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Pending 76561198042436073 MrTheamir *item switch scam

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by Omgwtfbbqturkey, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. ❄ Pão Charmoso ❄ #<3

    ❄ Pão Charmoso ❄ #<3 New User

    Its so cool how stupid scammer try to defend himself,he traded the items to the friends because he know,he tryied scam,if he really just do a mistake,he is not supossed to me scared =/ (*Broken english*)
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  2. [CDC]Vahner

    [CDC]Vahner New User

    Your really think I'm his second account? If i prove that we go in-game together you must close this thread? It will be closed sooner or later since you got nothing against him.
  3. New Bee™

    New Bee™ New User

    Before you go accusing that I'm helping omgwtfbbqturkey, I'll lay out both your facts for you.

    newa5 says "He asked you if you were buying THE MACKEREL ( no prefixes ) for 3 keys" - Although falsified by the chat log, he was indeed selling a holy mackerel.
    They do not have much evidence other than you were buying "a mackerel" for 3-4 keys. Here I give you a tip; don't respond to them, the steamrep admins will then have to look to both sides of the argument. Present your claim in a clear fashion.

    Theamir says " I know it isn't worth 3 keys but as far as I'm aware offering to sell it for 3 keys isn't a crime. A crime is if I were to swap them or something which I didn't do. You have time to look at the item. And as far as I know a crime is to tell the WRONG value of the item, which I also didn't do." - Damning evidence. If you are aware of the item values, and offering to sell a similar lesser value item in order to fool others is scamming. The strange festive mackerel is several hundred times more valuable than the regular holy mackerel, and you know this.
    In the chat log, you say "I was told it was strange" - If so, your "friends" may be suitable for investigation as well as you.

    In short,
    "I only did it because my family is poor" and "but I never did anything bad" - The deliberate intention to scam and then treating it as a joke shows your lack of regret. Heavy repeat offender warning.

    You can't defend yourself if you've admitted to the crime, buddy.
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  4. Omgwtfbbqturkey

    Omgwtfbbqturkey New User


    Exactly, and thanks.

    Does it matter? You and your friend thought you were helping. But you helped prove your pattern of deceptive behavior, you proved you have no moral standards. Hiding items, removing yourself from friends list, and posting here all to deceive and defend the undefendable. If I had swapped in a regular hat instead of an unusual and just claimed i never said the word "unusual" when accepting a bud you wouldn't be so quick to make excuses that's for sure.
  5. MrTheamir

    MrTheamir Unconfirmed Reports

    The rules state :
    1. No sharking. Sharking is defined as manipulating another user into trading/selling a valuable item for 10% or less of its accepted value (or 20% or less for users with less than 200 hours in that game) or any other deceptive trading practice that the staff consider to be against the spirit of this rule. We participate in a network of trading sites that do not tolerate taking advantage of other users for personal gain.
    Okay, after I did some investigation I figured out that I really am guilty as charged. I am sorry for any inconveniences that I have caused, and for everyone's time I wasted. I did not know that my actions were against the rules and therefore I apologize to everyone.
    Thank you, and I'm sorry.