasing, gifting, trading, and cd-key activation have been disabled.

    More info on this topic is available here: Steam Terms of Service Agreement.

    Picture here:http://i.imgur.com/6ISNd.jpg
    Friends told me that if it is something with that for what my Purchasing, gifting, trading, and cd-key activation have been disabled, then it is maybe for paypal trading+TF2 items trading and that it may be something with the hijacked items.
    In buying the items I have checked the steamrep (www.steamrep.com the scammer database) of the guys I was trading with and by this was making sure that they were not scammers or at least was thinking that not. I have checked fully all the items.

    I have never been involved in ANY scamming and I have not even could do it because with this I would lost my reputation, my trades and my group.

    I have started my paypal trading with items, when I made from weapons and hats which I found in drop system, highly valued TF2 stuff like earbuds and Maxes head.
    Currently I have 4 earbuds, 1 unusual, 1 my Max's head and 1 friend's Max's head and lot of stuff which is waiting for trades as the friend.
    I would like to mention that I have not consciousness if I did something wrong and that I am an also admin on some steam groups with a lot of reputation.

    My steam group is counting now like around 1,400 members and is called "Fair Honest Trading Samurais" and have in it trusted admins such as Royal, CTM, Trusted SteamRep Middleman Jailbait. Here's the link to the group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheSteamSamurais

    Also if I have broken any rule with the CD keys of games, then it were my games bought from the real store. If any of my games is not in the right then tell me please which and then temporarily remove it.

    If the paypal trading is not allowed then you will have to ban nearly each guy in the Steam. I gave to this game via paypal and steam some money and I do not want to lose those virtual items. It costs me like 200 dollars which I made from brigade in my city in which I have been over 3 months.

    I have the group with lot of the members for which I am making events from the stuff I made profit. I gave to this game some money and paid for some games. It took me like 300 dollars already and now I have to lose My group, My TF2 items, My money, reputation, all those friends and fun?

    Please help me to get this working well back.

    Thanks for any help you may give me and I hope that this maintaince will be resolved in the most soon time.

    My steam profile:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052223070

    My Steam group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheSteamSamurais

    SteamRep profile:http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198052223070

    SourceOp rep thread:http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=100780

    Ace Fortress 2 rep thread:http://forums.acefortress.com/index.php?threads/melkor-76561198052223070.3944/

    Mann Co. Trading rep thread:http://manncotrading.com/index.php/topic,1553.0.html

    TF2outpost reps:http://www.tf2outpost.com/rep/14011

    Steam reputation comments:http://steamcommunity.com/id/fairhonesttradingsamurai/allcomments

    Picture of the message:

    ~Melkor HIDDEN NAME, Czech Republic
    Time: 22:42 7. May 2012


    The thing what's the reason of posting this happening here, is if you can not help me with ANY suggestions you know and the things which may help me! :/ I gave to the steam platform and stuff over 300 dollars and now I see the unfair happening! Un-officialy Trade Banning non-marked user of the Steam who is an owner of group which counts over 1 thousand members and who is an admin of 2 communities: FHTS and Comet-gaming (Previous Wrench.Connection.com).
    I would really appreciate ANY HELP YOU MAY GIVE ME! And I promise that if they give me my trading rights and more back then your reward will not miss you!
    I am not looking for anything more then get all the things which were disabled back! And to this I want add note: I am un-officialy trade banned, I got highly valued stuff and by this I can manipulate people and scam them! The question is: Why I wouldn't do it?

    (copied from my post in AF2 forums)

    (sorry guys but to write these things cost me a lot of emotions as how I was happy, mighty, then sad and quietly crying ;()
  2. Melkor

    Melkor New User

    If you think I may receive all the things back and by this I mean the things which were disabled, then like this please :/ (I am not looking for to spam anyone's forum or something and I thought that this part of forum would be best for the post and if I broke any rule then I am really sorry and you may delete this :/)

    Note: The FHTS group will be not taken down by this and will still live and we will still do there new events! I will run this group even I will have to ruin all the Steam!
  3. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    A lot of carding is happening lately, where stolen CC's are used to buy items from the store. Best is to stay away from store items unless you know that those items have been there for a week or more in someone's backpack.

    As for you, think of what items where store-bought that you recieved, and explain 'm to steam support. As I dont know the story behind your trades, I cannot help you with those. But look at trades for done within the last week or a bit more. Depends on the route and time between the offender and you. (check the persons you traded with)
  4. Melkor

    Melkor New User

    It could was the keys for which I sold 2 pair of earbuds but at all I was buying with money only promos like earbuds or Maxes...Anyways thanks for your reply and by this little help :c (Hope that you get the problem with stealing map-OBC/YBC)
  5. Melkor

    Melkor New User

    Anyways if is the history item needed then I can show it but it will be 20 pages of s✿✿✿s...Mostly I got: Keys, buds, maxes, bills, tags and scraps.
  6. Melkor

    Melkor New User

    Anyone know anything which may help me? :c :/
    (still waiting for response)
  7. Dronefly

    Dronefly New User

    As someone who buys keys and buds for paypal regularly I can say that if everything you stated above is true then you have probably had in your possession keys that were stolen via CC. I and many regular keys for paypal traders have had this bad experience of temp ban. Eventually it concludes with them saying that after further investigation you are probably not related to the incident and your account gets reinstated to its previous condition. My ban was about 4-5 days if my memory serves me right. it was almost a month ago. And yes, there seems to be a HUGE surge of large credit card frauds happening directly into the steam store. Before people just did paypal fraud but now they are going after the store so valve with their mighty "controlling" hand ban ALL accounts that touched those items and they weed out where the items get funneled to eventually they are hoping to find someone with a real ID who received the items free of charge from the account that did the fraud. It's usually a lengthy investigation. Be patient. It'll pass over. It sucks but it happens to lots of people who decide that they can deal with paypal trading for keys. Buds, bills, etc are not store bought items so theyre much safer to deal with. Keys traded for items immediately get ruled out. It's those EMPTY trades or suspicuous trades that get the account banned. You should have paypal proof if you ever get questioned showing that you in fact paid for the items to someone and the buck gets passed on. With my ban they didnt even ask that. Just unbanned me after 4-5 days saying it is likely i had nothing to do with the fraud.
  8. daemon

    daemon Retired Staff

    nobody here can help you. wait for steam.
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  9. Melkor

    Melkor New User

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