1. Multiple games are being used to create fake items for CS:GO, DOTA2, and TF2 that are difficult to differentiate from real ones. Carefully check the game for each item you receive to make sure it's from the game you expect. Pay close attention to any warning messages you see in the trade window about games you haven't played before. Read more.

SR Appeal Reviews

Appeal reviews are a request for special permission to submit a second appeal, under extenuating circumstances. They're intended as an extra level of oversight in case of admin abuse, inadvertent mishandling, or extenuating circumstances.

Appeal reviews are not appeals. You only get one chance to appeal. Once denied you are out of options; that's it, end of discussion. By design, very few of these will ever be honored, so reflect carefully on whether any extenuating circumstances apply to you.

If you think you may qualify for extenuating circumstances, please review our Appeal Tips and FAQ in their entirety, then click this hidden link to acknowledge you fully read and understood the terms and conditions for appeal reviews.

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