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wow player new 2 steam, traded a bnet 4 (not this) steam acc

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by lowtyde85, Aug 25, 2016.

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    And there is some sort of screwy going on afterwards. this may all sound weird, but i am not stupid enough to try to scam anyone on a friggan scam board. so the account in question is this.


    on the date it was last logged on, was the last day i had access to it, the username and password are the same, the guy who sold it to me has not attempted to log back in, but when i try to login to it it says new computer verify the email we sent to ***@yahoo.com i figured out what the email was and emailed it yet no reply. i spoke to a steam support agent about the issue making it kind of transparent that i bought the account. ( was actually a trade for the legion beta at the time which was going for 300 euros, or at least one guy gave me 300 euros for one, then this guy in the eurozone gave me this account for one ) , before i lost access i installed lastpass and while im at it do not ever use password managers, as it really screwed everything up for me, i got locked out of my phone and couldn't access my primary gmail, or the one that handled the steam account. took 6 weeks or so to fix the recursive issue (root gmail had a google voice voip number as its own 2way auth! and that voip was no longer accessible on my phone or my pc because i could not login to that gmail. finally found a way to fix it and had to dl 25 gbs of google archive data to find when my secondary account was created (go to your gmail now, search for "welcome to gmail" copy down the date you signed up. it is the most valuable piece of information google determines when granting you access to your account.) doesn't matter how i had location settings turned on and told them ips that were frequently used, my full name, associated emails, etc. the creation date got me back in.

    well thats how i got locked out. the other guy i do not believe was trying to be malicious, but he got mad as hell when i insinuated he had changed the password, he agreed to help me, since steam guard was still on he logged in , changed the pass to what it is now, and said if you get locked out again do not come to me and has ignored me since. i said thanks, tried to login a few mins later, and was greeted with 'enter the token sent to the email' , is there anyway i can find the original email? will steam ban my current account or that one if i give them the wrong answer? i think its likely not the backup email it is now. or after its been so long and no one else is trying to log in and im the only one bothering them about it, with proof that i made a purchase on it from my local ip address to my verified paypal do you think they will just let me in if i write another support ticket?

    like i said i'm a wow player, and recently got into steam esque games as i just got a pc that can handle it, it has gta5 and a host of games id love to play, and the beta is now worthless, and the owner (unsure if original owner or not) seems to not care about it at all, though he could be keeping it just to sell or somehow hiding the fact that he is playing it. though its kind of dumb for him to leave the vanity name as mine and my default picture.

    sorry this went on so long. just wondering maybe i can just try again , tell them i forgot the original email but know the last 2 emails, and if that doesn't work submit full skype logs to steam that proves he doesn't care for it, goods were exchanged, and i do? maybe someone can tell me if the account was held by a scammer, it has gone through a few names.

    or am i just auto banned from this forum for this post? i read the rules and never saw a rule saying i couldnt ask about account trading, which im not im asking about ways to use the db to see if i can find that crucial piece of data to reinstate the account to me, the original email. (it is kind of suspicious to me that he quit communicating when he did, he had the tokens going to his email and never told me about it, i've googled the email appended by several of his handles and found out hes banned from some trading boards for a different scam, and saw where he attempted to sell the battle net with beta i traded him, and a bunch of other stuff (he has quite the online presence) i've skyped and emailed and tweeted to no avail. just delete if this is against the rules, but i would really like getting that back, its curious there is no activity yet he wont respond to me, all he needs to do is grant my device access.

    any needed proof can be provided, just did not want to put private info out there.
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