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Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by SilentReaper(SR), Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Q: What is spycrabbing, and what are the rules in general?
    A: SteamRep sees spycrabbing as a conditional trade agreement. SteamRep however does not condone gambling, but the part of the trade agreement we do see as something we handle.
    However, almost all spycrab reports get rejected for lack of evidence.

    When judging spycrabs, we adhere to the "normal" overall rules used by most, unless its proven that PRIOR to the spycrab different rules where applied by the crabbing parties. I said Prior, and mean that. No rulechanging/adding during the taunting.

    Basic rules:
    - The first to do 3x a spycrab, loses.
    - If both arrive at 3x a spycrab at the same time, both must taunt again for the 4th spycrab, and so on.
    - Only spycrabs count, errors etc do not count, and should be waited for to be corrected.

    Best practice of spycrabbing:
    - Make sure both parties are aware on the spycrab rules and what count as points etc. Even if they spout that they are experienced crabbers etc, make sure.
    - The spycrabbers add each-other to their friends-lists on steam.
    - Open a steam chat and agree beforehand what is traded. Craft hat for 1.33 refined or w/e. Screenshot this.
    - There is NO security in having the trade open. People can show the items to each-other with a trade (if its hats or w/e). If needed, show it, and close the trade. Do not keep it open during, just retrade after.
    - If a Admin/MM is to be observing the spycrab, add him and both parties have to trade the agreed items to the admin/MM. (Please be aware of fake ones).
    - Spawn as spy on a (preferably a trade) server.
    - Go to a quiet well-lighted area.
    - Do not stand against the wall.
    - Do not move during/between taunts.
    - Remove any disguise, to be sure, require both parties to do so by shooting once with the revolver.
    - Ask people to keep their distance. People bumping into you can disqualify the taunting (even if bumping only 1 side, it should disqualify the taunt of both to keep things fair).
    - ONLY a spycrab will count as a point. A spycrab is that you raise your arms and the cigarette case is being flapped open and close repeatedly.
    - If getting crowded, move to another area where others aren't bumping the involved parties.
    - Wait for eachother to finish the taunt before starting the next/use a countdown.
    - If either party never crabbed, he must keep taunting till he at least spycrabbed once.
    - If either party disconnects, the general time to wait for people to return on a server is 10 minutes. It can take sometimes more time, please allow for 2-3 hours before reporting. Power outages and computer problems do happen.
    - Scores stay if a disconnect happens, unless both parties agree otherwise.

    Also, please be aware that:
    - On trade servers it is often a rule that a admin must administer the spycrab if above a certain value. A admin will hold the items.
    - Some trade servers have plugins and/or special area's to do spycrab administrations. An example is the GoV trade server, its using a plugin that fully documents and administers the spycrab.
    - SteamRep cannot replay demo's, various trade servers use various maps. We cannot have all maps etc. Collect your proof in the form of screenshots of the agreement, recorded video of the crab itself, and the trade history on the day the spycrab happened.
    - If a player disconnects during their 3rd spycrab, we see that as being a valid spycrab, as long it clearly shows.

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  2. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Q: I've been reported on SteamRep, but I do not have a "BANNED BY SR" yet, what should I do?
    A: Reply to the open/pending report(s). That is the ONLY way to prevent to be marked. You cannot make an appeal yet, for you do not have been banned yet.

    Please refrain from making the report a drama thread, that will end badly.
    Also, a report admin will only soften the punishment if:
    • You're HONEST.
    • You will have to repay to the victim if it was successful, as soon as possible, without any conditions or excuses. The reporter CANNOT revoke a report.
    • The report admin will weigh:
      • Your behaviour
      • The victim's wishes
      • The severity of the offense(s) (or attempts to it).
    Paying back is NO guarantee to be granted relief of the report, but it IS a requirement. There is no point in asking to be made sure of that, for that will be considered an invalid/conditional repay. You already owe the victim, don't make it worse.

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  3. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Q: Fake report(s) will have repercussions.
    A: We have adjusted some of the rules regarding fake reports.

    The following rules will apply at admin discretion. When filing a fake report, with any kind of forged or faked evidence:
    - The reporter can be banned for this offense.
    - The reporter can be banned to no longer be able to report any scam to us. Any past and future report submitted are subject to being rejected/reverted.

    Before, we only had the rule that the offender may be marked, at admin discretion. The above is effective immediately.
    As falsified evidence will indicate that we cannot trust any given proof by such, a appeal for this offense is near impossible to overcome.

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  4. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Q: Is there a way to quickly check people in the browser?
    A: FoG owner @n0:name made a plugin:

    Update: this plugin currently doesn't work. (Steam had some changes, which blocks external scripts, only native plugins can work)

    You need:
    It doesn't work in Chrome for everybody unfortunately. Instructions are simular as above, just replace GreaseMonkey for the Chrome version of it. As I'm not using Chrome at all (not installed, won't come on it either ever), no idea on how to solve the problems of it not working with it.

    As you see below, under his nickname there is a new line: STEAMREP: SR ADMIN, REDDIT MIDDLEMAN
    You can click the SteamRep text to get to their profile on SteamRep directly.


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