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Need More Info Appeal: 76561197963651295 - (Zeus3D / BANNED BY SR)

Discussion in 'BANNED BY SR Appeals' started by ⚡Zeus3D B> Black Pearl, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. ⚡Zeus3D B> Black Pearl

    ⚡Zeus3D B> Black Pearl Banned on SteamRep

    Appeal for BANNED BY SR

    Steam profile: 76561197963651295 (Zeus3D)

    Appeal Plea: I am innocent of all listed offenses
    Appeal Reason: [Process] Mistake - Admin misunderstood evidence or made a mistake
    Victim Repayment: No, I committed no fraud or had no direct victims
    Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal here

    Alternate or Related Accounts:
    This is my only account​

    Appeal description:
    Excuse me for being here so late, I had a really bad / none internet connection for the last couple of days due to obvious reasons, the corona virus is going ham in my country and everybody just uses the internet right now...( this is why I made my profile private for that time being, I always go privat when I'm unable to make any kind of deals.)

    So after I was offline for 2 days straight I got told by a friend today that I got steamrep banned.

    First of all, I was always a big fan of what you guys are doing here as a non profit-organisation! Also I have used your guys service a lot to check quickly if I'm about to deal with a fraudet person or not. Thanks for your guys service it really helps the csgo trading community a lot!

    Okay let's start with my defense, I'm sry if this will be getting too long but in your guidelines it says we should bring up everything we have and this is really important to me as my trading business depends on this a lot:

    1. I'm saying this straight up: I'm inocennt regarding this accusation / ban I have never send this guy anything on paypal nor is the shown paypal payment, agreement / discord chat true.
    1.2 This ban really hurts my long time build up reputation and I want this getting solved as fast as possible.
    2. I have read all your guidelines for the first time now and have found some unclear things for me.
    2.1. Quotes from this guide: "Report Submission Fundamentals"
    - I didn't knew this myself but your guidelines are saying that you need to have the full agreement in the steam chat or it's invalid. We have made the whole agreement including price / payment methode and which item we are trading for in a discord call which is about to f✿✿✿ me now really badly so just as a side note I wont ever make any agreements outside of the steamchat anymore for ever! So I'm asking myself now also why is this agreement getting accepted which was made on discord?-

    "It is very important to make a clear and descriptive trade agreement (thru steam chat ONLY..never discuss steam trading outside of steam chat) and provide a proof of it, otherwise verification of your report may be impossible. We are unable to accept or review any evidence thru other means of communication like Discord, Facebook, Skype and so on... if you must communication thru these or Voice over..then MAKE 100% sure you mention the FORMAL AGREEMENT OVER STEAM CHAT - Take a FULL screenshot to ensure you get a DATE/TIME stamp typically from task bar at least into the screenshot."

    2.2. Quotes from this guide: "SteamRep Investigative Policy"
    - Our agreement was as already mentioned on discord, but the discord chat that is shown in his evidence has never happned like that with me. After I have added him on discord we had a long call where I told him that I was able to pay him via paypal/ btc or bank transf as mentioned in the steamchat already which isn't faked btw. But when we got onto the discord call he insted on me sending the money via steam codes. I'm usually not paying my costumers with steam codes but as the trade was really profitable for me I agreed to making the deal with steam codes. So after I received the skin I send him the steam codes for 750€ on discord that we agreed on voice chat.Every evidence provided from him is correct, but the discord chat / paypal payment has never happned like that and is just totaly misspresented by him.-
    "Reports we DO NOT investigate: These reports we will automatically mark as INVALID and will not be researched or actioned:"

    2.3. Quotes from this guide: "Screenshot Guide/Requirements"
    - This is just another thing that I noticed which has not much to do with this but the "victim" has edited or cropped all evidence providing screenshots (8) but 1 with his own commentary to each pictiure or weird doubled background pictures or not full desktop screenshots.
    Your guidelines are saying firstly that you do not accept these kind of screenshots but regardless of that it just shows to me that the "vicitm" is clearly totaly able to fake / edit evidence to his adventage. So why is this stuff just getting accepted without me even having the slightest chance of my own defends with my own evidence? I feel treated really unfairly with this ban that went through after not even 2 days passed by.-"Basic Screenshot Requirements:"

    3. How the deal went down:
    I have made a comment on one of his screenshots that I would be interested with making a deal with him regarding his bowie sapphire. A few days passed by and I got a add from him which I accpeted. I do not have the chat logs anymore but the steam chat went down as shown in his evidence already. I asked him if he would be interested in selling his bowie sapphire and he agreed on that for 850$ USD via paypal/ btc or bank transf. I asked him if we could jump on a discord call because I always thought it would be nicer for both parties to handle these things on voice call with the possibility of making screenshare but damn was I wrong when it comes to steamrep... ( as said already I wont ever make an agreement outside of steamchat after seeing that I can get f✿✿✿ed so easily with that s✿✿✿ ) So well after I added him on discord we instantly went into the call. I asked him again which payment methode he would be interested to use and he asked me if there was a possibility to send him the money via steam codes. I told him that I normaly do not use steam codes but he instited on doing it with steam codes as he said that he was scared of chargebacks on paypal, never used bitcoin / doesn't understand how it works and didn't wanted to wait for a bank transfer payment that can take up to 1-3 work days for arrival. So as I thought to my self that the deal was good I agreed on doing it with steam codes. Since the agreed price of 850$USD are 786€ we agreed on doing 750€ in total since you can't send a number like that via steam codes. Final deal was that I will send him 7 x 100€ codes and 1 x 50€ code. After I received the bowie sapphire I send him all the codes on discord. I waited for him to tell me that everything worked out and he did. After that he told me that he wanted my huntsman black perl or he would go try to get my reputation destroyed I took it as a joke and blocked him because the deal went down succsesfully in my eyes and he was just trolling around or smth. Well guess I was thinking wrong.

    4. My view on this:
    I dont really understand in the first place why the steamrep moderator has thrown the guidlines for accustations like that in the dirt for my case. Why are the rules there if you aren't keeping them. Regardless of that I'm willing to show any kind of screenshot / proof that will be needed for this. I haven't uploaded the discord chat that I had with him yet since there are the codes shown and I'm honestly unsure if this person has used all of them yet or not.
    Also I'm willing to upload my paypal activity where it shows that I have never dealt with this person on there or what ever else if needed. Haven't done it now since there are personal clients and I don't want to show them on the public forum here.
    If there is an option for me to send the screenshots privatly to the admin tell me so and I will provide the discord chat / paypal immediatly.

    5.Last thoughts let me know which ss to provide and I will do:
    I do not understand why this person decided to report me with faked evidence since he seemed normal when we were talking on discord. I really feel treated unfairly in this case and I'm not gonna lie this stuff makes me mad alone thinking of it. I really need this false claimed ban to be gone since this risks already now my main money providing business. Please show me that the steamrep service you guys are offering is done fairly and holds their guidelines and gives the accused to represent him self for a faked ban.

    Sry this all came in a rush a bit for me but I tried to sort this appeal the best way I could if I may have missed something please tell me, Thanks for listening.​
  2. man wtf is that

    man wtf is that New User

    Imagine just doing the trade as it was promised and stop the bs. You having no proof of such actions should tell something. Your only defense is that you are offended by the accusation of scamming someone (which you did, we both know it.) You would have exposed the chat with the codes in it because of the fact i am accusing you of scamming, which you did. Why would I threaten to do something without a reason? You got reported here because you are a scammer and the steamrep admins accepted my complaint for a fair reason; they revieved the proof I sent and deemed you are a scammer. Next time think ahead before scamming someone. I hope you try and come up with some sort of faked proof that I threatened you or some sort of proof of ''codes'' etc.
  3. You Are The One

    You Are The One Appeals SteamRep Admin

    I dont understand your defense, you claim everything is false, then everything is not in policy, then say you did interact with the user.

    Please clarify.