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    Due that a lot of Steam users use their profile to receive reps, I've made the below guide.

    First of all, to be clear: Any Steam Profile "reputation" is useless to gauge their trustworthiness.

    Problems with Steam Profile rep:
    • Moderator is the owner of the profile, any "bad" rep (s)he can delete at will.
    • There is no verification of actually having 2 different people commenting, so alternate accounts often have put up a bunch of "+rep" on the account, while no trade or relevant trade for reputation ever took place.
    • Profile reps are sold, often for a reclaimed or even less.
    • Scammers often give their other scammer buddies a "+rep" to help them on their way to scam other ppl.
    So, where to look for Reputation?
    • Look the person up on SteamRep, check that the person has no Scammer tag. by copying the profile URL into SteamRep in the search bar, and click the "Search" button.
      • Due the backlog on SR to mark people, the following is also important..
      • Once you see a clean profile, just above the friends list, under "Search Engine Queries" will be a link with "SR 7656xxxxxxx". Click that.
      • Check the results, and read the topics found if any.
    • Is he saying that he is a Valve "admin" or "VAC Admin" or w/e ? If it where really so, it will be shown on SteamRep, Valve Employees have purple tags on SteamRep. There is no other affiliation possible. Only Valve employees have access. Valve doesn't "outsource" or w/e construction that is made up by anybody.
    • Ask the other person for reputation threads on communities, like UTC, SOP, SKIAL, etc, see front page of SR for a long list of communities that are known to be anti-scammer. And please, PLEASE, verify if they are REALLY owner of that thread, impersonators are all around, and often all that is different is the custom URL and the ID32/ID64. Verification can be done in multiple ways:
      • You making a account on that Community, and that person sending you a PM (private Message) from the linked forum account.
      • Check the person's SteamRep ID block to be matching that of the person talking to you (you can click the links in it, to open their profile, steamrep profile and check it vs the person you talk to). For this their profile should be public. Things you should check:
        • Profile URL should been given a good hard look.
        • Steam Join date (should not be of the last couple months preferably).
        • Playing hours (should be more then the 3 hours in last 2 weeks of the total)
        • Should have more then 1 game, the more the better. Please understand that there about 30 Free 2 Play games on Steam, including TF2.
        • Steam badges, there should be a bunch of badges there
        • Have a look here too:

    The only valid rep given is:
    • Only trades with PayPal or other forms of Money involved. (There is no risk involved in items vs items trading, so what is the rep for then with those???)
    • The trader receiving the money or items first gets the rep. ( That trader could have run, but didn't).
    • Listed on the rep thread of the receiver on a trading community's forum, like SOP or UTC, or one of the many others. (I'm sorry, but I'm excluding the "steam discussion forums" that are part of steam groups, for a number of reasons)
    • Please DO READ the Community's rules where the rep threads reside, there are some which are very strict in how this is handled, and their guidelines are mandatory on the respective community.
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: Content of this hidden block can only be seen by members of (usergroups: Administrative, Moderating).**
    Example: Trader A sells a buds for 30 dollar, Trader B wants to buy it. B pays first, and A gives the buds after. Trader A gets the rep for he could have run with the money.

    A +rep is only useful when it is stated who gave what, and who went first. An example:
    Properties of that:
    • The guy going first gives the rep
    • The trade is mentioned for what amount was exchanged, and who got what.
    If a MM is involved, both traders can only rep the MM. For he's the one that could have ran

    PS: MM ONLY holds the Steam Items, NEVER the money.

    • Never give rep for a trade that didn't happen.
    • If rep isn't showing above info and not on a Community forum, its not accountable to be true.
    • The rep showing that info named above (items/price), gives a indication of the trust level. Its a big difference to have far spaced out bigger trades for a lot of money vs a lot of small trades only in the last couple days. I rather see the big reps, for those indicate more.
    • If somebody has a bunch of high value trade reps, but those are only of the last couple days, that should turn your spider sense on...
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    Hi! good day, someone who assist me through my reports on steamrep. Here's the accused | steamID32: [U:1:149779429]
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    SteamRep Admin:
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    So if somebody comments "ill rep you if you rep me" will that solicit a warning/ban? I wan't to report somebody but am not sure if Its valid
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    SteamRep Admin:
    We're really not looking at profile reps. Not for marking/offenses. Unless that is part of the trade agreement in a scam.
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    What about if say: (on Dota's new gifting system) person A gifts person B a high value item, then does it constitute a valid rep that A repp's B when B returns the trade? (there is risk involved)
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    SteamRep Admin:
    Yeah, it probably would. This guide is however to let people think about actual reputation hosted on one of the partners or elsewhere where they hold reputation threads. Those communities will have their own rules regarding those and what they consider "valid" for their forums.