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READ ME Duties of SteamRep Moderators (PLEASE READ)

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Inu, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. Inu

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    PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE YOU APPLY and consider it carefully:
    1. This is not an "entry level" position. If you have no experience with community management or forum administration then this is not the position for you. Experience with XenForo helps(but is not needed) and experience in trading of at least one of the main games(TF2, Dota and CS:GO) is necessary to be able to process reports.
    2. We are looking for active members to join our team. If you can not make enough time in your schedule to contribute to our goals and engage in team communications and discussions, then this is not the position for you. We do not ask you to dedicate your life to this but we do demand effort and teamwork. Being part of the SteamRep staff means handling your on-site duties and still making time to communicate with the rest of the staff in meetings and such.
    3. We are looking for calm, collective and focused staff This is a stressful position. Due to the nature of their content, scam reports can be very filled with drama and hard feelings. As the moderator, you may find yourself at the center of this drama, taking abuse from both sides. It's crucial for staff to remain calm and focused, and not let emotions get the better of them. If you are unable to think clearly under pressure, this is not a good position for you.
    4. Moderators do not handle anything in appeals. There are no appeals moderators. Appeals are handled by highly trained, seasoned SteamRep administrators only. All moderators are part of the Scam Report Team.
    5. There are no "perks" to being a SR Moderator. If you're applying for any reason other than to improve the trading community, this is not the right position for you. We are NOT looking for people who are applying in order to improve their reputation or gain some sort of special privilege. We are looking for individuals who seek to help the trading community, and aren't trying to claim a spotlight. Your only reward is a pat on the back from fellow staff and the knowledge you are helping protect individuals who utilize SteamRep and its Partners.

    Below is our Code of Conduct. Admins and moderators are required to follow these guidelines whether in an official SteamRep capacity or not.

    Code of Conduct

    First, the DOs:
    • DO be polite and courteous (or at least professional) to everyone you encounter. If a person is trying to get you riled up, just leave. You don't have to deal with someone being abusive.
    • DO provide honest help when you can. This includes helping people new to trading and helping people understand the actual worth of their items.
    • DO communicate with the community admins. When we pool our resources and work together, there's nothing we can't do! Just like in a real family, if you have a problem with a family member then address it directly with them in a professional manner. If you can't do this, ask for help! :)
    • DO have fun! We all need some time to relax and it's important especially in high-stress arenas like ours. Join each others' servers, forums, etc.
    • DO be aware of the power that you yield. A scammer tag can effectively destroy a person's reputation and trading career. Before you apply a tag, make sure your evidence is solid and an innocent person isn't being wrongly accused.
    • DO ask other SR representatives for advice. We all do this-- there are lots of topics where it's a good idea to get multiple opinions before acting. Never hesitate to ask, we've all been there.
    • DO ensure SR public profile notes are kept professional. Please exclude insults, silly pics, gamer clan tags, or jokes from your profile and others.
    Now, the DON'Ts:
    • DON'T reveal confidential information. We must uphold the privacy of our users.
    • DON'T change your name to someone else's, even as a joke. Some people can't take jokes and it looks bad in your name history. It's just potential drama that no one needs.
    • DON'T openly flame other communities or other members of communities. If you have a problem with someone, just address it with them directly. Let's be adults about it. If you think you need someone to step in and moderate, don't hesitate to ask someone neutral to do so.
    • DON'T react off of rumors or heresay. Approach everything in a neutral manner and just say, "I'll look into it." As some of us know, rumors around the Steam trading community are like a game of telephone and by the time it gets around, the message is completely different!
    • DON'T participate in shady activities, even if they are anti-scammer. It's not acceptable to scam items back from scammers with a promise of payment or for trusted members to perform scammer sting operations.

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