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[DISCUSSION] Why do you trade with New Accounts?

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Jmcm╬╗trix, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Jerrinho

    Jerrinho New User

    I do embrace trading with new guys (and let's be honest everybody here has gotten a good deal from dealing with a newbie), but that is trading low value items like weps, stranges, uncraft hats to get them into trading. Dealing Unusuals with someone who has absolutely no rep and 1 Unusual to go along with 10 untradable weapons is just plain stupid and is the reason why the mannconomy is so unstable and why u can't trust ANYBODY. The same thing goes for game trading. I met a guy once who was selling MW3 and since most of those got revoked (happened to me as well) I asked a load of questions. It turned out that he bought it for 14 keys from some russian guy with 0 rep and I told him: Dude, that game is very likely to get revoked. Please refrain from selling it until u verified the credibility of that seller. He just replied: So u don't want it? and that he didn't give a damn. Sold it 10 minutes later for 1 Bud and let the guy have the trouble. Just one of the things that make me sick about this community.
  2. Dronefly

    Dronefly New User

    The assumptuion here is that the funds came from a credit card only. That is hard to go for 6 months of using only a CC unless you use an alternate account to funnel the money back out. Which usually after an investigation paypal can link the 2 accounts and force the money out of the "exit" account. They are quite ruthless in these types of assumptions and linking multiple paypal accounts to one.