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would this be a scamm attemp or only dumb

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Paul (Bademeister), May 4, 2012.

  1. Paul (Bademeister)

    Paul (Bademeister) New User

    I traded with a Guy my "Max Payne 3 (RU)" for his bunch of TF2 Items.
    I informed him before trade it is bought in Russia and the older Max Payne are in Russian Language and how he can change Language. And that i can make him no 100% promise about Language of Max Payne 3 but in Steam as only Audio Support Language English is written.
    Then he asked what he can do if he cant activate it. I offered him to refund him if he cant activate the game.

    He agreed to trade and we trade Game for Items. He activated game. No Problems... This was 2 or 3 days ago...

    I keeped him in Friendslist so i saw he was playing Max Payne 1 for around 6 hours...

    Then today he came to me and sayed his Max Payne got revoked !!! (I WTF cant believe it, cause i know guy who bought it and also have some game from him in my libary)
    He asked me if I refund him. I said he should contact Steam Support they normal give him the items back.
    He said he already had contact Steam Support and they removed the Game from his Libary...
    So it was not revoked...

    now i looked around forums to see if Steam Support removes all Russian Max Payne 3 from non Russian Accounts or if i find something helpfull ... but found nothing only Threads from him trying to sell his copy + sweets for a non Russian Max Payne 3 Oo

    I asked him if tryed to activate MAx Payne 3 again.... he said no... I said he should try to activate it again....
    He asked again for refund...
    i said no ... and that i also didnt have most of his items anymore.....
    he said 25 keys would also ok
    I said NO... i offered refund for the case you cant activate the game... not for contacting Steam Support for removing the Game again from your libary...

    His answer: Hmm i think i dont get Max Payne 3 ROW for this.. I activate it again...

    ..... hat nun Max Payne 1, Max Payne 2 , Max Payne 3 Pre-Order

    I: WTF delte from friends

    Not sure if this Guy is dumb, to young or tried to scamm me....
    I dont know if write it good enough.. he never said he contacted steam support to get game removed he only said he already contact support and they removed it.... I only found in forum thisis possible and count 1 & 1 together
  2. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Once a trade has happened within the "contract" (contract as in: both parties got what was agreed upon in the trade), the traders are in no way obliged to undo the trade, unless this was agreed upon.

    On the case you say:
    - you warned him that the game will be russian, unless some action taken w/e. Main point is: you warned him for it.
    - he played some
    - he no longer has the game on his account (????)
    - Max Payne 1/2, what is the relation to the trade of Max Payne 3?
    - He wanted keys back/refund, did he offer the game back for that?

    I just think atm its buyers remorse, he didn't like the game, and wanted out.