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Accepted 76561198000020384 (SR Caution)

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by AcesGamer, May 25, 2013.

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    Appealing this caution I've had for a few months now, following Mattie's advice.
    Unusuals purchased from the hijacker:
    (2 and 3.5 buds respectively. These hats were purchased at full price, it never was a suspicious offer)
    The items I purchased were duplicates (or ended up being) of scammed unusuals (both of which were duped uniquely after the original hijacking, though the Capotain ended up in a private backpack).

    It was mentioned by morningfox (hijacked) that he would return the unusuals after the entire matter was over:

    I was unaware of his intentions when he did not return the items after that thread was made. However, the burden of those unusuals should not fall on me, especially since I only had duplicates.

    As for the second part of the notes state:
    • "Suspected of abusing staff privileges to assist a scammer "
    I've never even had staff privileges to abuse in the first place, nothing was covered up, and nothing that could drag SR into this was ever involved.

    I realize that at the time, had I known of malicious intent, I would have returned everything I had in my possession.

    Here is my trade history dating from today (May 25th) to February 12th (The last history I gave to Mattie):
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    Thank you.
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    time served. no more chances tho.